Alpine adventure: Snowball Rally 2010

Update 4/29/10 10:30am: Jon Fox now has a photo set up

Update 4/29/10: Jeff Glenn has posted his pictures on his JAG promotions website and as usual taken the whole event documentationthing to the next level.  Enjoy.

Update 4/27/10:  Dave has put togethter a pretty cool movie here, especially cool for those who have wondered what the passenger ride in a ’76 Trans Am 455 is like.  They were in close contention for the gas mileage award with the Imperial.

Also, Ben Buja has a link to his photo sets here on flickr.  He’s one of those guys who manages to take nothing but great pictures.  I think I need lessons!

And, here for your enjoyment is the Bring a Trailer write up of the event.  Another source of great pictures.

The Snowball Rally ran through the Sierra Nevada mountains this last weekend and the Mrs., the Sprint and I were there.  For most participants festivities started at one of the Bay Area night stage roll-offs on Friday evening that, after some Super Oscar exercising backroads between the San Francisco bay and Sacramento, met up at Hot Italian for beverages, some dinner and a lot of speculation as to what the next two days would hold.  For us the rally began early Saturday morning with a quick highway buzz from Oakland to Sacramento. 

I’m going on six years, a dozen events and probably 30,000 miles with the Sprint.  It’s been a faithful companion and after this weekend I have vowed to do some much needed upgrades. Photo by Nick Pon.

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