Another SS cousin: FIAT Stanguellini Bertone Berlinetta

1954 FIAT Stanguellini Bertone Berlinetta *071366*. This car is for sale now through Fantasy Junction, but is doing residence at the Petersen Automobile Museum in southern California -worth a visit even if this wasn’t there.  If the Sprint and SS have an extended family, this car would be considered an older second cousin, perhaps a first cousin even, and definitely a near sibling of the Sprint and BAT cars.  The list of cars Franco Scaglione had a hand in creating is impressive, and includes many of Alfa’s most coveted one-offs, listed one after another (1900L, Sportiva, BAT 5,7,9 etc) and many others like this little guy.  Truly art in automotive form.  This is a car that demands a place in your house -not your garage.  For $295,000 you’ll be in an exclusive club.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.37.55 AM

This is a beautiful car from some angles and a challenging car from others -but then a lot of Scaglione’s creations are.  You have to look at it for a few moments, then remember that this is a hand made car.  Panels were hand formed, gas welded together and married to some seed of a FIAT 1100 chassis.  Color is great -not a color one would typically associate with Italian sports cars, but common in the palette of early 1950’s Italy.

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NSU Sport Prinz on eBay

You know I have a soft spot for the NSU Sport Prinz -and you should- too since they were one of the few other Scaglione designs to come out of the BAT exercise, with the first few hundred being built by Bertone.  This one is a bit frightening, but not too far gone me thinks.  More importantly, check out the yard it’s in.

Comprehensive bumper!  This is a short car -even for it’s day.  Who’s hiding in the back ground?

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