Spider tri-gauge cleaned up

I have had a gauge restoration kit from David at Parts Correct on my shelf for a while, and today I got to install some of the parts in the tri-gauge destined for my Spider.  The gauge that came with the car had some dings in the trim ring and was missing a calibration screw so I dug into my gauge box for a better one to rebuild.  Ended up putting together a ‘best from several’ gauge.  The hardest part of the job was getting all the parts clean enough – especially keeping lint off the black tri-gauge faces.  Lint-free wippes and Isopropyl Alcohol work wonders.  The easy part was fitting David’s parts.  The rubber ring that fits in the chrome trim ring fit perfectly, the insert needed no ‘adjustment’ to have the gauge fit back together perfectly.  Absolutely spot-on fitting parts.



Ha!  I didn’t realize I restored a metric gauge until right now.  Might have to swap the business end of things tomorrow – or just deal with it – all my engineering and chemistry homework was in metric units so I’m comfortable enough in C rather than F.  In my defense, I did this in about 15 minutes tonight.  Big difference can be seen between the ‘usual’ old gauge and one with the dust removed, glass cleaned, the trim ring polished and a new insert.

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Giulietta 750 Spider parts wanted

I’ve got the Spider at a shop getting the brakes done with some rebuild kits that Classic Alfa managed to get to me in two days from England, then it’s getting the wrinkly-under-bondo nose straightened out, the little bit of rust repaired and some other little stuff done.  Andrew is putting a 1600 from a Super together for me to run until the 750 gets rebuilt.  Anyway, I have some parts I need to source.  I have some stuff to trade if there’s anything you need.  Fair market gladly paid!

  • Outer exhaust manifold piece (1 and 4) for 4 bolt 750 (see picture)
  • Lucas tail light trim ring
  • 750 water pump aluminum fan or complete rebuildable unit
  • front center grill with some ‘character’, but not too much
  • spare tire hold down hook and fancy screw (new will look too weird)
  • tunnel case gear shift lever that’s not all scaled over with rust
  • Little front Lucas clear turn signal lens and trim ring
  • Alfetta oil pan and pump
  • set of 165 SR 15 tires for my Healey (these get pulled of Giuliettas no?)
  • I’ll start pulling the 750 engine apart soon and will have more.


photo (1)

For you originality guys who have been wondering about the exact correct way to plumb a head mounted fuel pump.  Do you get these lines dull cad plated?

photo (2)

The part of the header that goes to 1 and 4 is broken, so I need one – this is fairly urgent because I need it to put the 1600 in the car.