Gripe gripe gripe: top five internet gripes

Gripes are in no particular order. I am forced to stretch here to provide content. My camera went on a trip across Europe for 2 weeks and I have been too busy at work to get to my shop after work, and there isn’t a glut of Giuliettas on eBay right now so I’m going to do what I don’t usually do and digress from a directly Giuliettas related blog post. Here it is , my own personal list of things I encounter while using the internet that irritate me. (Why does using seem like the wrong word?). Oh, and the pictures mean nothing in relation to the text, they are just funny or good or bad shots I found on my old computer.

img_1012When I worked at Applied Materials there was a courtyard completely surrounded by the building and every year a Mallard duck would sneek in there and lay eggs in the bushes, hatch babies and provide a general sense of cuteness to the semiconductor engineering world. This scrum is 5 of 12 from 2005.

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