Fiat centoventiquattro ongoing fix it again

Ahhhh yes. You think things are going your way but really the elements are conspiring against you. Within an hour of making the Berlina run I get a call from the better half. “Uh… I smell gas strong in the Fiat.”

“Where are you?”

“Right in front of work.”

“Where is it coming from? trunk? Engine compartment?” I am already pulling the gas tank out in my mind

If you’re reading this blog you’ve experienced this sort of thing. That night I spot a puddle forming under the passenger side rear corner below where the gas tank lives. Great.

There is dirt, there is gunk and a spaghetti of fuel lines and wires but no reason for the bottom of the gas tank to have rusted out.

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1972 Fiat 124 Sedan Special Suspension Squeeks

The other day I drove the Fiat to work so Steph could drive the ‘luxury liner’ as she calls the BMW 325 wagon on some errands after work.  Every bump I hit caused a horrible knock/bump sound from the front suspension.  I crawled under the car and discovered that one of the sway bar mounting bolts had sheared and the silent bloc had made it’s way out of the mount so the bar was banging on the lower control arm.

Fiat 124 Sedan Special sway bar mount is not nearly as complicated as the drop link arrangement found on the Giuliettas I’m used to.  Here the silent block IS the mount.

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