Market 169: ’58 Spider Veloce survivor

Update 4/28/14: The owner of 04351 contacted me and reports that a restoration was completed about 18 months ago and It is currently being enjoyed in the South West.  He intended to keep the car as original as possible, but after digging in it became apparent there was more to do than anticipated and it slid down the usual slippery slope towards a full, though sympathetic towards its original state restoration.  

3 4th

Update 4/24/14:  I am currently going through close to 1000 Alfa Romeo sale records, verifying them for publication on The Fuelist, and I came across this charming specimen among the raw data.  I remember watching it reach $50,000 after some last minute aggressive bidding, and thinking – “Wow, these have hit the big time!”  Looking back from this moment, five years later, this car appears to have been very well bought.  Anyone here a proud owner?  Where is 04351 now??

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 3.16.32 PM

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Market 157: restored 101 Sprint in Australia

Update 1/20/2014:  This car found its way to Texas and recently sold through Driversource for about $45,000.  Still a nice looking example. This car was priced a bit on the high side back in 2009 or the market hasn’t moved much I guess.  I’ll split the difference.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 1.56.10 PM

A great color for Sprints I think.

10/21/2009: Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*06979, 1315*06197.  Frank sent me an email pointing out this car for sale at Classic Throttle Shop in Sydney Australia (who also has a VERY charming Fiat 850 panel van.). Asking price for this Sprint is AUD$43,995 or a little over $40,000 US.  A high price, but a very nice car.

2alfagiuliettaNothing to fault here.  Grills, headlight rings, lenses, bumper etc all look very nice.  A pair of period Carello headlamps would be the finishing touch, but Australia might have ordinances about headlight brightness that they actually enforce.  I have the wipers set that high on my windshield and they move around and chatter at speed, they need to be just at the edge of the windshield gasket on the up side of the free play since the 60 – 80 mph winds they will encounter while working will keep them at that position.  Repositioning mine is like job 1142 on my list of things to do.

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Veloce engines starting with part number 1315.10.768

Update 6/23/12: Sold for $7100.

Original post 5/23/12: 12 hours later:  I just added a bunch of information at the end.  Read it again if you found the first draft interesting.

I see a lot of talk about Veloce engines on the AlfaBB and the 750/101 Yahoo group.  Some crusty pile that has a Veloce serial number is pulled out of a bog and the seller carpet bombs the lists looking for a Veloce engine as close to original number as possible.  Old time hoarders are rewarded for moth balling these gems, but what will the future look like?  I bring it up because there is a late 750 Veloce engine on eBay right now, number 1315*31525, that looks great and is receiving a lot of attention.  Look at the picture and add it up.  How much is enough to get it all at once?

Okay, so maybe it is a moth balled 40 years original low miles engine.  Could be a bitsa, but who really cares?  You’ve got a 58 Sprint/Spider Veloce that needs an engine: here it is.  Nice headers!

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Market 230: “Juliet Spider Velosh”!

Update 9/7/10: Well, this sad case has been reduced to an ending -no reserve met- total of $1136 after 3 bids.  On the bright side, the phrase ‘Tennessee Velosh!” has entered the Alfa Giulietta lexicon.

Update 8/23/10: This feller is back on eBay -some lucky motoring enthusiast can buy it now for $2700 and figure out what to do with it later.  Woot!

Update 7/10/10: Someone liked this enough to buy it now for $2500.  In one of the Q&A responses the seller says emphatically that this car can’t be returned to stock.  With these cars likely to be $100K by the end of the decade I’m sure some intrepid soul is hoping to prove the seller wrong.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04640 (or 750F 03305), 1315*31655 (Not included). Tennessee is the home of this Spider that’s on eBay right now.  Vin on the title with the car is 03305, vin on the build plate is 04640 and the vin on the body is unknown -if I had to bet on which is accurate I’d put my money on the title.  It’s ironic/sad/frustrating that someone took a roller 58 Spider Veloce probably worth $10 – 15K of todays money, spent 6 years ruining it by altering it to fit a V8 and Toyota suspension and now are hoping to get $2500 out of it.  This is what you call a lose-lose situation -I bet they threw out the sheet metal they cut out of it too.

What do you do with something like this?  It’s probably unusable in its current form with all that weight over the front axle, way too much power for the rear end to grip and poor visibility with that scoop.

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Market 136: Sprint Veloce Lightweight 750E 04447

Update 5/7/10: 24 bidders resulted in $70,100.  This is pretty low, but probably not a huge reflection on the value of this car.  I think it’s more like $100K.  Chances are it’s not goingf to be let go for that though.

Update 4/29/10: This car has been listed on eBay after hanging out in their showroom for most of a year.  Still fabulous, still too much money for me.  Sigh.

7/31/2009: Giulietta Sprint Veloce Lightweight 1493*04447, 1315*30528. This car is available right now at my local corner market for the rare, exotic and covetable: Fantasy Junction. Slide your debit card through the reader, enter your PIN and accept the $154,500 amount. Transaction complete. “Thank you, come again.”

Seller claims this is one of only 100 Sprint Veloce lightweights made but there is an often published list of the first 100 Sprint Veloce Lightweights, the date they were produced (July of 1956 is the last car on that list), who bought them, where they were shipped, and this car is not on that list, in fact, if you add that list of 100 to the other known lightweights you get close to 130. This car is body number 77498, so I would deduce it’s the 498th Sprint Veloce lightweight made, though they were not necessarily made in numerical order. Some argue that not all of those Sprint Veloce’s were lightweights, but I would rebut: “Why make special lightweight bodies then dress them in non-lightweight clothes?” Greig Smith writes very convincingly and with sound logic on this topic and deduces that there were “about 600 lightweights made“. See his comments and reasoning at the link.

30658Am I blue? I keep thinking that if I work hard making my Alfa fleet the best it can be, one day I will be able to have a blow out sale and buy 1 spectacular Alfa. It would be either a Giulietta Sprint Veloce Lightweight or a Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato Coda Tronca. It will be expensive and I will miss driving with reckless abandon in my scruffy Sprint.

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Spider Veloce market review 2009

With just under 2800 Giuliettas and about 1000 Giulias ever made, the Spider Veloce is not the rarest of the 750/101 series cars, but it is the model with probably the highest collector recognition and demand in the model range. Add to this some peculiarities of production that create some groups within the range that are very desirable: about 50 1956 & 57 short wheel base (SWB) cars that are Mille Miglia eligible, another handful of 1958 SWB, 750 series engine powered cars, and the 1000 odd Giulia 1600 Spiders with essentially 1600 SS tune, and you see how these groups divide and how values should break down within the group.

Below are the Spider Veloce sales I recorded in 2009. I would break them down along the above mentioned lines, but then I would have bunch of 2 or 3 car comparisons, so here they are, least to most expensive and as with the other market reports, price mentioned is either asking price if no sale price was recorded, auction sale price or the price range I suspect they sold in.

Market 78 was 10107 167162, an interim car in need of everything that sold for $1000. A bargain if you compare it to cheap Normales that need the same amount of work.

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Market 150: Late 750F Spider Veloce

Update 12/25/09: Another close call for this car. 14 bidders did their thing and could only muster $19,200 worth of reserve not meeting enthusiasm for this car. I’m not sure what could have been done differently, I think it’s just another case of too many trips through the pixels on eBay and everyone thinks it’s got problems that they are unaware of. I’d throw $20K at it if I had it.
Another update 12/18/09: The seller has indicated in a big bold description update that he had it slightly backward and the car is 1495*07582 NOT 07852. I just looked at the pictures in the link and it is iindeed 07582.

Update 12/18/09: This car has found itself back on eBay. When it started, a reasonable seeming (compared to Market 169’s $50K result) buy it now of $20,000 was in place but it has since disappeared and the current bid is about $17,500. I suspect it will find a new home this time around.

This car still looks like a pretty good restoration candidate to me. I recognize this background foliage from Market’s 63 and 49.

Update 10/12/09: Car was bid up to $15,100 with 8 bidders, reserve not met. Pretty low for a Veloce with both a numbered replacement Veloce engine installed including the 40DCO3’s etc and the original block.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*07852, 1315*32895 + 1315*31612 from 750F 1495*04673. This car is on eBay right now out of Daytona Beach FL. Car is a project, but looks like it could be made a runner/driver with out much fuss.

Spider Veloce noseAll of the usual praise applies here too with the exception of a missing hood spear. Nose doesn’t look to have been run into the back of big American cars too frequently as is so often the case, and all the little bits than would have you combing eBay night after night are all present. Judging by details like the presence of the correct rear view mirror and wipers being where and how they ought, I would guess this car hasn’t been monkeyed with too much (no offense to any chimps in the audience).

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