Market 265: Not only did it not sleep…

Update 10/6/10: Despite several long time Giulietta experts chiming in to say it wasn’t worth more than $500, the auction ended at $2850.55 after 4 bids.  The condition of the drive train will dictate whether this is a good deal or not.  I reckon a good 00106 block with all its original stuff in usable condition would go for about what this car went for.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10125 1495*10189, 00106. This rusty shamble of a Spider is on eBay right now out of York, PA.  Buy it now price is a reasonable $3500 considering the parts it will provide.  With Spider Veloce’s regularly changing hands over $50K these days maybe it’s a viable project for some adventurous soul.

I like the custom crash bar.  Lots of rust here.  Is that a hard top for it in the background?

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Market #85: Expensive late 101 1600 Spider

Update 2/11/09: Seller says it’s all one color but that engine compartment sure looks white to me.

Giulia Spider 1600 101.23 AR375698, engine 00112*08251. This car is available right now on eBay out of Southern California and not much different than the subject of Market #84 other than a claimed (with marginal photo evidence) absence of rust, fresher paint and a sobering $33,500 asking price.

Celeste spider frontSo far so good. Trim is excellent and I like the color of the car. Blacked out grill openings are pretty cool. Note wet driveway and remember cars look better when wet.

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Pushing product the old fashioned way

I noticed a while back that some eBay auctions have an eye-catching accessory that lures in shoppers no matter how uninterested they are in the product offered, sometimes the addition of this accessory is successful, sometimes less so. I have saved examples of auctions featuring this accessory since I started this blog. Over the years there have been other memorable examples, but alas, I lacked prescience and failed to save them for the appreciation of future generations.

c0b1_3This Bus has a faked black plate and the dog looks bored. This is the unpaid ‘friends good-looking girlfriend’ version of the accessory.

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Market 21: California Black plate ‘Interim’ Giulietta Sprint

Update June 17, 2008.  Sold! The auction for this car ended today at $12,100. I don’t really understand this result unless here were major undisclosed problems and the primary bidders found out about them. This car seemed like a great deal compared to either the project that was the subject of this post or the incorrect and possibly sketchy subject of this post. Of course my theory that the market is somewhat flooded with Sprints may have been proven to have merit by this auction. If the sale sticks I have a feeling this car was very well bought. If only I had the cash I would gladly have welcomed this car into my shop.

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*20747, engine # 1315*011118. According to Fusi a 1959 year model based on the engine number. In classic car circles the world over, whether you’re talking about Alfa’s or Mopar’s in German or Japanese , the description ‘California Black plate car’ evokes a certain quality of preservation. This car is the very definition of what is meant by ‘California Black plate car’. Wearing it’s original issue black and yellow plates, no rust, low miles (79,884) and drivable with some deferred maintenance to tackle. This car is the twin of my 1959 Sprint and several other local cars I know about.

If you want to get into a true black plate Sprint, this is a good one to buy. I don’t know how many more Sprints like this will come out of California garages but it has to be few indeed.


Like a casual family picture, all that is missing is a Golden Retriever laying in the shade at the front of the car. Car looks good… straight with shiny chrome bumper and grills, good panel gaps and reasonably shiny paint. “Appears to be rust free.”

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Market #19: Another Italian Ebay 101 Giulietta Sprint Veloce

As if in response to my declaration in Special Sprints #11 that good 101 Sprint Veloce’s seem to be going for $55,000 this 1960 Sprint Veloce appears on Italian eBay with a 36,000 Euro price tag, about $56,000.

The color of this car is Tornado Blue, very rare on these early cars. As explained in Special Sprints #9, Italian eBay is different from eBay USA in that car listings are more like the classifieds found in classic car magazines. You get a brief description of the car, some low resolution pictures and an email and phone number to use to contact the seller.

Looks like an honest enough car. Not sure I’d keep the sail out front. Grills, headlight rings and all the other trim look good.

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