1959 Sprint gets new (old) seats

When I bought the 1959 Giulietta Sprint a few years back the PO had installed Duetto round tail Spider seats in it.  I never really learned to like them so when a pair of unknown Italian, probably Alfa Romeo or Fiat seats in good shape for $300 came up for sale on Craigslist I decided to go for it and bought them. 

There were no seat tracks included and one seat had a rusted bolt broken off in the base but other than that they were in original and very nice condition.  I pulled the Duetto seats out and sold them to a friend which turned out to be a mistake because it didn’t occur to me that the track widths of the seats could be different than the car.  Last weekend, a year after removing the Spider seats, I finally got both seats neatly and permanently mounted. 

“Fabricato Dalla Suardi Francesco & Figlio, VIA BINDA N 20, TEL. 470-412, MILANO.”  Anyone know anything about these people?

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