Glas 1700 GT: BMW 1600GT rebuild rabbit hole

Whenever I need a little reminder that it can be done I go to this site and look for a little inspiration.  A BMW 1600GT rebuild in .be with little to no narration, but very eloquent pictures and elegant solutions.  Especially helpful is the fact that I have a very similar car that I will be going through some of this stuff with in the near future.  Don’t follow the link unless you have some time to spend looking over some good work.

Update on my Glas 1700 GT?  It’s headed to a shop for some body work next week, the engine is nearly together and about 30 pieces of the car have been powder coated, so it is moving forward…

The Sprint Speciale of BMW’s?  Well, Franco wasn’t involved and realistically it’s a badge engineered Glas GT making it a Frua, and therefore magically Italian, and numbers are low -but low enough to be serious money one day I can’t say.


Sprint front bumper and rocker trim mounting

My goal for the black Sprint right now is to get a lot of the big delicate stuff mounted on it, like bumpers, grills, and trim etc so I don’t have to find places to store it.  You probably saw the front bumper on the ground in front of the Sprint in the pictures of my new space -well, on the car seemed like the best place to store it, so I got to work mounting it.  Of course, it wasn’t straight forward, I had to chase a lot of threads, straighten some parts and go on and off a bunch of times with it until I was happy with how it fit.  It took several hours and went something like this.

Starting at the middle.  These grills and bumper are original, warts and all, I just polished them by hand as well as I could with steel wool and Mothers mag polish.  I’ll get some electricity involved and polish the heck out of them at some point.  Note the spacing between the grills and bumper is fairly even -took a lot of bumper mount bending to make that happen.  Grills will have to come back off to fit the lights but this was a good exercise.

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My new space / Engauged part 2

It’s been a while since I had a dedicated space to work on my cars.  I thought I could do with one car and one parking space.  I thought I could keep my tools and parts at my dad’s place.  My acquisitive nature has thwarted those thoughts.  I now have: Giulietta Sprint, Glas 1700 GT, Lancia Appia (plus parts car), Toyota Stout, NSU Prima IIIKL Scooter and a 1963 Honda Trail 55.  As the Byrd’s paraphrased in some old book: there’s a time to gather stones together.  I moved out of my one car garage and storage space and signed on with another acquisitive Giulietta owner for a nice big space for very reasonable money.  Check it out -it’s why I haven’t been posting much (besides Rufus)!

The space.  1000 sq ft.  High ceilings.  Lights.  Skylights.  Giulietta’s waiting for help.

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Series 2 Lancia Appia joins the circus

Some cars you pursue, some pursue you.  Some need engine work, others bodywork, and still others both and everything in between.  This car?  Just needs some easy stuff…  How did it come to pass?  I was in the right place at the right time and rolled with it.  A few days later I purchased this series 2 Appia.  It needs an engine swap -comes with the new unit even, but needs little else.  Check it out.

Heard about it on Monday.  Bought it on Tuesday.  It’s kind of a metallic gray-green.

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New to the fleet: Toyota Stout!

The other night I was examining the fabric of my life and found that, while it seemed on the surface I was spread thin, there was actually an area that could be worked to give a little more bandwidth if you will.  This examination followed closely on the realizations that I needed to not be dicing with modern traffic daily in my Sprint, that hauling greasy Alfa and Glas lumps around in the back of my wife’s 6 month old Jetta was almost as dicey as a panic stop behind a new German car with ABS while in the Sprint, especially should some gear oil find it’s way into the carcinogenic ‘new car smell’ emitting carpets, and, most subtle of all, there was this old itch that could use a little scratching- you see, back when I was doing 20 unit semesters of engineering course work there was this particularly weird/cool white Toyota pick-up I used to spot on my route to school.

I bought a 1966 Toyota Stout!  It’s cousin Norm’s fault.  (Australian readers are nodding knowingly -these are tough neat trucks).

The good: it’s got a rebuilt engine with very close to zero miles that runs good; there is not much rust -just the similar-to-an-Alfa rust that happens when dirt is trapped behind the front wheels; the interior is pretty good; to Stout owners chagrin the world over -a perfect windshield (there was one offered on eBay recently for $2000!!!!!!).  The bad: the horrible 80’s wheels, the rattle can primer coating, the seat covering, the dark tinted windows and the impossibly funky carb throttle linkages.

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Glas 1700 GT: What color?

I got these color charts in an email from Sascha in Germany who has a 1700 GT. Now that I have the original palette to choose from, I am rethinking the color I should paint the car. It needs a lot of body work so a light color would be best. It looks to have originally been white and later repainted to red. I’m not interested in red, having had a number of red cars over the years. I like the idea of white, but my cousins GT is white. I go on about light blue and gray Alfa’s, maybe this is my chance to paint something one of those. I have alternately decided on light gold, metallic dark dray and metallic light blue, so maybe I should settle on one of those. Tough decision. What do you think?  Post a comment with the color from the charts below you would paint a Glas GT if you were about to paint one.

Perlgrau and Aquamarin are pretty sweet.

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Glas 1700 GT: bringing it home

It’s really funny to think that I had plans to have this car run before Rufus was born, and here he is 6 weeks old already!  Well, today I made a big step in the direction of it running -I went and fetched it from Sacramento!  As soon as I saw it again the fire was stoked, and I’m hot to get it put together.  The bottom end of the engine, rebuilt head and all the other little parts I’ve cleaned up have been waiting for this.  Time to get cracking!

Freshly powder coated wheels look great.  Tires are 175/70/14’s.  Two of the rims had some scale rust around the valve stem hole that prevents the stem from sealing so I will be using inner tubes in those two wheels.  Almost looks like a car from this side -being mostly red and all.

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