Below are links to photo slide shows from vintage car events I’ve attended over the last 10 years. Check back frequently as I will be updating this as I add old event photos and attend new. If you don’t want to see a photo set as a slide show there is a link in the upper left corner that says “back to giuliettas…”. Clicking this will show thumbnails view.

 2010 Snowball rally.

Lap of Marin 2010.

CSRG Alfa 100 year celebration.

lancia aurelia spyder2009 ARA All Italian day in Alameda.

sprint and 356 California Melee 2009.

and yet moreConcorso Italiano 2009.

Monteverdi HaiPixar’s Motorama 2009.

motherlode thumb stephMotherlode 2009
3500331262_a1c8f78f76Berlina tour 2009.

talbotCalifornia Mille entrants show 2009.

bringatrailer-356-too Snowball 2009 send-off.

black-1959-giulietta-sprintLap of Marin 2009 pictures.

larfarAlfa Romeo Association 2009 East Bay Hills tour.

pp-supersPedal Pushers Pull-over rally 2008

8vBest of France and Italy 2008

All Italian Day 2008

2008 Berlina Tour

Pixar’s Motorama 2008

2008 Motherlode 400

2008 Palo Alto Concours

2008 Giulietta Jaunt

2008 Snowball Rally

Davins 2008 Snowball Rally pics Thanks Davin!

2007 California Melee

2007 San Leandro High School Cheerleader squad benefit car show

2007 Pebble Beach Concours (Someone wants a DB5!)

2007 Alpine 500

2007 Superdrive Sunday

2007 Motoring J-Style
2006 Blackhawk Museum visit

Alfa Romeo Museo Storico visit February 2006

2006 California Melee

2006 Shamrock

2006 24 hours of Lemons, race 1!

2006 Alpine 500, The Missus in our Green 72 GTV

2006 Pedal Pushers Pullover Rally
2005 California Melee

2005 ARA all Italian car day Alameda

2005 Pebble Beach Concours

2005 California Mille Fairmont send off

2003 Alpine 500

If you have a link to a photo set from one of these events you’d like to share, send me an email and I’ll add the link. prima5star at comcast dot net


3 thoughts on “Events

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  2. These pics make me jealous of the California Alfisti. Looks like great fun and inspirational. Or did I already leave a reply? Thats how jazzed I am about it.

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