Market 464: Abarth – Alfa – Colani 1000

Update 2/14/13: As they must, things seem to always come around.  Henrik pointed out that this car is now on offer for (gulp) €380,000!  Quite a bit more than the auction estimate of a few years ago.  Is this crazy?  I don’t really think so.  A unique (refreshing to be able to use that word without hyperbole) rebody of an already very special car with an Abarth Tubular chassis, Alfa race intended engine rework to 1000cc etc.  It’s a styling that works for some and doesn’t for others -like an Yves St Laurent masterpiece (for seldom do masterpieces satisfy all lookers or readers or…).  It’s kind of a shame that both cars can’t exist.  Do any of the other original Abarth examples survive?


Eddy sent me this image among some others from Retromobile.  I guess the mismatched wheels are period and thus the way it has to be.

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Mystery Giulietta Sprint

I got an email from reader Joe about this car with some question marks.  Anyone recognize this car”  It’s a new one for me.  Has some cues from Pininfarina.

Don’t hate me, but it looks a bit like the bastard child of a 330 GTC and an Austin America… Anyone recognize this?

Market 222: Spider prototype 750D 00007

Update 8/13/10: Sold and on its way to Milan.

Update 7/6/10: Spider did 2 tours of eBay with no takers.  A purchase like this requires some serious non-coincidental provenance corroboration so I’m not surprised it didn’t sell.  I think as I state at the end of the market review that this car needs to go through an auction that can authenticate it if the seller wants this kind of money.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00007, 1315*40009. This Spider, one of the Pininfarina prototypes, is available now on eBay for $225,000.  I have no real side by side comparison to make any comment on the value of this car but would say that the asking is in line with what I would ask if I had it.

Why? I think the Bertone Spiders (00002 and 00004) are probably million+ dollar cars these days. Pininfarina Spider 00001 (or is it 00003?), now residing at the Alfa museum and 00005 (I think), in the hands of the collector who also has the Bertone Sprint convertible and SVZ ‘Goccia’, both having the wrap around windscreen and side-curtain style windows are probably $300,000 – a million.  Official numbering of the Spiders started in the mid-teens in Fusi and the cars between those mentioned above and 00016, the first production car, are likely similar to this car and close to the production models cars and hence not as valuable, maybe $100k to $500K depending on lots of stuff.  I seem to recall having seen two or three other pre-production  Spiders like this but can’t remember where.  Early race history usually adds value but I can’t say for sure if it does for a car like this.

As an aside, there is a chance that Ghia made a Giulietta Spider prototype.  Anyone know anything about this?

I guess what I am saying is that in my opinion, the more the prototypes diverge from the standard cars, the more they are worth and this car is fairly close to the production version.  Condition is the kind of ‘nice original driver’ I prefer.

Mythical beast: one of the Pininfarina prototypes.  ‘Points’ on the grill tusks are the only visual cue that you are seeing anything special here, beyond your usual 750D.

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1495*00004 Bertone Spider Prototype 2

In the last Spider prototype post I looked at was 1495*00002. Alfa liked that car but found it a bit alienating for their more traditional customers so Bertone was sent back to the drawing board and this car, 1495*00004 emerged. There are definitely cues from 00002 that carried over, but there are also new elements. This design is attributed to Franco Scaglione.

argiuliettabertoneThis picture from google images. I have a picture of this car form Pebble Beach a few years back somewhere. It does share the look of the BAT cars but to me also seems to predict the Zagato treatments that Giulietta’s would see. Note lack of a top cross bar on the windshield assembly and the cut down angled side windows.

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Market 130: Bertone Giulietta prototype?

Giulietta 10591 prototype.  This car is available right now out of Finland.  It is said to have been made by Bertone but the styling cues seem to me to be a little later than 1959 though (1969?)  I do see a Sprint under there if a squint just a bit.  Anyone know the story here?  Sellers story is below.  Oh, and it’s 40K Euro’s.


Looks a bit like this modified car.  Kind of approaches something sort of Opel or??

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1495*00002 Bertone Spider prototype

This friendly looking chap is Spider 1495*00002, the first of two Giulietta Spider prototypes designed by Scaglione and built by Bertone. The top two pictures of it are from the mid 1970’s when it was in the Bobcor showroom that I found on google images, not sure who’s they are but would love to hear from the photographer.

It is said that Alfa deemed the design a little too futuristic for their clientele and Bertone went back to the drawing board and 1495*00004 emerged. Can you imagine if this car made regular production? I would have called it the Spider Speciale and fitted it with a Veloce kit. Alas what could have been…

bertone-proto_04-75-or-76-bobcor1Strong personality of Scaglione shows through and ques from cousins the BAT cars, Sportiva and SS can be seen. Also evident is front trim and headlight treatments destined for a home on the Duetto.

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