Market #7: Giulia SS racer 380352

Update 1/8/11: This car is available again -this time it looks like it’s in Germany.  The asking price is 41,900 Euro’s or a little over $54,000.  The SS’s keep coming!

Makes me wonder if it really is in Germany…

Originally posted 5/13/2008: Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121-380352. Available through Alfaholics for 39,000 Euros, about $60,000 at time of writing. Entire text of the advertisement reads: “Body # 380352. LHD. Body excellent. Engine tuned at 150 BHP. Roll bar. Racing tuned. 2008 FIA papers. Ready for season 2008. This car has done Tour Auto many times. Price: € 39 000. Car is in Paris.” I assume an inquiry would receive a in depth account of the car. Details of the car reveal a decent car was used as a starting point to make a pretty serious FIA racer. I like the lightweight plexiglass windows and lack of trim and if it was a track only car I could live with the interior, but for street use I’d like a little more of a period look on the inside.

Always a nice profile. Wheels are later Sedan or GT items, the cheap way to put more tire under one of these without major body or suspension rework.

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Market 104: 101 Sprint Racer in Italy

Update 10/26/10: This charmer has found its way to the UK and can now be had for the same money it was before.

Most of the stickers have gone -two tone is still a little odd but works for a race prepped car.

Original post 4/8/2009: Giulietta Sprint 10102*160784. This racy fellow is available now on Classic Driver for 21,950 pounds (about $32,000 at time of writing) from a private seller in Italy.   If you are looking for a Sprint that’s not too dear to take racing this might be the right car for you.  I’ve been thinking about going racing in my local vintage racing scene and this is the sort of car I would build.

bigbPaintwork looks great as does all the trim.  I’d be tempted to remove some of the grills.  I like the color combination.

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Market 232: VSCCA 101 1300 Spider

Update 7/26/10: 2 bids, $33,000 selling price.  Not bad.

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*09366. This Spider racer is for sale on eBay right now out of Putnam Valley, New York.  Seller states it has a VSCCA log book, runs great and is ready for action.  Price is a little higher than I would think but it is rust free and race engines are expensive to build well, so maybe the $35K option will be exercised.

Red on green is always a good look. This car is very low.  I like the grill bars only look.

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Alfa 100 years track day hosted by CSRG at Sears Point (Infineon)

Update, later the same day: Will, GTV and Giulietta Sprint owner was there and took a LOT of pictures… he even took some of my Sprint!

In recognition of Alfa’s centenary, CSRG hosted 3 days of racing at Sears Point with several Alfa only races/groups, lunch time parade laps for Alfa’s and a corral in the paddock for all the spectator Alfa’s to park in. I can’t make Italy this year for the ‘official’ centenary in June, so this weekend was my chance to hang out with some fellow Alfa owners and think about what 100 years means.

Not your average vintage Alfa. This 33 was long, low and amazing looking. Too valuable to take on the track? Tell that to the guy in the Aston DB4 GT Zagato who was mixing it up with the GTV’s and Corvettes.

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Market 194: Object of desire: Giulietta TI Corsa

Giulietta TI 10129*237039This car has been around for sale for about a year and coincidentally (I didn’t start this as a market, but I guess it is) was just relisted on Anamera for 13,000 Euro or about $17,600 at time of writing.  Fit and finish is just right for a street/track car and it looks to be street registered.

The Giulietta TI was born when a Sprint normale engine was fitted to a Giulietta Berlina and some details changed -the addition of a tach for example.  At the 1957 Coup Des Alpes a team of 3 TI’s ran and did very well.  I like the bumper delete and single leather hood latch.

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Market 163: Interim Spider racer project

Update 12/5/09: This car sold for $5000 even.  Seemingly the new norm for incomplete unremarkable Giulietta Spider rollers.

Giulietta Spider 1495*09110.  This car is on eBay right now from a seller in the north east US who seems to have a lot of Giulietta stuff in their barn.  This car is said to have been a long time race car, but seems to only be stickers, stripes and a roll bar away from being your usual remainder of a parted out Spider- very solid and rust free remainder I should add.

spider 09110 cornerRace number might help explain why it ended up years later stripped on anything of value and sold off.  Front looks tough with the bumper brackets and blanks where the signal lights go.  Certainly sits low for a car with no engine, supporting the race car claim.

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Market 119: Cheap Giulietta Spider Racer

Update 10/20/09: 28 bidders resulted in a seling price of $13,500. This is very low for this car. A competitive 1300 engine alone is close to $10K to build. I wish I wasn’t paring down myself or I would have jumped in! Another Giulietta heads for Germany.

Update 10/14/09: This car is back on eBay. Previous buyer and now seller has a pretty comprehensive description and you now know exactly what you are getting. If nothing else, the auction is worth a visit to see some vintage pictures of it in action. I wonder what has been done to the engine? Cams? Big valves? Look for a solid end price this time.

310250106_oLooks like fun. These cars look good with no grill trims at all.

310250114_oIt’s hard to put a price on proven track time. This car seems to have it. I want a race car!

Giulietta Spider Race Car 10103 1495*11341. This car was on eBay briefly last week and ended BUY IT NOW on 5/22/09 for $12,000. Someone got an amazing deal or ripped off and I suspect the latter. If you know this car drop me a line.

ar%20(2)Good color, great panel fit, very nice trim condition.

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