GTV go over: gauging my progress

Dare I go into the needless tasks I’ve been performing on the GTV? I’m supposed to just make the wipers work and here I am with the gauges apart. Well, I actually like the challenges that lurk behind the cloudy glass of a gauge set and I am waiting to take possession of a used wiper motor and heater valve so why not? I tied one end of the rope securely and tossed the other into the dark depths, lit the light on my miners helmet and descended.

69 alfa gtv gaugesCome on, if you had the power to make these nice and clear and functional and well, just better you would do it too wouldn’t you?

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69 GTV go over: creature comforts coming together

If you’ve been following this thread you know I have the dash out of the GTV and an aim to make the car somewhat pleasurable to drive in the coming cold months. In this spirit I decided to remove the heater unit and clean it up. The wires to the fan motor were disconnected so I had a fear that, like the wiper motor, a PO discovered the motor was frozen with rust and simply unplugged it.

Removing the heater is easy enough, it is held by 4 8mm nuts that thread onto studs under the dash bulkhead that also act as grounding points for the dash and heater circuits. Once these nuts are removed you have to disconnect the heater hoses and either disconnect it from or bring it out together with the heater control sliders and cables.

IMG_9829You can see here that I decided to bring the control cables out with the heater unit. You can also see that the foam gasket that seals the heater intake against the bulkhead is pretty rotten. I’ll replace this with some weatherstripping meant for camper shell to truck bed edge sealing. Also note the cosy nest in here.

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GTV and Fiat: pleasing two mistresses…

I am making progress towards simplification, but some of these simplifying measures are turning out to be quite complex -the Fiat engine swap for example.  I mentioned recently that I bought an 1800 TC out of a late 70’s 124 Spider to put in the Sedan.  Last weekend I took possession of said engine after an hour and a half helping easing it out of the Spider -a tip for all you aspiring 1800 TC removalists, drop the steering centerlink so the flywheel can clear it!  Suddenly I have a somewhat long, but not really very expensive list of Fiat parts to procure if I want this engine to fall into place.  I think I have a package deal coming together so maybe this wont be so bad.  I guess I’ll be the FIAT 124 twin cam in a pushrod car swap expert in a week or two.

fiat engine coming outHard to believe how much engine you can get for $250.  This thing sounded and ran good with no smoke, is clean and not much bigger (they basically share a block) than the pushrod motor it’s going to replace.  Note fancy wrinkle finish on the belt cover.  I like.

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69 GTV go over: trying to make the wipers work…

I had a kind of disagreement with the Mrs recently. It rained like crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday and I had to use our modern car (BMW, aka: her car) to get to work, which leaves her asking a friend for a ride, because the Sprint doesn’t have working wipers, the GTV doesn’t have working wipers (or reg), the Fiat isn’t running, the SS is in a million pieces and, well, you get the idea.  I promised that the highest priority for me would be getting a car together to drive to work that was appropriate for all weather.  I’d rather not drive the Sprint in the rain anyway, so the GTV is the logical choice for this sort of daily duty.

What I figured would be a blown fuse has morphed in to a full restoration project.  Sigh.

cowl coverThe wiper motor lives under this cowl.  They say it’s a good idea to remove these occasionally to clear leaves out.  I wonder what I’ll find?

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69 GTV go over: Getting it roadworthy

Finally I am somewhat done with the TI, it being for sale and all, and can get on to the next thing, getting the GTV roadworthy so I can find out if it’s capable of being my winter car this year. It fires right up and runs okay, has strong brakes and clutch, most of the lights etc work and the interior is not embarrassing so I am confident it will be able to fill that role admirably. It lost all it’s coolant through the water pump last month so I at least know I have to tackle that, and the flexible mounts for the carbs were so badly cracked that if I pushed down on the carbs while it was running it would lean out so much it would die. Both easy enough to remedy with a phone call and a few days later the receiving of a box from Centerline via UPS with brand new replacement parts.

venturi lost

To get the water pump out it’s easiest to just pull the coolant overflow bottle, radiator, alternator and anything else in the way. I spotted this silver thing in the greasy bowels of the engine compartment.

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Twofer… TI Tidy 25 + A garage full, what to do…

First a news flash:  I added a subscription service to the blog so now you can make it so you get an email when ever I add a new post instead of checking back every hour and pushing the refresh button!  The link is on the top right side.  Click on the more button to see TI Tidy 25 and some musings on what I am going to do with all my needy cars…

bens picture of SprintSprint as photographed by Ben on the Melee.  Amazing how good a quality camera makes it look!

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Formal announcement: 1969 GTV 1530320

It might be slightly premature since I am waiting on a letter from Georgia DMV stating this car had no title issued due to its age, but since the money is spent and the garage space is filled I might as well go for it.  I bought this 1969 GTV, number 1530320, one of the six hundred some-odd US spec 69 GTV’s made, because hey, a deal you can’t refuse is exactly that.

gtv 1530320 front insideEvidence of the passage of time in ambivalent hands abounds.  That black scorched area is from when a garage-mate and cousin caught fire.  No one was hurt too bad and this guy is still healing.

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