Setting the standard, pushing product 3.

You’ve all seen these, or at least most of them, I know I have, but I had a special request recently that included some examples.  The premise of the request is seemingly that, well, obviously the Italians invented the use of sex to sell cars, I mean, who else??  {Insert carefully researched claim that in fact, the Greeks invented the use of sex to sell chariots -oh, wait no, it was the Chinese and Rickshaws…}. Nowadays you see a good looking young woman with perfect semi-curly hair and green eyes in a drug company bus stop poster making you think herpes might not be so bad.   Next thing you know they will be using sex to sell celibacy.  Ahh, but I degress.  Here are a group of advertising pictures featuring the perfect woman lending her allure to the, in this case, alluring enough product.  Enjoy.

alfaromeojuniorzagatoadvertisement05Very nice.  Perfect composition in this one.  Proof that sexy only needs to be hinted at to be effective. 

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