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So I sold all my parts and am down to one Giulietta!  I still have this page though and a lot of brand recognition… so, how about I list cars/parts/wanted/etc for people?  Great Idea Matt.  So if you have something you want to sell or buy that’s Giulietta/Giulia related, send me an email with picture, price, description and location and I’ll post it here.  If you’re a parts dealer, like Centerline for example, and want to have a link etc, send me an email and we’ll work it out.  Cheers!  Was this page helpful in helping you find/sell a car or much needed part?  Make a donation!

Cars For Sale:

Cars Wanted:

Parts for Sale:

Leonardo in Italy has some SS parts including a hood, trunk lid and front and rear windows.  Email me ( if you want his contact info.


Strada e Corsa tells me they have a lot of hard to find and NOS parts for Giulietta’s.  They are based in the Netherlands, but happy to ship internationally.

and are pictures of Strada e Corsa’s parts collection.


Parts Wanted:

Miscellaneous for sale:

Luigi, who bought my 1300 Spider project last year, is now making engine stand adapters for Alfa engines.  $50 buys you the blue part you see here.  Anything he makes from the sale will go back into the Spider so it’s a win-win. Email Luigi at stampyoldani @ and tell him I sent you.

Weld quality is high and the flat portions are machine cut.


I met Bruce through eBay and he was very cool about me making a mistake and bidding on some truck parts that it turns out wouldn’t fit my dads truck.  He told me he makes these rubber stamps of Giulietta’s from original advertising materials.  Cool.  You can buy them through his eBay store. They are $9.99 + $4 shipping.

Giulietta Spider/Spider Veloce with chick!

And of course, the mighty Sprint!

Miscellaneous wanted:

The old For Sale page is here, everything has been SOLD.


116 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Matt,
    Hey buddy. Did you ever get the windshield trim for my Sprint in? Let me know what you want for it if you did. Thanks!


  2. AFRA seems to have the inside rear view mirrors in stock. Not sure of the quality, I’ve ordered one @ 45 euros.


    ’63 Sprint

  3. Inside rear view mirror is nice. Early style without the wrinkle finish housing. Underhood lights are available now, Centerline I believe.


  4. Hello Mat- The Berlina looks good. I have a glue in windshield in Berkeley for $100 if you are interested. I am on the East Coast and will be in California on August 7.- Regards, Al

  5. Hi, great site. I have a 64 SS i purchased in San Piedro (LA) about 2 years ago. This car’s only real damage was a sidswipe accident on the drivers door, the door was poorly re-skinned and the window never replaced. Therfore, I am looking for a drivers door /glass and/or a drivers glass, non-vent type. I think i can get the door in shape with some efforts, and i made a plexi window for the time being, but would love to find a real glass window if anyone stumbles upon any leads please for these parts or parts cars (if they exist) Please let me know- Thanks, Steve

  6. hello, recently i bought a giulietta ss but it has a 2 shoe brake system and i want to rebuild it to a 3 shoebrake system. i saw you have it for sale? what price and any idea what it cost shipment to Holland? thanks, john (what do you ask for the ss?)

  7. Great site, enjoyed looking at your work. I am in need of a rocker moulding piece for my 101 sprint 1600. It is a front fender spear, about 13 inches long.
    Can you help?

      • I am looking to buy a fully restored, short-wheelbase, alfa romeo veloce giulietta spider, circa 1957/58 – any suggestions?


  8. Wow, I’m happy to have found this site!

    To get right to the point, I think I’m looking for trim parts for an SS, and here’s why:

    Back in the ’80s I bought a Giulietta SS that had been in storage in Pensylvania since ’65 with 9,200 miles and a blown motor. Its a car that was prepped for racing, with subtle mods to the body, like making the lower line of grill opening less curved in order to increase the ram air inlet. In the process, all trim was removed, and even the “brows” extending rearward from the front wheel arches were “shaved”; the wheel arches given a more normal circular cut, expertly flanged. Judging by materials used (type of primer + lead), the mods seem to have been done when the car was new, and by a skilled panel beater/welder. Mods to the motor were equally skilfully executed. I have no documentation on who did the work,(the previous owner knew nothing; before I bought it, the car had changed hands as settlement for a debt, and then as an inheritance… Last legal registration was to a family-owned trailer company). Alfa knows nothing; even my mother, who was born in Italy and visited the factroy and musium specifically to get for info, came up empty. So, since I’m unable to document the cars history, I’m considering converting it back to a normal street spec car, and am hence looking for all chrome/stainless trim parts including F/R bumpers, grill, grill bars, front turn signals etc.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with parts or information on this car’s past.


  9. Matt, I would love to see additional photos of the Sprint Speciale. I have been looking for a project SS for a while

  10. matt…i am the owner of ss 00168, which has finally been taken to bill gilham’s shop,”just up the road” from me(in eugene), to begin it’s long (and costly) journey to something approaching decent condition. there are a few trim pieces i need, which did not come with the car: the hood/bonnet “spears” from the front grill back- both the short and long pieces- and the giulietta ss script- left and right- and the two bertone badges as well..if you have any of these (or know where i can get them) i would like to buy them from you..i take it you are not coming up to portland for the big alfa convention..i myself am just driving up for some friday afternoon tech session and the “concorso” on saturday morning..if you can get back to me on this i would very grateful..thanks…lm

  11. Hey Matt,

    How is the big driving light mounted on your white Sprint. I also am running mine without bumpers and would like to slap on a big set of deerspotters. Did you fab the bracket? Thanks, love your site. Wish I was in California for the sports car action!


  12. Wondered about the NOS destro drum. I’m looking for one to use as a decorator for my room. Have a price in mind?


  13. Hi how can I get in contact with the guy who sales the rear window for the sprint?
    I will need some parts for a 1964 Sprint 1300.

  14. Hi Matt,

    my Giulietta spider needs a new exhaust manifold.
    I’m looking for the old one-pipe-version. It’s a 750 D, from July ’57.
    Do you have an idea where I should find one in good shape, ore new?

    Thanks for your help.
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany


  15. Hi and Happy New Year to all. I am restoring a Sprint 1300 1964 and I can not find the color combination for that year, does anybody know the body color and the interior combinations?

  16. Hi, I have an Alfa Romeo Sprint 1300 1964 and I am looking for the indicator lights and the 3 switches at the dash, the cigarrette lighter and the 2 levers at the steering wheel.
    If somebody have the parts please let me know.


      • Hello Matt, I came across your 124 Special story. I did the same swap back in 1980, but added a 5 speed, and loved this car. I drove it for three years before selling it. Have you ever finished yours?
        Where are you located. I’m in NW Arkansas.

  18. I am looking for the truck latch for my 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. Do you have one and how much do you want for it? I live in Italy. Should you need to call me, my cell. phone is 011.39.335.7602382. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  19. 101 Giulietta spider parts for sale:
    1) In good condition. Front (bonnet) lid: window and side vent glass -both doors: window winders (2): headlight lock ring and container (1): front bumper (driver’s side only): door lock release arm (1): rear lid lock: Front brake drums.
    2) Rusty but possibly usable: Oil pan (Veloce?): Lucas generator: speedometer: hood clamps.
    3) Lots of Alfa books and sundry small parts.
    4) Instrument pod and 3 Fergat 7 x 14 wheels for 74 GTV.
    Email for photo and/or price, if interested.

  20. Hi

    I have a 1964 Giulia SS (fully restored) and currently located in the UK… I am looking to sell it having restored and owned it for 9 years. What would be the current market value? Any buyers in the UK interested?

    Its been very lightly used in the last 3 years (too precious, weather too aweful).. which means maybe its time for it to go. Could be interested in part-x with a similar aged spider..

  21. Graham Arlen says:
    July 23, 2010 at 3:07 pm
    101 Giulietta spider parts for sale

    Dear Graham:
    we are looking for a part for a 1960 Giulietta ‘spyder’: a hand-throttle accelerator cable, in any working condition, with or without the knob. thanks in advance.

    Thanks in advance.

  22. have a 62 giulietta spyder shell for sale no power offer its in good shape over $12,000 spent body work floor may need some repairs but in good shape no windshied tks. Mike

  23. hello, i recently sold the body of a giulietta SS. now i have for sale different parts for a giulietta ss: some engine parts, some chrome, interior, brakes and more. pictures available if wanted. location: Europe mail:

    greetings, john

    • Hi, would you happent to have an engine compartment light for a 1961 ALFA SS. I have been searching for this part for a long time now. If you do not have this part, could you give me a good lead?

      Thank you,
      W. Parthmer

      • Dal nome mi sembra Italiano, spero mi capisca.
        Ho del materiale da Giulietta SS, due cofani, anteriore e posteriore,
        e i due vetri, parabrezza e lunotto, tutto in ottime condizioni.
        Mi dica se le interessano.


        “Named after Italian I think, I hope you understand.
        I have the material to Giulietta SS, two hoods, front and rear
        and the two windows, windshield and rear window, all in excellent condition.
        Tell me if interested”

  24. Looking for my fathers old 1963 Alfa Giulietta???

    Ok, so this might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack that is even if it hasn’t been crushed by now but I just came across a trade in invoice from 1968 with the Vin number of his 1963 Alfa Romeo. He purchased this car straight from Italy and had it shipped over to him. He purchased it from his uncle who raced Alfa Romeo’s in Italy and this was was modified and tuned for racing. So the Vin is AR 355428 (2 door, right side drive, Giulietta coupe), is there anyone out there that knows how to break down this vin so I know more about this vehicle? Also is there some sort of registry that I could type it into and see if anyone owns it now? Any help on this would be great, thanks guys I am a total newbie to this!

  25. Looking for my fathers old 1963 Alfa Giulietta???

    Ok, so this might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack that is even if it hasn’t been crushed by now but I just came across a trade in invoice from 1968 with the Vin number of his 1963 Alfa Romeo. He purchased this car straight from Italy and had it shipped over to him. He purchased it from his uncle who raced Alfa Romeo’s in Italy and this was was modified and tuned for racing. So the Vin is AR 355428 (2 door, right side drive, Giulietta coupe), is there anyone out there that knows how to break down this vin so I know more about this vehicle? Also is there some sort of registry that I could type it into and see if anyone owns it now? Any help on this would be great, thanks guys I am a total newbie to this!

  26. Hi, I would really like to get one of the engine mounts from Luigi. Is that email address correct, looks to have one to many @’s ?

    Luigi at stampyoldani @

    Craig McLeod
    Brisbane Aust.

  27. Hello,
    I’m Leonardo from Italy.
    I have one Giulietta Ss and I would have to sell the two Giulietta SS front and rear hoods, original, and the windows and rear window. All original material

  28. Hi everybody..
    I’m thinking of buying an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce (red colour in good condition if possible..)
    Any information is welcome…
    Thanks a lot,

  29. Hi, I live in Elko, Nevada (but from San Diego). I have wheeled and dealed everything but old cars are my afinity. Needless to say I picked up this Alfa Romeo Spider shell just days before it was to be crushed. Its gutted but rock solid other than the floors(carpet plus water=bad)…..I would either need a rusty doner or send it to a good home. amazing it even survived. Any idea of year and other info? Your websight is by far my favorite and has opened my eyes to a new italian flavor :) AR * 372538 Is there any way to e mail pix to this sight or post them?

  30. I have a single 40 DCO3 carburetor for sale if anyone needs a spare or a replacement, everything is there and has a tight throttle shaft, a bit dirty from sitting but very useable. It came on a VW motor I bought but it’s looking for the right home. I have pictures and the price is best offer. Shoot me an email

  31. Hi Matt,
    I am selling my 59 Spider at the Gooding Sale in Amalia Island it is lot #18. Wish me luck, I have never sold at auction, let along one with NO Reserve.

  32. I’mk restoring my giulietta spider 750d 1959.
    Could you help me find the missing spare parts listed below?
    air filter air box;
    complete dash trim set with glovebox chome handle;
    water pump fo windshield washer;
    “battaini” jack;
    interior pull-door handles;

    Thanks in advance for your help


      • Hi Matt, have a 63 air box for dual webers? It mounts on the drivers side, hose over to the Aluminum plenum I have. Need any Giulia spider parts? I have extras for trade. Thank you,
        Mike Juneau email: mjuneau@ or shaynamalool@

  33. I have good original pair of Giulia windwhiels posts and a re-chromed top connector piece for sal along with some extra hood, trunk hinges and a trunk fob. I can send pictures. I am looking for the side spears for a 63, the upolstered panels behind the doors that close in the bodywork. and the cromed strips for the inside of the doors, have spare instruments as well and odd crome pieces to trade or sell. Need seat backs, have extra seat rails.
    Mike Juneau

  34. Matt, I need a bit of help finding a complete Giulietta 10/41 rear axle in good to excellent condition…My Veloce has an 8/41 for short tracks and it is very buzzy on the road…the car has a GTA close ratio lightened gear set and fifth gear is .85, couple that with the 8/41 rear and i’m turning 5000 rpm’s at 70.. I want a quiet rear , price is secondary… Thanks, Frank

    • Frank,

      Would you consider a late 10/41 rear axle with LSD? There are a few guys local to me who can do the conversion so the rear end will work in a 750/101 with drum brakes.


  35. Hi I have an giulia ss coming up for sale in the uk in May it is a right hand drive and was once in the U S during the 80s. It is in the body shop at the moment soon to be completed I have loads of history with the car along with the name of the owner in the U S.
    I was wondering if there would be much intrest in a right hand drive car in the U S A
    The car will be of a very high standed as this car had £31000 pounds sent on a rebuilt back in 1991 so was in good condition when I bought it some 11 years ago.
    Thanks Richard

    • Richard,

      I think RHD will be a tough sell in the states, but the Australians seem to be coming on strong with the Alfa collecting.


    • the japanese would have gone for it too, in years past,…but does anyone over there have the money for one these days?….matt is right – the aussies are pretty flu$h lately…..

  36. Hello everyboby im looking for an engine for my giulietta spider with the gearbox . Anyone got some parts wants to sell??? Contact me on the email below.
    Ciao a tutti sto cercando un motore per la giulietta spider con il cambio. Se qualcuno vuole vendere contattatemi sul mio email.

  37. A friend and I are looking to use his body a machine shop for a renovation of a Guiletta. We agree on that. Can u help find a project car? Within bounds price is more important than extent of work, assuming nearly complete in terms of parts.

  38. Does anyone have or know where I can get exterior chrome pieces for a 1956 Giulietta. I need front and rear bumpers, and the the chorme strip that runs along the rocker panels for both passenger and driver side.

    • Frank
      I have front and rear bumper sets available.
      Your Series 750 (Spider ??) would have used chrome plated brass sill spears beneath the doors.
      Classic Alfa in the UK sells stainless steel reproductions.

  39. I am restoring a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta ti. The car is complete except for missing the front bumper. Can anyone help? Thanks

  40. Yes it was sold two years ago sold at silvestone auctions for £55000 it went to South Africa. I now have a 1969 Alfa spider 1750 coming up for sale when it comes back from body shop. Cheers

  41. I have the steering wheel for my 1961 giulietta spider but only the black outer portion with two spokes. It is missing the chrome inner ring trim and Giulietta centre boss. Anyone know where I can get the inner parts of the original wheel or a new wheel?

    Also missing the original rear view mirror. Anyone able to provide me with reasonably priced one?

    Many thanks

  42. Thank you for another informative site. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

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