La V Coppa Sant Ambroeus

Maurizo sends me a note: “I put this interesting video on YouTube.”  That’s an understatement -this is like the first time I saw the Shell Coup Des Alps video -except a little more lingering on the cars here.  Wow.  How many stills from this film or photographs have I seen from this day 54-ish years ago!

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Market 384: Sprint Veloce Zagato 1493*06184 at auction

Update 5/30/12: Sold for 414,400 Euro’s, about $546,000!

2/13/12: Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Zagato’ 750E 1493*06184, 1315*30851.  This very interesting SVZ is going to be auctioned by RM in Monaco soon.  While most cars I write about are straight forward subjects, and anything I say should be taken as insightful mainly due to heavy exposure to the subject if nothing else, and as being typically off the cuff.   A car like this demands careful consideration and wording.  Why?  The genuine article -a Zagato re-bodied Sprint Veloce, that was re-bodied ‘back in the day’ i.e. the late 1950’s, is a very valuable car.  See this thread on the AlfaBB for some lengthy but enjoyable reading on the subject.  Interestingly, this car is listed as MIA since 1960.  It’s important to note that there was no search party out looking for it -it just stayed under the radar since then.  So, with a spirit of caution, I start, and will reserve my comments to ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ once more.

That is one desire-able object!  Note squared off wheel openings.  Hood is a low as they could practically make it and still fit the engine.  Color scheme is bold -red headlining is fantastic.  Any significance to that license plate number? Wheels look to be period cast wheels -magnesium?  This is pretty close to the top of the Giulietta food-chain.

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Market 380: restored Sprint Zagato in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Zagato.  Sharing warehouse space with yesterdays SZCT in Italy, and also on offer on Autoscout is this very clean Sprint Zagato.  Asking price is €300,000, a lot of money for a little car, but these have always been 2 to 3 times the cost of a Sprint Veloce Lightweight, so maybe comparatively speaking they have lost a little ground.  Not enough of these change hands to form a basis for a sound cost analysis, so the money has to be relative to your ability to buy it.  As with yesterdays SZCT, I’m far form expert so will reserve my commentary to appreciation for design -always a safe ground to stand on with Zagato products of the 50’s and 60’s.

A very potent race car in its day.  Short, low and light.  Zagato had a head start on the design since they had converted crashed cars into Sprint Veloce Zagato’s for customers, with the final iterations being VERY similar in appearance to the Alfa sanctioned SZ seen here.  Period alloy wheels?

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Market 379: Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Zagato ‘Coda Tronca’.  Elmar sent me a link to this car on Autoscout, for sale out of Italy for €270,000.  They made about 200 SZ’s, the last handful of which were ‘Coda Tronca’ (CT is how I abbreviate it other places) with the Kamm tail.  I have no authority to say anything about these cars, so will keep the commentary to a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’.  Anyone know the VIN of this car?

A handsome critter.  Note they figured out how to incorporate a wind deflector into the hood.  I wonder if it also provides pressure relief for the engine compartment like the louvers on an SS hood?  Helps keep the front end from getting light at speed.  That nose is like a big egg; white, bulbous and extremely fragile.  No parallel parking allowed in a car like this.

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Market 137: SVZCT 10126*00184 pretty please???

Update 10/29/11: Auction has been pulled.  Almost certainly a scam.

Update 10/29/11: This car is on eBay right now out of Morrison CO.  Picture are the same as those marketing the car at Fantasy Junction in 2009. 

Update 4/9/11: This charmer is going to be auctioned by RM at Villa d’Este on May 21st.  Still my favorite!  I just noticed I don’t have a register for Zagato variants and I don’t have many pictures.  Anyone want to share their collection?

Seems to have been treated well since the last visit to these pages.

Originally posted 8/1/09: Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato II ‘Coda Tronca’ 10126*00184. That’s one mouthful of a name. This desirable object is probably parked beside the subject of Market 136 in the Fantasy Junction showroom. For the $355,000 asking price of this jewel you could buy two of those Lightweight Sprints and throw in the Fulvia Zagato with the remainder and still pay most of the tax and reg.

29550Austere is a good word for these -at least the ‘markedly simple’ part of the definition. The beautiful form of a shape derived solely to fulfill a function. Light weight, low drag coefficient, low center of gravity and yet unmistakeably a Zagato creation. This particular model, of which so few were made, is possibly my favorite.

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Market 175: Sprint rebodied by Zagato in Belgium

Update 1/2/10: I changed the location to Belgium as corrected by several readers. I knew making obvious mistakes would get some of you to comment!
Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*04045. This Zagato rebodied Sprint is for sale in Belgium as an SVZ, no price is stated. I list it as a 750B because d’Amico and Tabucchi do not list 04045 as a Veloce and my SVZ book does not list this chassis as having been rebodied by Zagato ‘back in the day’. What does this mean? Not a lot actually. In the first place several period Zagato modified cars are not Veloce’s, in two cases not even Sprints, but rather Spiders. Second, if you spend 4 hours and read through the whole of the “complete SVZ file” on the Alfa BB you will see that (in addition to a lot of confusion) there are a lot of Zagato bodied Alfa’s in race photographs from the late 50’s that are not identified as any particular chassis number. This leads to the third point, if there are a bunch of unknown cars wearing Zagato bodies, couldn’t you just find a Sprint, rebody it in the style of an SVZ and pass it off? This question leads to the fourth point. Even if it was made yesterday it is not easy or cheap to fake an SVZ and if a legitimate coachbuilder today undertook the transformation of a car to the specification of an SVZ it would be very expensive. How expensive? I don’t really know. You tell me. The last point is: most of the original, known, accepted, documented and indisputable SVZ’s don’t wear their ‘back in the day’ body, so even if a somewhat modern recreation -how different would this car really be? Again, your thoughts please oh wise and comment prone reader.

When you look at a car like this you take in little details like the absence of side marker lights, the sliding windows, the shape of the rear quarter windows, the fit of the windshield etc and then go to your history book and try and figure out if any of the blurry black and whites are this car in action. Good times. Oh, and thanks Elmar for the heads up on this one.

Market 115: Gran Sport Quattroroute Zagato 4R

Update 5/26/09:  Sold for $53,000!  I can’t say if this was well bought or sold, but obviously someone wanted it at this price.

Gran Sport Quattroruote Zagato 4R 10123*393050, 00112*16491. This car is available right now on eBay and Anamera. I’ve never seen one in person that I can recall so I’m not sure how these pictures will translate into a large physical object , but it looks pretty cool in a pipe-smoking, tweed-wearing sort of way. The seller sums up the story of this odd Giulia cousin so I’ll spare you a rehash.

7737_12Kind of like Buck Rogers or any other long term sleeper, this staid gentleman finds itself out of place in the period dress of his time but youthful with the latest under its vintage inspired skin.

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