Market 427: Fresh off the boat SS 10120 177276

Update October 21, 2016: I feel like a bit of a secret agent when I go through posts on my site and find an old post about a car currently on the market.  This Sprint Speciale is doing time at Fantasy Junction my local emporium of rarified cars whose prices remind me I should have studied Finance rather than Engineering.  FJ has it priced at $139,500 – the going rate for SS’s on dealer showroom floors these days.  Interior and engine compartment have been extensively improved.  I’ll try and stop by in the next few days to experience the rare non-virtual impression.


Everyone loves a good horizon shot!  Look the reflection of the horizon along the body – a neat effect.  The left grill bar on this car looks a tiny bit droopy in every picture – not sure if it’s an illusion or what.  Looks great!

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Market 388: SS 00242 in New Jersey

Update September 15 2015:  Reserve not met at $65,200.

SS ebay

Apparently SS values have gone up $6000 since this car was last listed.  I think I would have been tempted to sell.

Update September 7 2015: This car has reappeared, this time on eBay being sold out of Florham Park New Jersey.

$_57 (45)

I was just last night talking to a friend and SS owner about the value prospects for the SS these days across the project to perfect spectrum.  He opined that they had actually gone down a bit in the last few years by his reckoning.  Not some huge slide or anything, just market forces balancing restoration quality of cars bought and improved to make a quick buck, that seem to come back on the market repeatedly, driving values down a bit as a result; versus genuine ‘restored for the love of the thing’ cars that not only look good but are complete, correct and actually a pleasure to drive.  Projects aren’t seeing the frenzy of 2 years ago, while the number of prospective owners out there is probably a bit stagnant and not as deep pocketed as the few high priced auction examples would have you think.  I’m sure there are lots of Alfisti would happily add an SS to their stable, the question is, at what price?  And then there is the almost absurdly high survivorship of SSs -probably above 20% tracked on this humble site alone.

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Market 490: RHD SS 381030 coming to Silverstone Auctions

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381030, 00121*00578.  This rare RHD SS will be auctioned by Silverstone on February 22nd.  It’s a clean example if the pictures tell the truth.  I’m not sure why they are calling a mid-64 built car a 1967, but can speculate that it might have taken some time to go from Bertone to the RHD conversion folks and then to a dealer.  3 years?  I suppose it could have been a late 64 car sold in early 67.  Anyhow.
I like a good picture.  This is the view you get when you look up mid stoop after you drop your keys on a wet morning while approaching it to go motoring.  Description says it saw a bare metal respray recently.
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2013 pledge drive

Update 4/11/13: It’s hard to come up with words appropriate to covey the appreciation I have for all of your support and participation in the site.  Thank you all very much!!

I *think* everyone who is supposed to have a T shirt has gotten one.  -if not let me know.

Update 3/31/13:  It’s rabbit egg day and thanks to all of you the bills are paid and I can make some more progress on my plan to index the site and create a database for the reference resources I have been gathering and normalizing.  Back to the regularly scheduled program!  Oh, and I owe a handfull of you all T shirts!  I’ll send some emails on Monday morning.  One of you asked me whether I might consider adding Lancia’s to the channel line up.  I have considered it, and having worked on them, owned several and currently owning two makes me as much of an authority as is needed to give commentary so perhaps I will.

It’s that time of year again where I get my renewal notices for services related to the site.  It’s been an interesting year – hanging out with Rufus, working on getting a business (or few) off the ground, moving shop three times and home once, and squeezing a few minutes out here and here to add something to the site.  I really need to index the site properly soon as I can’t find some posts I know are on here somewhere -so look for that in the near future.


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Market 461: SS 10120 00209 ran out of steam

Update 4/20/13:  Seems reasonable, but reserve not met.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 12.05.43 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 12.05.29 PM

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00209.  Beverly Hills Car Club, purveyors of many a busted up Alfa has this SS listed on eBay.  It appears to have been shut down a month or two into a in earnest restoration.  A lot of the bits are bolted on -out of convenience probably, and it looks like quality work was done on the body.  Anyone know this car?  As far as I can tell it’s a new addition to my lists.


Cute 105 era marker light.  Wheels are probably the Heinbrand replicas.  Headlight rings don’t look like SS items to me -Fiat 124 Spider perhaps?  Door fit is questionable. Continue reading

Market 421: Restored Speciale 177413 at Fantasy Junction

Update 2/2/13:  The beat goes on.  This guy, failing to generate much interest in the 2012 auction season is back at Fantasy Junction with new pricing: $169,500.



Good to see a picture from Fantasy Junction that’s not in front of the brick wall.

Update 8/23/12: No bids were placed at the minimum $135,000 buy in on this car so it went unsold. I wonder if it was the color combo, or lack of originality in the interior -or that the windows wouldn’t easily go up and down (they didn’t when I checked it out at FJ) or if a lot of people knew it was purchased from FJ to be sold at this auction and make a quick buck. Do any of these things matter when a potential bidder has 5 Gin and Tonic’s helping their hand up? I dunno.

Update 7/1/12: In case you missed out on buying it from FJ, you now have a chance to get it from Russo and Steele who will auction it during the old car festivities in Monterey this year.

Yes George, the drivers side rear wheel is a Fergat (and so is the spare) and the rest are Borrani’s.  I guess a high selling price doesn’t cure this sort of ailment.

Update 5/28/12: Car was initially listed for $142,500 and sold immediately for $135,000.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177413, 00120*01738. This icy fellow is currently providing the white balance alongside all the usual reds in the Fantasy Junction showroom. This car looks great from all angles and is a pretty good performer. I had a chance to go for a ride in it after some tuning work was done by a local friend. Send me an email if you want some impressions. It’s not listed with a price and it’s got a ‘sale pending’ notice. I’m guessing $125K or so based on recent SS sales from them.

Very cool in white with all the chrome and glass.  I like white on old cars.  Paint on this is very nice.  Headlights are $8 Wagner’s.

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Market 455: Speciale 10120 00657 at Gooding – Pinnacle of Giulietta elegance!

Update 2/2/13:  Sold for $90K plus fees.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00657, 00120*00911.  This fine example of an SS is due to be auctioned in a few days in Scottsdale.  Not sure why the high estimate for this one ($160,000) is so much lower than the Giulia they are auctioning ($225,000), but hey, so it goes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 8.15.55 PM

Looks really good, but then some guy probably got a decent pay check for taking this and a few other great shots for the catalog.  Accessory steering wheel?  Great shut lines.

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