D&S #3: Taking the SS apart

By the time I got a loft built to store all the parts and allow me to spread out I had formed a plan of attack for the car. I would strip it completely, put the body on a dolly and start removing paint and undercoating, preparing it for welding, bodywork and paint. If I didn’t feel like working in the body I’d work on cleaning and repairing small parts.

I started with the gauges and tail lights. I thought it would go quickly and I’d have a small box of parts to clean paint and set aside before I pulled out the rear end or front suspension. After a week of working about an hour and a half a day the pile of parts I removed was large and getting larger. By the time I was down to just what the car was sitting on I felt better about my purchase.

You can see the dash is still populated with lots of stuff besides the gauges including the ashtray frame and beaver-tail switches.

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