Market 431: Sprint 750B 06395 -much assembly required

Update October 1 2015: Available now from Joop Stolze.

Giulietta Sprint 750B 493*06395, 1315*05812 & 00112*15344.  This car appears to be offered by ReOriginal’s on eBay out of Livingston TX.  Car is very much where the project I am currently working on is -lots to do!  Paint is 10 years old but shines, interior work looks pretty good and it comes with an extra engine.  No mention is made whether all the trim etc comes with the car.  This is a rare car in that it’s one of the last 750B Normale’s -the last 200 750 ‘eyebrow’ grill Sprints were Veloce’s.

But do the original parts include bumper, ‘eyebrow’ grills, headlights with rings, hood center strip and front center grill?  Looks pretty nice here.  You can buy those bumper bracket trim bits new from several vendors.

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Mailand – Alfa relationship – Anyone?

I was checking links, trying to see where some projects I used to keep up on were and took a look at Will’s Sprint rebuild on FB.  It hasn’t had anything posted in a while – unless updates have been made elsewhere.  Something caught my eye when I was checking out his pictures.  His car is a 10102 series, with a 1315*01XXXX engine, and a Mailand plate with 750B on it.  Anyone know what’s up with this?  Only 10105’s are supposed to have this series engine.  I did a post a while back about trade agreement final assemblies in France, Mexico and Germany at one point but can’t seem to find it.  Anyone know what the arrangement was between Alfa and Mailand?


This is the build plate set is from Will’s Sprint.  It is original, and it is confusing!

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Market 504: Spider 392429 The Walking Dead

Giulia Spider 10123*392429, 00112*16057.  Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should.    This car sold for $8000 on eBay recently, very very very likely for its parts.  Look at it.  Under the red rattle can is, well, about 40% of a Spider.  The closer to the ground you get, the less there is until you reach the thin film of rust scale that inevitably forms under it whenever left in one place for an extended period.  There are places where you could take a 1 foot by 1 foot sample of where you think a Spider ought to be, and not get any metal at all -good thing you are a human and can see that the missing piece is the missing piece of a car.

$_57 (1)

It looks not too bad from this angle, but like that scene in a horror show/movie, you haven’t yet realized you are seeing the dead, because from this angle it just looks like an attractive woman.  The dead with great door to body panel gaps.

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Market 503: 10103 370029 first of the last 1300 Spiders

Giulietta Spider 10103 370029.  This Spider, one of the first examples from the last series of 1300’s is available on eBay now out of Southern California.  Buy it Now price is $75,000, somewhat high for this particular series -despite its nice fit and finish.  (For comparison, Fantasy Junction has a SWB 750F Veloce for $95,000).


Very nice car in a domain to make most car guys jealous.  Everything fits together well enough that I am going to guess this is a car that has not seen major work.

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What year is my Alfa Romeo Giulietta?

I get questions from readers every few days about what year a certain car is given a VIN number, or what car a given engine number would have originally come in, or if an engine is original to a particular car.  The information to answer these questions is scattered around this website, but it being a blog and not a very well organized one, it’s hard to find.

So, here it is, the Giulietta VIN and engine number cheat sheet.  I apologize for the length and complexity of what was supposed to be an easy read, but I couldn’t figure out how to dumb it down much more.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.30.08 AM

This is an original build plate.  Notice it has model, body and engine numbers.  Notice the font.  This is the easiest way to tell if a car has a matching engine.  See caveat III below.

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Market 400 (!!): Sprint Veloce 750E 08765

Update September 7 2015:  This car is available again on eBay out of Brunswick Georgia, maybe the same seller as last time?  Still needs a lot of work.  I don’t remember what the last asking price was., but now it’s $35,000.

Update March 9 2012: I received some less than encouraging pictures of the underside of the car from someone who knew it -it’s got some structural rust that will be difficult to fix. Check it out.

This is thick, difficult to replace metal.  Will be fun for who ever gets to repair it -even more so for the check writer!

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Market 388: SS 00242 in New Jersey

Update September 15 2015:  Reserve not met at $65,200.

SS ebay

Apparently SS values have gone up $6000 since this car was last listed.  I think I would have been tempted to sell.

Update September 7 2015: This car has reappeared, this time on eBay being sold out of Florham Park New Jersey.

$_57 (45)

I was just last night talking to a friend and SS owner about the value prospects for the SS these days across the project to perfect spectrum.  He opined that they had actually gone down a bit in the last few years by his reckoning.  Not some huge slide or anything, just market forces balancing restoration quality of cars bought and improved to make a quick buck, that seem to come back on the market repeatedly, driving values down a bit as a result; versus genuine ‘restored for the love of the thing’ cars that not only look good but are complete, correct and actually a pleasure to drive.  Projects aren’t seeing the frenzy of 2 years ago, while the number of prospective owners out there is probably a bit stagnant and not as deep pocketed as the few high priced auction examples would have you think.  I’m sure there are lots of Alfisti would happily add an SS to their stable, the question is, at what price?  And then there is the almost absurdly high survivorship of SSs -probably above 20% tracked on this humble site alone.

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