Suspension 5: Sprint Speciale Differential housing clean up

Having this blog to look back on is pretty neat – I get to revisit my younger self, see what I thought about stuff, and reflect on what’s changed.  Most people can probably relate to how it feels when they discover an old essay they wrote for school, or a set of pictures from some big event in their life – a very human mix of nostalgia, slightly embarrassed introspection and my-god-where-has-the-time-gone reflection on changing priorities.  Anyway, I was doing some house keeping and found this post.  I think it is as useful now as it was then.


Me in a younger mans clothes – a few days before I wrote this post.  How’s the Sprint Veloce doing Corey?

From July 30, 2008:  Cleaning up the differential housing was one of those jobs I resisted doing for a while.  Every time I looked at it the 2 hours of scraping, solvent bathing and degreaser scrubbing I would have to do flashed before my eyes and I found something else to do.  Last week I rearranged a lot of my stuff to fit the Berlina in my space and found myself once again faced with this greasy lump in a tray sitting on my bench top waiting for me to clean it.  It was time to face the subject of so much procrastination.

The housing was covered in a thick coating of dirt that had bonded with oil and built up over the years.  To save time and solvent I used a small scraper to remove the big stuff.  By the time I was done I had removed probably three pounds of the caked oily dirt.


Greasy oily goo scraped off easily, but there was so much of it that it took about an hour to get it ready for a solvent bath.

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Market 250: SSweet projects o’ mine

Giulietta SS 10120*00413, 00121*02334 & Giulia SS 10121*380211, 00121*00271. Liquidation sale!!  Well, sort of…  I am in the first months of a new business venture I helped start and have spent exactly *zero* hours on my SS projects since it started.  I have more excuses but that one is the most immediate.  In the case of the Giulia it’s not hard to part since we barely got to know one another, but the Giulietta has been a needy companion for a few years and saying goodbye will be hard.  I’ve started down this path a few times -selling my projects that is- but just couldn’t do it when it came right down to it.  This time will be different I hope.

The first picture I ever saw of my Giulietta Sprint Speciale.  This car is a lot less rusty than I thought it would be when I bought it.  The black finish is a very tough rust encapsulator that I have cursed countless times.

Not the first but one of the first good pictures of the Giulia.  Lots more pictures here.

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The rear view mirror II

As part of my push to just get the Giulietta SS on the road and to satisfy a momentary curiosity piqued when I unpacked the Giulia SS, I got my rearview mirrors together and compared the parts.  As you can see it is true that these two are exactly the same.  Plan was to make the best unrestored mirror I could from the parts on hand, see if there were any parts I was missing and get a sense of the work required to have a restored mirror be the end result.  I’m not missing any parts and to have a restored mirror I need to:  Get the body re-wrinkle finished (~$5 can), get the base and surround rechromed (~$100) , get the glass resilvered (~$20) and put it all together.

Assembled and parts side by side for comparison.  The disassembled one came with the Giulia SS, the other was an eBay purchase.

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On the road again: Giulia SS ready for departure

Kind of a tweet type update.  Just got this picture of my Giulia SS.  Flatbed will show up in Vancouver within the hour. Hopefully will be received Saturday sometime.  Exciting!

 Looks good!  Crates hold parts and glass.  Just like the Beverly Hillbilly’s 380211 is California bound.

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Sprint Speciale Summer

This morning I got an email from the friend of mine who bought the Giulietta Spider I sold late last year. It turns out he’s shooting for a late June sports car event to have it on the road. That car was not any nearer than my Giulietta SS to being on the road so as I was sitting in very slow traffic so I started thinking about what it would take to have the SS ready for the same event. I decided I needed to define what my minimum criteria of roadworthyness is, what remains to do to get to it, and how long each of those tasks would take.

I think this will help with my suspended disbelief. Yes, I can.

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Here is the news… general Giuliettas update

First item:  News flash! My first of two payments has been made on SS 10121*380211 after 3 months of exchanging emails and pictures and basically waiting for Spring to come.  The car is apart (has been apart for about 5 years -was a runner before that) and requires some rust repair and all, but is complete, matching numbers and comes with a lot of new parts.  It was basically one of those deals where I couldn’t not buy it knowing what I do now about these cars. 

Where does that leave me with 10120*00413?  We’ll see.  A local Alfa guy has been looking for an SS shell as the basis for a race car and now that a lot of the rust is repaired it’s probably a much more doable looking project.  No promises either way.  I did just spend a miniscule fortune on a radiator out of the UK for it…  Any interest??

This is how you find them or rather they find you.  Truth is this was the other car I was considering when I bought 00413 all those months ago.  The detail oriented in the crowed are right now trying to figure out what’s going on in the front behind the grill opening.  It’s just a repair panel laying in there.

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