Spider Veloce 10107 167952, a restoration

There are restorations and there are restorations.  At one end of the spectrum we find cars where efforts are minimal, as cheaply done as possible and focused on creating the illusion of a nice car -usually attended to with the aim of resale on the internet.  At the other end of the spectrum are cars whose owners take on the restoration as a personal challenge and lovingly consider every part, sparing no expense in the pursuit of perfection. George Kraus’s efforts on Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*167952 are definitely among the latter.

Very nice indeed!  Giulietta Spiders look great in black with red interior.  Note the European specification side markers, same design as a Sprint Speciale and later boat tail spiders.

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Interview with Berlina Register Keeper Andrew Watry

This morning when I checked my email I found that Andrew had sent me his latest Berlina/Giulia/Giulietta Register Newsletter No. 27 (November 2008).  As I was reading it I realized that Andrew has been a fixture in the Alfa world for a while and I didn’t know much about his history with Alfa’s, so I emailed him a few questions.   The result is the first in what will probably turn into a series of interviews with notable characters in the Alfa world. 

What made you decide to do the Berlina website and Register?

“I started the Berlina Register began in 1997.  There were other Alfa Registers (particularly the Giulia Sedan Register) to serve as models; I had loved Giulias for years and had just bought a Berlina, so I thought it would be fun and useful to become the clearinghouse on Berlinas and gather other interested folks.  Not many people cared about them at the time except me, it seemed.  I took over the North American Giulia Register five-ish years ago when Dave Mericle stopped handling it, and added the Giulietta Sedan Register in 2007 when I bought one of those.”

 andrewAndrew in his Cortina (that is currently for sale) leading the Berlina Register tour.

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