Spider tri-gauge cleaned up

I have had a gauge restoration kit from David at Parts Correct on my shelf for a while, and today I got to install some of the parts in the tri-gauge destined for my Spider.  The gauge that came with the car had some dings in the trim ring and was missing a calibration screw so I dug into my gauge box for a better one to rebuild.  Ended up putting together a ‘best from several’ gauge.  The hardest part of the job was getting all the parts clean enough – especially keeping lint off the black tri-gauge faces.  Lint-free wippes and Isopropyl Alcohol work wonders.  The easy part was fitting David’s parts.  The rubber ring that fits in the chrome trim ring fit perfectly, the insert needed no ‘adjustment’ to have the gauge fit back together perfectly.  Absolutely spot-on fitting parts.



Ha!  I didn’t realize I restored a metric gauge until right now.  Might have to swap the business end of things tomorrow – or just deal with it – all my engineering and chemistry homework was in metric units so I’m comfortable enough in C rather than F.  In my defense, I did this in about 15 minutes tonight.  Big difference can be seen between the ‘usual’ old gauge and one with the dust removed, glass cleaned, the trim ring polished and a new insert.

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Reproduced: 40DCO3 small parts as used on Sprint and Spider Veloce’s

George was happy with the response to his 40DCO3 equipped Veloce choke delete dash blank trim plug so he sent me notice of a few more parts he has had reproduced.  The items he has for sale are reproduced to help out fellow Alfa owners with hard to find parts.  Proceeds from the sale of these parts will be used to get others reproduced.  Maybe you don’t need them today, but you will be kicking yourself if you don’t get spares now while they are available -especially as a pair of 40DCO3’s starts at $3000.  As with the last, drop me a line at sprints @ giuliettas . com and I’ll get you in touch with him.

WEBER DCO3 banjo bolts 016

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Reproduced: 750E Sprint & Spider Veloce Choke delete trim button for dash

George sent me a note this morning alerting me to the completion of his ‘get a 750E & F repro dash blank trim plug made for 40DCO3 cars’ project, and the result looks great.  Material is as new -chrome over brass.  These are available now out of the USofA for $65.  Supplies are limited, so act fast!  Send me an email at sprints @ giuliettas . com and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.

button bits

The bits.  If you have been looking for one of these, you are probably pretty excited.

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F.I.S.P.A. Air cleaner for most single carb Sprints and Spiders + mystery

I got this FISPA (TIPO: FATS 5032, DISEGNO: 9815) air filter canister from a reader as sort of partial payment for helping sell a car.  I thought it would be right for my Sprint but it turns out it’s got a slightly different shape than another one I had on hand for a Sprint.

Applications: I decided to check the parts book and found there are three versions of this part.  If anyone has an original older Sprint or Spider I’d be interested in hearing which box you have.

  • 1315.53.820: For Spider up to engine 1315.43709; after that see 1315.53.832.
  • 1315.53.832: for Sprint from engine 1315.05874 to 1315.09002 – for Spider from engine 1315.43710 to 1315.45854; after those numbers see
  • for Sprint and Spider after numbers above.

Failure mode: rusts out, stabilizing mount to valve cover Splits, it gets lost.

Current state of parts: Classic Alfa UK sells a new repro.  eBay usually has a one listed in need of restoration for about $400.

Notes: Early versions seem to have a bolt instead of the loop (part 11 below) for tightening to the top of the carb.  I have seen several sorts of FISPA labels, from a stamped metal plate to a screened on decal.  Bill Gillham has repro’s of some of these.

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1493.54.707 Sprint Heater with three hot air outlets -Part 1

I don’t know why, but I’ve always looked at the heater as something I didn’t want to mess with -probably because it’s under the dash, full of coolant and as such slightly difficult to deal with.  The car I’m working on was stripped most of the way -one of the few non-essentials to being rolled around still on the car?  Yep, the heater, which says I’m not the only one who felt this way about it.  Well, you can’t have a shabby heater in a nicely fixed up car, so I pulled it out and faced my fear like some kid with arachnophobia being forced to hold a spider.

The official version.  Item 26 is a single item here, while on my bench it’s a metal tube that acts as a bridge between the rubber elbow and paper hoses and the rubber elbow -2 separate parts.  I think an updated version should be made of this with sub parts for all the missing parts like the two halves of the heater, the flapper door, the 6 round (or is it binding??) head screws etc.

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