Market 353: Spider Veloce project 03317 in Italy

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*03317, 1315*30772 (missing), 1315*45283 (now).  Wow, I just spent 15 minutes looking to see if I wrote about this car before -time to organize my files!!  This car is available now from Ghibli Auto Classiche e Sportive in Italy.  Conditon is not so good, but it’s a Veloce and it’s in the land where all the spare parts seem to be headed.

Looking so-so.  Parts are present.  I want to start an ‘as found’ movement, where you get a car like this, make it work, and use it looking like this.  Would be fun and boost Tetanus shot sales. 

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Market 166: Scruffy but nice early Spider

Giulietta Spider 1495*02713.  This car has been on Bringatrailer, Craigslist and Alfa BB.  It may be still available, but I doubt it.  This car is a 1957 which makes it elligible for events not open to 58 and later cars.  Car is in San Diego and asking price of $14,000 is reasonable if it needs as little as the sellers description indicates.  I am primarily adding this car for posterity.

This is how you like to find them.  Straight, dry and in need of the kind of improvement that is fun to do between drives.  Hood and door fit looks excellent.  I don’t see any evidence of rust.

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