10 years of Giuliettas dot com

I am touched to see so many nice comments on recent posts! Life has gotten interesting (and very busy) for me – whether it’s gaining the perspective that comes from being a father, blowing through 45 and rapidly approaching 46, or wrestling with the whole “what do I want to do with my life” question, which seems like it ought to have been settled by now, and maybe is, but I don’t recognize it. In any case, the weird thing is, I can go to giuliettas dot com, and see that I did something once, something creative, something funny and meaningful to a few people, and then I realize, it is not over, I am just in the midst of a rather lengthy pause to catch my breath and think of something else to say.
My family in a tree in Costanoa Ca. Sometimes you get lucky and take a decent picture.
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Market 555: Giulietta Spider 10104 09074

Giulietta Spider 10104 1495*09074.  I look at this project car on eBay and it makes me realize I have changed.  I used to see a project like this and it made me think “Wow, cool, it would be great fun to dig in and fix it up”, but now I see a bunch of disappointingly beyond repair pieces and chances to scrape my knuckles.  Assuming the areas where the liners go into the block are not corroded, and that the inner rockers are “good enough” and that the seat pans are not all rusted to heck, and that the brake drums wont be destroyed by trying to get them off, and the gas tank is salvageable, and the steering wheel isn’t all bent and warped from trying to move this around the yard, and… you get the idea.

s-l1600 (4)

I may have changed in the direction of becoming more realistic about just how challenging a project like this is, but I still look at it and think it would be funny to get it running and driving and not do anything to the cosmetics.  Actually, yeah, that would be fun for about 10 minutes. Continue reading

Long time no post!

Hey all!  It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and looking at the traffic, it appears that some of you occasionally stop by anyway.  I did a little work on my Sprint two weeks ago, replacing a lower radiator hose that was cut by a poorly positioned steering joint cotter pin leg, and installed a new plug wire set after a rodent made a nest in my engine compartment and ate two of the wires.  Fortunately, I caught the nest a few days into construction, so no real harm was done, but I did lose a little sleep thinking about how it would have gone had I not popped the hood on a whim.  Would have been two months worth of nest which would have been ugly!


This is in the barn at the house I bought with a partner in Calaveras County near Murphys California.  One of you lives up there – I saw a white Giulietta Spider on the road a couple of months ago while in town.

I’m going to Italy next month – maybe I’ll see a few of you on the road!

Touring Spider Iron block 2 liter engine Tipo 00204 for sale in SF Bay Area

A reader has this engine for sale.  00204 00249 out of an iron block 2 liter Touring Spider.  Could be used in place of a 1900 engine with a little effort I think, or go in a 2 liter iron block Bertone Sprint – the 2600 body style cars – yeah, they did in fact make them in 2 liter form based on the 1900 engine for a few minutes on a late January day in 1959.  Comes as pictured.  $8500.  Comment below if you want me to connect you with the seller.  My email address for this site is locked for some reason.

Seems like a heck of a deal – I’ve seen just short blocks of these for over $6000.


I think these used a split case transmission like a Giulietta with a different bell housing.  Pretty darn complete!


Looks to have never been apart.


Convenient distributor location!

Market 554: Timewarp 1961 Spider

Giulietta Spider 1961.  This Spider is available out of Belgium from Marreyt Classics – thanks Eddy for bringing it to my attention.  The story goes it was placed in a barn in Tuscany with about 22,000 kilometer on the odometer.  Based on the condition I would guess it was a climate controlled barn protected from rodents by a line of fierce vigilant house cats. I have seen some low miles original Giuliettas in my travels, but there is usually a caveat to originality, such as a repaint in original color, some engine tuning or the like – not so with this car.  It is claimed to be not just all 100% original with (I hope) the exception of standard consumables like tires and fluids, but in as-new original condition.



It looks every bit like a restored Spider except that the doors and all fit a little better than usual.  

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Market 506: Ex- Swig Sprint 1600 10112 352835

Update December 30, 2016: This car is on the move again, listed out of Los Angeles on eBay.  It even references the previous log post here!  Good looking car.


Great color on a great car.  Is that tire a little low?

Update September 22, 2015: Sold for full Buy it Now asking.


Giulia Sprint 1600 10112*352835.  This Sprint is available on eBay right now in what appears to be Crayola Midnight / Bosphoro Blue.  Buy it now for a hair under $50K.  Not bad if you like the finish.  The seller says it was originally a California Black Plate car that came from Martin Swig in the early 2000’s.  Martin didn’t mess around with crappy cars -at least not that I observed in the years I knew him; and tended to use the big name mechanics in my area, so you can bet this is a good solid car.  Also of note, reader Aaron has the sister car to this: Sprint 1600 352834, a California Black Plate car that, although now in Texas, was a long time San Francisco Bay Area resident.


So blue it looks black.  I like it when a seller bothers to frame a good picture.  If my Sprint looked this nice I’d be ecstatic.

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