Ramble 1: Parallel universes

1/4/13:  Brad sent me this picture of his Gilera and Spiders.  Nice!  He also has a Honda CL77 Scrambler.


There’s some serious Italian metal in this garage!

12/27/12: Craig sent me this picture of part of his fleet -a very nice duo I think.  Anyone else want to share a picture?

photo (6)

Color coordinated, technically interesting and neat!  I’ve been looking longingly at /2’s for years.  Thanks for sharing Craig.

12/23/12: I spent some time looking at Paul’s blog Vintagent the other evening, reminiscing about the days when I was all about motorcycles.  Motorcycles are my first vehicular love, and my first love seems to be experiencing a revival, as I suddenly have slightly more than a few right now crowding my work space. I remember riding in front of my dad on his Triumph to preschool without a helmet -it was the mid-70’s, so I guess I was about 4 – must have stuck as great fun.  I inherited that motorcycle for a few years (1991 – 2011 then gave it back), did a few miles on it and, most importantly, figured out how a lot of stuff, like brakes, clutches, electrons etc worked, and had some adventures.  Alas for the near absence of pictures from the pre-cellphone days! IMG_5053 1961 Honda CB72 13393, a rare thing, along the lines of a ’56 Sprint sort of rare, with lots of ‘early, one year only’ parts, and a 1964 CL72, somewhat like a ’59-’61 Spider sort of rare.  I’ve rebuilt a few of these engines over the years.  State of the art superb mechanicals with poor-ish chrome and paint applied over bare metal.  Sound familiar?  In a weird way Honda of 1962 is a lot like Alfa of 1962, though a case can be made that Ducati is the Alfa of motorbikes.   Continue reading