Market 434: Winning-est Giulietta racer Spider 750 03083 ‘Sophia’

Update 8/23/12: Sold for $72,450 including premium.

Update later the same morning:

I got this picture taken at Road Atlanta circa 1983 from Michael McClure, then owner of the brown Giulietta racer and wearing the gold race suit talking to Martin Krilanovich (in green sleeves). The red car is Sophia with Phil Mason in white racing suit leaning over it talking to his crew chief Jerry.  Time flies. 

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03083, 1315*41849.  The late Al Leake Jr. raced Sophia to much success on the west coast.  I can remember seeing them many times at Sear’s Point and Laguna Seca -always out front or nearly so -even against cars that on paper ought to have gotten around the track faster -even if driven by lesser drivers.  I don’t remember where I heard/read it, but I seem to recall that Sophia is one of the winning-est race cars in history.  Lineage includes prior ownership by Phil Mason and connection to H. B. Luginbuhl, who some say had a lot to do with development early on.  Anyway, Sophia is being auctioned by Bonhams this coming Monterey weekend.  Estimate is $65,000 – $85,000.  It’s too bad the seller chickened out and omitted the rubber chicken that used to be seen dangling from the trunk -oh well, maybe that rubber chicken is a stuffed trophy over someones mantle now next to a 12 point buck or buffalo head.

Tasteful for a dedicated race car.  Development started in the mid-70’s and by the late 80’s Sophia was a potent machine.  Fiberglass grill and trim?

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Market 414: SS 381122 ‘Boy Racer’ in Germany

Update 4/27/12: No sale at $47,000. Would you have sold?

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381122Marty hipped me to this car  on eBay out of Germany right now that’s currently sitting at a comical $6100.  Body is in good shape if the shiny paint doesn’t hide any problems.  It has been gutted and set up for weekend racing and as such has a lot of shortcomings as a contender on today’s SS market.  Engine is not correct, nor are seats and some other stuff.  Wouldn’t be a shame to do with this as you will since it’s already altered quite a bit.  Wasn’t someone looking for a good SS to turn into a race car??

I wonder what the story is?  I am thinking this car is from when an SS was a $18,000 car and it was a parts donor for another better one.  Body looks really good.  Seller claims no rust -lets hope so.  Germany has VERY strict rules about how fit cars are to be on the road, so if it’s road registered it’s probably pretty good.

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Market 337: Early Spider racer

Update later the same day:  Sold for $19,800.  A bargain?

Spider 750D 1495*02031This car is on eBay right now out of Denver Colorado.  Racing set up is as purposeful as they come, with lots of refinements that probably make it highly competitive.  These cars tend to be a bargain to buy compared to the expense of the development represented in the final product.  I’d have to tone it back a bit so it could be used on the street too.

Between the sun and the saturation of the red, the lines of the car are almost lost.  Widened steels look very tough.  I like the cut down windshield -reminds me of Conrad’s Spider Veloce.

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Reader Race Report: Lime Rock 2011 Fall Finale

Track day report from Giulietta Sprint owner Marc in Mass, photo’s were taken by Jim Dyer, captions are mine: ” The 2011 Fall Finale vintage race the last racing event organized by the VSCCA and was held at Lime Rock Track October 14 and 15. The weather cooperated and the participants were graced by sunshine  and an almost dry track as rain was only sporadic. A strong number of Alfisti showed up and so the organizers were able to add an extra 15 lap session on the Friday for Alfas only! 8 Spiders (2 Veloces) ranging from 1956 to 1959, 2 Sprints (1 gorgeous red Veloce in period livery) and a delightful 1960 Sprint Zagato piloted by Sandra McNeil. Added  to the mix was a 1976 Berlina and a 1966 Lancia Fulvia both driven by Italian ex-pats.  Several of the lighter Spiders battled up front while other cars were happy to get a real Italian tune-up. The spectators were treated to some spirited drifting around Big Ben and through the S’s.  In the end each driver was a winner as all cars survived both days. Amazing to see a wonderful group of 50 some year old cars fly around this lovely race track framed by the surrounded fall colored hills.”

We all know what this must sound like -a 12 cylinder air plane or 4 Alfa race cars approaching!

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Market 329: exclusive Spider 750 racer

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04899.  I get the occasional email asking to feature a car and I’m always torn.  I’m doing a favor while doing what some might regard as business and then expected to be objective.  Some have been difficult, but this one, being a purpose built racer, is easy -especially easy since it was restored/racer built in the mid-1980’s.  From what can be seen in the photos the fit and finish is excellent.  Hopefully the racing groups it was built for haven’t changed their tune.

I’m thinking those are widened steel wheels.  A good way to go as they tend to be lighter than alloys -especially what was available in the 80’s.  Paint still looks excellent.  Many a Spider racer has been number 57 methinks.  Stance is tough looking without being too low.  Suspension would have to be very stiff to avoid tire rubs.

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Market 300: Spider racer project in Florida

Giulietta Spider 10103*171108. This car is on eBay right now out of Florida.  Car would originally have had an 00102 series 1300 engine but auction includes a 00121 1600 Sprint Speciale/Spider Veloce engine and an unnumbered 1600 replacement block.  Price is $23,500 to start and seller expects local pick up only -good luck with that.

Car looks pretty cool.  Door and hood fit is excellent.  I wonder what provenance this has as a racer.

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Market 293: ’61 Spider Veloce Ex-Carrera Panamerica

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*170380. This car is on eBay right now and has been featured on Bringatrailer.  Eduardo (seller) sent me a bunch of pictures you can see if you follow the vin link.  Engine is a later 2 liter and a lot of modifications have been done that make it ineligible for most vintage race series, but with a few creature comforts added this would make a great event car.  Email me of you can’t extract the sellers info from the above links.

Looks like it should for a rally/race car.  Hood is a later Giulia 1600 item, no doubt used to help clear the 2 liter.  The silver lines seen through the grills are the edges of a big radiator.

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