Motherlode 400 June 2008

This last weekend the Mrs. and I drove the Giulietta Sprint Veloce on Josh Prestis’ second annual Motherlode 400. The event officially starts at 9am in the parking lot of the Jackson Lodge, but for me and others in our caravan it was a 6:30 roll-off from Oakland.
Cars in attendance included a 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super, an Aston Martin DB4 convertible, some Triumph TR’s, various BMW’s and others; all pre-1975 Sportscars. On day one the event explores the Sierra Nevada Gold country backroads that few other than locals, and probably few even among locals are aware of. A full slideshow of the event can be seen here.

Approaching 395 from 108 after the Sonora Summit. Spectacular scenery traversed by sweeping high speed roads.

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