Project: Dads 1947 Chevy 3100 part 2

1947 Chevrolet 3100 Thriftmaster 6EPJ3165, original 216 engine, built in Oakland Ca, 65th 3100 made?

Today was a good day.  I woke up at 7, put a cup of coffee in me and a tank of gas in the Sprint at 7:40 -didn’t think I needed it but did it out of caution at the beginning of the 80ish miles to my dads house, managed to get almost 13 gallons in it.  Running out of gas would have been my fault but still would have dampened my enthusiasm for the Sprint.  It took about 2 hours to get there, getting wound up weaving through fairly uptight traffic from Oakland to Napa and then unwinding from Napa to Middletown on the pastoral two-lane sweepers.  Plan was to do some work on the truck engine, help with some garage organization and eat a good hamburger.

Part 1 of helping my dad on the truck in case you missed it.

The Sprint, still tink tink tinking from the spirited drive over the switchback dense hill from Calistoga to Middletown.  Our friend John couldn’t get over the Sprint, it’s simplicity, sophistication and style.  I don’t blame him, I’m still stuck on it.

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101 1300 part 17: It ain’t over…

I keep thinking it’s time to write the epilogue, you know, with a final tweak or two to the Weber or ignition described, a break down of what it ended up costing and some video at 80 mph on a nice long back-road sweeper after the exhaust system is welded up. Well, it’s not that time yet. I keep having to revisit things I was taking for granted as done.

I guess the big lesson for me is that when rebuilding and installing the whole drive train, a bunch of the parts of which have never met before, there will always be one more thing to do before it’s done.


As usual- my teaser picture. I took this last week after I had just come down from my parts loft. As much as I am enjoying the challenge I would rather be getting on with the SS rebuild. Continue reading