Pushing Product 5: At it again

This pushing product series is funny -an analogy for the intended effect of having the ladies beside the vehicles. I get a high number of visitors for about 2 days after posting one of these photo collections and lots of picture views of the sexier numbers. This installment is the usual aggregate of pictures of ladies used as advertising that readers forwarded me links to or I found on my own while on an internet expedition. From the classy to the silly to the chaste to the sleazy. Behold.

50_specialAaron sent me this one. She is very cute and obviously quite fond of the motorcycle. Dig that white belt. She would be what, 75 years old now?

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Pushing Product 4: Models not included

You’ve all been waiting for this.  I know because more than anything else I get emails with links to PG-13  auctions.  Not too much ill-advised content here, just decent looking chicks hopefully earning a few easy bucks while trying to make some poor guy bid on the object at auction with his virility.

!aveo kit twosomeThis is a kit car based on a Chevy Aveo.  Girl on the right reminds me a bit of Christine Taylor.  This picture is all curves.  I wonder how much a gig like this pays?

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Setting the standard, pushing product 3.

You’ve all seen these, or at least most of them, I know I have, but I had a special request recently that included some examples.  The premise of the request is seemingly that, well, obviously the Italians invented the use of sex to sell cars, I mean, who else??  {Insert carefully researched claim that in fact, the Greeks invented the use of sex to sell chariots -oh, wait no, it was the Chinese and Rickshaws…}. Nowadays you see a good looking young woman with perfect semi-curly hair and green eyes in a drug company bus stop poster making you think herpes might not be so bad.   Next thing you know they will be using sex to sell celibacy.  Ahh, but I degress.  Here are a group of advertising pictures featuring the perfect woman lending her allure to the, in this case, alluring enough product.  Enjoy.

alfaromeojuniorzagatoadvertisement05Very nice.  Perfect composition in this one.  Proof that sexy only needs to be hinted at to be effective. 

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Pushing product the old fashioned way

I noticed a while back that some eBay auctions have an eye-catching accessory that lures in shoppers no matter how uninterested they are in the product offered, sometimes the addition of this accessory is successful, sometimes less so. I have saved examples of auctions featuring this accessory since I started this blog. Over the years there have been other memorable examples, but alas, I lacked prescience and failed to save them for the appreciation of future generations.

c0b1_3This Bus has a faked black plate and the dog looks bored. This is the unpaid ‘friends good-looking girlfriend’ version of the accessory.

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