Market 205: Giulietta Spider project in Washington

Update 1/10/13:  It runs and stops.  Hurray – let’s put it back on eBay.  Starting price is now $13,000.  It’s not a Veloce, it’s rusty (if you look closely at the underside pictures you can see finger trails where someone took a bathroom caulk approach to pushing filler into rusty areas before undercoating the thing) and unless you have a complement of attributes seldom found in one single person, it will be a confounding factor in your life.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.22.20 AM

Serious garage action here.  rear end sits really high -stuff must be frozen under there.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.22.04 AM

They’re hanging up the mop on this one…

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 12.21.36 AM

One is forced to concede improvements have occurred.

Update 2/5/12:  This car is doing another tour of eBay -in what will likely be a decaying series of ending prices.  The last result of $6901 was pretty reasonable for a scruffy, loosely assembled project with the wrong motor.

Update 1/24/12: Close maybe, but no sale.

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Market 206: Very nice, very late 1300 Spider 370931

Update 11/13/12: This guy has turned up on eBay out of Arizona.  Fancy that – the auction is starting at $45,000.  Still a nice car.

Red, tidy and ready for action.  Door shut lines are almost invisible.  Hood fits better than usual.

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Reader Race Report: Lime Rock 2011 Fall Finale

Track day report from Giulietta Sprint owner Marc in Mass, photo’s were taken by Jim Dyer, captions are mine: ” The 2011 Fall Finale vintage race the last racing event organized by the VSCCA and was held at Lime Rock Track October 14 and 15. The weather cooperated and the participants were graced by sunshine  and an almost dry track as rain was only sporadic. A strong number of Alfisti showed up and so the organizers were able to add an extra 15 lap session on the Friday for Alfas only! 8 Spiders (2 Veloces) ranging from 1956 to 1959, 2 Sprints (1 gorgeous red Veloce in period livery) and a delightful 1960 Sprint Zagato piloted by Sandra McNeil. Added  to the mix was a 1976 Berlina and a 1966 Lancia Fulvia both driven by Italian ex-pats.  Several of the lighter Spiders battled up front while other cars were happy to get a real Italian tune-up. The spectators were treated to some spirited drifting around Big Ben and through the S’s.  In the end each driver was a winner as all cars survived both days. Amazing to see a wonderful group of 50 some year old cars fly around this lovely race track framed by the surrounded fall colored hills.”

We all know what this must sound like -a 12 cylinder air plane or 4 Alfa race cars approaching!

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Market 195: Sprint in Portugal

Update 9/22/11:In Portugal, with Vent window -this Sprint is back on eBay.

I think I would take fresh pictures rather than reuse these close to 2 year olds…

Update 7/1/10: No sale last time I suppose. Now on eBay again… better $20K?  Doubtful.

Update 6/24/10: Auction ended at $22,850, reserve met.  Not such a bad deal when you consider it wouldn’t wouldn’t be too hard to turn it into a nice car with a nearly unique feature in the vent window.

Update 6/10/10: This car has made its way to ebay and the seller has listed the vin number -1493*08477, so I now have another to add to the register.  Condition is described as ‘restored to like new’ but it’s not… incorrect driver restoration is more like it.  The kind of car that gets bid up to just under $20K.  Vent window is still a neat thing though.

Original post March 3, 2010: Giulietta Sprint. I found this car on a Japanese classic car site and it’s available out of Portugal for just under $33,000.  A Portugese car on a Japanese website makes perfect sense really -the Japanese are highly refined in their car collecting and own a disproportionate number of interesting Italian cars, many Giuliettas among them.  Why not market directly to the money?

Looking back over the last few weeks I’ve been trending toward more international market entries (among the posts about welding on the SS).  What’s up you ask?  Well, there aren’t many Giuliettas for sale in the US right now.  Must be the weather!

The body and paint on this car is really pretty nice, panels fit well, trim embellishes as intended, not much to complain about to be seen.  A careful viewer of the above picture will note a rare feature.

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Market 213: Spider 750D 01503, very nice project

Update 8/9/10: This car has turned up for sale yet again, this time on San Francisco Bay Area craigslist for $29,500  I find it hard to believe work to the tune of about $10K has been done to it but it’s a free country and a fool and his money…

It really doesn’t look like a bad car and I understand that where there’s a buck to be made it will be made, but at least rattle-can that rust spot on the front wheel so we get the sense that some work has been done to earn the mark-up.

Update 5/1/10: 23 bids pushed the price up to $14,100 but the reserve was not met.  I wouldn’t have sold it for that either.  What’s fair for this car?  The market will eventually decide, but my opinion is somewhere between $16k and $18k, maybe a little more if it’s better in person than the pictures, but that’s not usually the case.  I think the appearance of another early 750D in slightly better shape derailed this auction a bit.  List it again after an eBay Giulietta Spider dry spell but before the Monterey weekend Alfa 100 year celebrations and things should go well.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1493*01503. This car is on eBay right now out of Northridge Ca.  Seller is pretty well known in the Alfa world and a straight shooter as they say.  Car was on Craigslist not long ago… can’t remember when or where exactly but I think in 2010 and I think in Colorado for I think about $15K.  If you are looking to restore an early one in the rolling restoration style then this is your car to start with!

Very nice and straight other than a bump in the bumper.  Hood fit is not quite right on the passenger side but not terrible or anything.

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Market 190: TI GD CKD in OC CA

Update 7/26/20: $7350, reserve not met was the result after 17 bids.  This seems cheap but then again there are not a bunch of guys queuing up to buy these cars and the that in combination with RHD makes me think a little more than the final result would have been a reasonable price.

Update 7/21/10: This car is now listed on eBay out of Southern California.  The new pictures are nice and show a very original car.

Posted 2/18/10: Giulietta TI 10109*109054, 00109*00595. This right hand drive or guida destra as the Italians say, is available right now through Vintage Customs in Washington.  Vintage Customs is Daron’s shop where a lot of Alfa’s (and other contemporaries) go to have rust repaired, get restored or be prepped for racing -check out some of the projects they have posted on their website while you’re there, neat stuff!

I like the color, I like the originality, I like the shine on the trim and well, there’s nothing I don’t like.  A very handsome car!

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Market 214: 1600 Spider rolling restoration

Update 7/26/10: This car has had a string of unsuccessful runs on eBay the last few weeks -the latest seeing bidding hit $10,850 with reserve not met.  I’d have a hard time swallowing a $3100 loss too…

Update 7/1/10: This Spider finds itself back on eBay after a few weeks vacation in Santa Barbara.  Assuming the full price of $12,850 was paid and it was shipped out to California -I will guess the new reserve is about $14,000 -a tough sell but may be doable.

Looking about the same as before.

Update 5/10/10: I should get paid to do this.  As I predicted it sold for slightly more than the AlfaBB asking after a run through eBay.  $12,850 with  30 bids.  Well Sold and if the engine is put together competently well bought.

Update 5/3/10: This car is now on eBay which means there is a finite amount of time before it is sold.  That’s the beauty of eBay -unless you screw it up by starting too high or having an unrealistic reserve, your car is going to sell.

A little leg never hurt a picture of a car.

Giulia 1600 Spider 10123*372577, 00112*00584. This car is available for $12,500 out of Arlington VA of on the Alfa BB.  Seller is a well known AROC guy who has several other Alfas and seems to know his stuff where these cars are concerned.  Car is a runner/driver and, while quality paint before reassembly seems like a good idea, one could probably just throw it together and start using it if  cosmetics were not an issue.

Nose has been replaced but doesn’t look too bad here.  Would be a decent ‘driver’ quality car if all this trim was bolted on.

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