Concorso Italiano 2013 – Anyone going?

I’ve been to the Concorso a few times over the years and it’s always a lot of fun.  I didn’t think this year was going to work for me, but yay ho, a window of time opened up -I get to go!  I’d enjoy seeing some of you readers I’ve never met there – so, who’s going?  I wish I knew I was going to make it earlier, I’d have registered the Sprint.  Alas.

And I’m still a poor bastard (more on that later), so anyone have an extra ticket?

See you there! I suppose I’ll wear a T shirt. Oh, and I’ll be back to regular posting last week – had a lot on my plate lately…


And a Rufus update.



Market 464: Abarth – Alfa – Colani 1000

Update 2/14/13: As they must, things seem to always come around.  Henrik pointed out that this car is now on offer for (gulp) €380,000!  Quite a bit more than the auction estimate of a few years ago.  Is this crazy?  I don’t really think so.  A unique (refreshing to be able to use that word without hyperbole) rebody of an already very special car with an Abarth Tubular chassis, Alfa race intended engine rework to 1000cc etc.  It’s a styling that works for some and doesn’t for others -like an Yves St Laurent masterpiece (for seldom do masterpieces satisfy all lookers or readers or…).  It’s kind of a shame that both cars can’t exist.  Do any of the other original Abarth examples survive?


Eddy sent me this image among some others from Retromobile.  I guess the mismatched wheels are period and thus the way it has to be.

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Reader Race Report: Lime Rock 2011 Fall Finale

Track day report from Giulietta Sprint owner Marc in Mass, photo’s were taken by Jim Dyer, captions are mine: ” The 2011 Fall Finale vintage race the last racing event organized by the VSCCA and was held at Lime Rock Track October 14 and 15. The weather cooperated and the participants were graced by sunshine  and an almost dry track as rain was only sporadic. A strong number of Alfisti showed up and so the organizers were able to add an extra 15 lap session on the Friday for Alfas only! 8 Spiders (2 Veloces) ranging from 1956 to 1959, 2 Sprints (1 gorgeous red Veloce in period livery) and a delightful 1960 Sprint Zagato piloted by Sandra McNeil. Added  to the mix was a 1976 Berlina and a 1966 Lancia Fulvia both driven by Italian ex-pats.  Several of the lighter Spiders battled up front while other cars were happy to get a real Italian tune-up. The spectators were treated to some spirited drifting around Big Ben and through the S’s.  In the end each driver was a winner as all cars survived both days. Amazing to see a wonderful group of 50 some year old cars fly around this lovely race track framed by the surrounded fall colored hills.”

We all know what this must sound like -a 12 cylinder air plane or 4 Alfa race cars approaching!

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ARA All Italian Car day 2011

ARA All Italian Day car showI’ve been busy.  Moved 3 times this summer, kid on the way, trying to make a start-up start up etc.  I made time this weekend and went to the Alfa Romeo Associations All Italian Day in Alameda.  Turnout was probably the best I’ve ever seen and the weather was amazing.  Here are some pictures I took.  This show is the best of the year for me.

The Jeff Glenn (24 hours of Lemons fame among other things) SS. 

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Alfa Centennial Celebration part 1

Brad Baum, a southern California Giulietta owner/restorer/enthusiast -whose name you may recognize, was in Italy for the Alfa Romeo 100 year celebration and sent me these pictures from a parking lot in Rho.  He focused on the rare and interesting bits on the cars there.  Check it out.  Captions in Italics are Brads

This impeccable red 750 Sprint was in the Alfa museum parking lot Friday afternoon of the Centenario Alfa Romeo in Arese. I very much like the industrial design of this mirror, but it looks like it might interfere when the door is opened.

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Alpine adventure: Snowball Rally 2010

Update 4/29/10 10:30am: Jon Fox now has a photo set up

Update 4/29/10: Jeff Glenn has posted his pictures on his JAG promotions website and as usual taken the whole event documentationthing to the next level.  Enjoy.

Update 4/27/10:  Dave has put togethter a pretty cool movie here, especially cool for those who have wondered what the passenger ride in a ’76 Trans Am 455 is like.  They were in close contention for the gas mileage award with the Imperial.

Also, Ben Buja has a link to his photo sets here on flickr.  He’s one of those guys who manages to take nothing but great pictures.  I think I need lessons!

And, here for your enjoyment is the Bring a Trailer write up of the event.  Another source of great pictures.

The Snowball Rally ran through the Sierra Nevada mountains this last weekend and the Mrs., the Sprint and I were there.  For most participants festivities started at one of the Bay Area night stage roll-offs on Friday evening that, after some Super Oscar exercising backroads between the San Francisco bay and Sacramento, met up at Hot Italian for beverages, some dinner and a lot of speculation as to what the next two days would hold.  For us the rally began early Saturday morning with a quick highway buzz from Oakland to Sacramento. 

I’m going on six years, a dozen events and probably 30,000 miles with the Sprint.  It’s been a faithful companion and after this weekend I have vowed to do some much needed upgrades. Photo by Nick Pon.

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Alfa 100 years track day hosted by CSRG at Sears Point (Infineon)

Update, later the same day: Will, GTV and Giulietta Sprint owner was there and took a LOT of pictures… he even took some of my Sprint!

In recognition of Alfa’s centenary, CSRG hosted 3 days of racing at Sears Point with several Alfa only races/groups, lunch time parade laps for Alfa’s and a corral in the paddock for all the spectator Alfa’s to park in. I can’t make Italy this year for the ‘official’ centenary in June, so this weekend was my chance to hang out with some fellow Alfa owners and think about what 100 years means.

Not your average vintage Alfa. This 33 was long, low and amazing looking. Too valuable to take on the track? Tell that to the guy in the Aston DB4 GT Zagato who was mixing it up with the GTV’s and Corvettes.

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