Market 400 (!!): Sprint Veloce 750E 08765

Update September 7 2015:  This car is available again on eBay out of Brunswick Georgia, maybe the same seller as last time?  Still needs a lot of work.  I don’t remember what the last asking price was., but now it’s $35,000.

Update March 9 2012: I received some less than encouraging pictures of the underside of the car from someone who knew it -it’s got some structural rust that will be difficult to fix. Check it out.

This is thick, difficult to replace metal.  Will be fun for who ever gets to repair it -even more so for the check writer!

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Market 500: Late Sprint Veloce project E159104

Giulietta Sprint 10106 ARE159104, 1315*42314 (not matching, from a 750D Spider).  This car is on eBay right now from the same seller as the two Spider projects concurrently listed out of Connecticut.  Matching number 00106 engine is missing, and it needs a lot of help, but these late Sprint Veloces seldom show up in any form for sale.  I know they guy who bought this on Craigslist about 10 years ago out of the Mojave desert area – assuming this is the only Sprint Veloce in this paint scheme of course.  As usual, it’s a Sprint project and I find myself tempted.  Not the best group of pictures I’ve had to work with.


Not the only metallic purple Sprint I’ve seen, but yes, the only one with white Vikings style swooshes.  Looks like a steering column switch gear sticking out on the right, and a control arm part on the left.  You could live with these grills.  I’d be kind of tempted to get it going and drive it with this livery for a while. Continue reading

Market 495: Sprint Veloce Basket case 10124*23895

Giulietta Sprint 10124 1493E*23895, 00106*01059 & 00102*29231.  This Sprint Veloce is on eBay being offered by Classic Invest out of Denver Colorado.  It is incomplete, but tempting for a guy like me who has boxes of parts and a scruffy Sprint Normal to potentially move a bunch of parts off of.  This series of Sprint seems to have come with an 00106 Veloce engine, the US version of the early 10106 Sprint Veloce.  I have 10124 23899 in my picture files, and it has an 00106 engine with 40DCOE’s instead of 40DCO3’s.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 8.06.38 AM

I worked on a car like this, that had been painted at some  point in the last 10 years and then was stored a lot like this.  There will be scuffs and scratches to the extent that you may just want to go for it and repaint it now while the painting is easy.  Grills look alright.   Continue reading

Artcurial Automobiles sur les Champs 4 – Giuliettas at auction

I can take a hint guys!  A few of you pointed me in the direction of Arcurial’s ‘Automobiles sur les Champs 4’ auction taking place in a few days where four Giuliettas will be sold.  Check it out!

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*03793, 1315*03496.  Nice early Sprint Normale expected to make 24,000 – 30,000 Euro’s.  Probably the good deal of the four they are offering.

A lot of effort went into this car to make it look good.  Correct 155 series tires, great fit and finish all around.  Small headlamps are a big selling point for some collectors.

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Anyone remember me? Sprint Veloce out of Alabama

I get a lot of email from guys who just bought cars asking me if I’ve seen them before.  Usually the answer is no, not because I haven’t seen the car, but because I’ve seen so many over the last few years that I’m just not sure.  This is a Sprint Veloce, used as a race car in the past then moving to Europe in about 1990.  Anyone recognize it?  Owner would love to hear from you.  Send me an email to get in contact with them.

From the archives:

According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 1493 E 06923 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce, manufactured on the 8th August 1958 and sold on the 16th September 1958 to Hoffman Motor Car Co., New York, U.S.A.
The body colour is “azzurro Riviera” (AR 322).

Got a car that you’d like to try and find info on?  I can post it for you just like this.

Without those numbers this could be my car!  Hood looks to be flat black.  Late 60’s 105 wheels.  Another car headed for restored glory I hope!

Market 436: 1956 Sprint Veloce Alleggerita 750 E 02239

Update 8/23/12: $310,000 hammer has members of the exclusive club known as ‘early lightweight Sprint Veloce owners’ all calling their insurance agent to up the agreed value, and then thinking about whether or not they really need that jewel in their jewelry box at that price.

8/11/12: Giulietta Sprint 750 E 1493*02239, 1315*30135, Bertone body number 77117.  This car will be auctioned by Russo and Steele next weekend with an expected hammer around $200,000.  With a high expected price comes high praise and/or high scrutiny.  d’Amico and Tabucchi list this chassis number as a 1956 Sprint Veloce 750E, good enough for me!  It has been magnificently restored to a semblance of ‘last raced’ specification, with lightweight seats, a lack of bumpers and other details deviating from stock.  It is doubtful it wore the Borrani wire wheels shown since -not only have I never seen a period picture of a Giulietta racer with wire wheels, they were very likely heavier than the usual Fergat or Borrani wheels due to the required extra splined hub adapter.

A lot of the ‘lightweight’ treatment was replacement of chrome-over brass parts with aluminum.  Body fits together with the typical Bertone precision.  Would be nice to see it wear it’s original, most likely lost 50 years ago aluminum bumpers.  I have read they are available -I know ClassicAlfa and Alfastop list a few of the aluminum parts, not sure if they have bumpers.

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Market 437: Sprint Veloce Alleggerita 750 E 03819

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Alleggerita’ 750 E 1493*03819, 1315*30348. This 1957 Sprint Veloce is available now out of Italy. It is a good comparison with yesterdays lightweight Veloce, especially in the interior -would be a great comparison if I knew how much they were asking.  They made about 600 lightweights if my vin/body number math is sound.  Not horrifically rare as far as rare Italian cars goes, but these being very potent machines in their hey-day, frequently vanquishing their own class and placing very high outright in races against competitors with 2 or 3 times the displacement, and being constructed from lots of impossible to find special parts, they have all the cache one could want in a 50 year old Italian car.  Oh -and they are beautiful and easy to drive -even among modern traffic.

Hood fits very well.  I like the extra lights -looks like 1 fog and 1 spot.  Marchal’s?  Bumper, eyebrow trims and headlights all look like aluminum to me.  Nice car.

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