Market 499: Spider 750D 1146: complete and 80% there

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01146, 1315*41158.  Just ended today on eBay with 14 bids, the highest of which was $4051.  It’s always sad to behold a car that is just plain beyond reasonable help.  Judging by the level of completeness, it was probably parked with a leaky valve stem in 1969, and the battery drained before it could be fixed, then winter set in and you know the rest.  A 1956 model year Giulietta seems to carry slightly more ‘early model’ cache than a 1957, so perhaps someone with a donor body, or connection to inexpensive foreign skilled labor will decide this is worth having a go at.  After all, this car restored to the standards a couple guys around the country can achieve is probably an $80,000 + car.  Sorry for the order of the pictures, I’m still working out how the bulk media uploader works on my CMS.

$_57 (30)

Rust may never sleep, but it does move at different paces in different places.  If this was on the north coast of Kauai all you would find are the headlight glasses, tires and anything else plastic, rubber or glass surrounding an oxide welded barely recognizable lump of used-to-be engine.   Continue reading


Market 498: Late 1300 Spider project 171160

Giulietta Spider 10103 171160.  This car is available from the same seller as the car featured in Market 497, on eBay out of Connecticut.  They made about 500 1300 Spiders after this one in 1961, putting it near the end of 1300 production – not much of a distinction I suppose.  Engine block is blank, indicating a factory short block replacement – probably under warranty if the stories the oldtimers tell are true.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.52.57 PM

You can kind of picture the downhill slide – minor fender-bender (or nose in this case) becomes multi-decades long neglect, complete with parts car status at some point.  Interesting light configuration.  One is fog, the other spot if the PO had any sense. Continue reading

Market 425: Spider 00739 on eBay

Update 7/1/12: $9500. Not too bad for a fairly straight ’56 with the matching engine. You’ll see more from this car soon.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00739, 1315*40574. This car is on eBay right now out of Denver. It looks fairly complete and in reasonable shape to restore. Will need a lot of work and $ to get it together, but as the seller states, these early cars do bring real money.

Looks like the usual ‘been apart for a while’ Spider project.  Door fits well. 

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Glas 1700 GT: What color?

I got these color charts in an email from Sascha in Germany who has a 1700 GT. Now that I have the original palette to choose from, I am rethinking the color I should paint the car. It needs a lot of body work so a light color would be best. It looks to have originally been white and later repainted to red. I’m not interested in red, having had a number of red cars over the years. I like the idea of white, but my cousins GT is white. I go on about light blue and gray Alfa’s, maybe this is my chance to paint something one of those. I have alternately decided on light gold, metallic dark dray and metallic light blue, so maybe I should settle on one of those. Tough decision. What do you think?  Post a comment with the color from the charts below you would paint a Glas GT if you were about to paint one.

Perlgrau and Aquamarin are pretty sweet.

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Glas GT Market 1: 1700GT project or parts car

Update 3/27/12: This car sold for $1442 after 22 bids.  A decent result for a rough looking example.  Interest in these cars increases?

3/15/12: Glas 1700GTFirst -pardon the non-Giulietta market post, but as I mentioned when I got my Glas GT, I plan on there being an occasional aside to the headlining act, and someone has to try and figure out what the market for these cars is.  This car is on eBay out of Illinois.  Looks to be too rusty to be a viable restoration candidate, but the sheet metal is ALL available and very inexpensive -too bad it’s as much work to weld up one of these as a Giulietta Sprint.  There are no pictures of the engine -maybe they couldn’t get the hood open!

Pretty straight and complete looking.  Shame about the door rust and, well, all the other rust too.  Headlight rings are aluminum.  Front bumper really makes the front end look a lot more complete than it looks without it.

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Glas 1700 GT: planning ahead

How do you plan for a classic car restoration project?  Do you do research, make lists -parts to buy, tasks to accomplish, money to spend, craftsmen to talk to?  Or do you dive in and start taking things apart because your money supply and knowledge are vast?  When I was working on the Giulietta SS I sold last winter, I had short term lists, but no long term list.  I didn’t have a budget to meter out money, and I didn’t have a clear path to success.  With my Glas GT project I am trying to do as much up front planning as possible.

Can’t have a post without an image right?  This is the pilot bearing assembly in the end of the crank shaft.  It is indeed a little needle bearing.  Anyone have one of these special tools I can borrow?

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Market 297: Giulietta SS at Steutel

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00358. This car is available right now from Jan Steutel in the Netherlands.  Not much is said about the condition, but from the looks of it, it has seen some work.  I sold the previous owner a rear bumper spear that was a duplicate from my SS project, which is where I got the picture prior to paint and the VIN number.  Asking price is 14,500 Euro -not bad really if it’s as complete as stated.

SS body on a dolly in an industrial looking neighborhood.  The front fender wheel arch swooshes seem to have been trimmed or something.

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