You forget they were new once

Jeff of Hardtuned shared these pictures with me that Tom Hardy shared with him of his dads new 750 Sprint.  Where is it now?

Maybe the Mt. Rose pass area of Lake Tahoe?  Sprints are pretty good off road.

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Period Bay Area 1600 Spider pictures

Jeffrey Writes that he bought this 1964 Spider 1600 for $3100 at Rezzaghi Motors in San Francisco while a graduate student.  A trip around the block in a friends Spider instigated the purchase – must have seemed like a race car compared to the Renault Dauphine he had at the time!  License plate was a California black plate MXR 778.  Is this car still around somewhere?  Drop me a line if you know of its where-abouts  Thank You for sharing these Jeffrey!

This was taken around the time the Marin Civic Center was completed.  Car looks fabulous!

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1960’s Sprint Speciale photographs in Germany

John sent me this note along with these great scans of period slides:

“These were taken by my father, John E. Grabowski, during his first tour of duty in Germany as a young officer in the U.S. Army. Timeframe would have been somewhere between 1965 and 1968 I believe. He was stationed in Manheim at the time. I scanned these from my late father’s old color slides. The only thing I know is that the Alfa belonged to a friend of my father’s, and that one of my father’s hobbies was photography (and he always loved sports cars).”

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Setting the standard, pushing product 3.

You’ve all seen these, or at least most of them, I know I have, but I had a special request recently that included some examples.  The premise of the request is seemingly that, well, obviously the Italians invented the use of sex to sell cars, I mean, who else??  {Insert carefully researched claim that in fact, the Greeks invented the use of sex to sell chariots -oh, wait no, it was the Chinese and Rickshaws…}. Nowadays you see a good looking young woman with perfect semi-curly hair and green eyes in a drug company bus stop poster making you think herpes might not be so bad.   Next thing you know they will be using sex to sell celibacy.  Ahh, but I degress.  Here are a group of advertising pictures featuring the perfect woman lending her allure to the, in this case, alluring enough product.  Enjoy.

alfaromeojuniorzagatoadvertisement05Very nice.  Perfect composition in this one.  Proof that sexy only needs to be hinted at to be effective. 

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Giulietta Promiscua or Weekendia Wagon wanted

I’m just throwing this out there.  I want to buy a Giulietta Promiscua or Weekendia station wagon.  I realize not many of these were made and I realize if  do find one it will be in outer Mongolia, but I want one none-the-less.    I would be willing to trade my SS up or down for one.

giulietta-2I found this picture somewhere on someones blog.  If I saw this on a trailer headed some where when I was on the way to my best friends wedding I’d be late for the wedding.  This I believe is the Colli version, the Promiscua.

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Neglected Alfa’s around the world

There are more scruffy project cars than usual on Italian eBay right now so I thought I should share some of my favorites.  It’s odd to think that most of these cars would get an eager response from would be buyers if they turned up for sale on San Francisco Craigslist, but in Italy they are just old cars and better specimens can be found for not much money.

b1e3_1Looks a lot like the car Andrew has been restoring color and condition-wise.  Nice setting by the way.

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Very cool photography link with Giulietta Sprint and Sprint Speciale content

This link was sent to me the other day and the premise is a pretty cool twist on the idea of re-enacting famous photographs.

“Automotive Monogamy”

Both the Sprint Speciale and its owner are nicely preserved. I wonder if there is a correlation between how one takes care of ones things and how one takes care of ones self.

I have some photographs of me about 16 years ago when I first got my 1974 Triumph Trident motorcycle that I still have and which is still in the same shape as it was then, maybe I should add my own chapter to this book.

If any of you readers out there has a car that you’ve had a long time, consider documenting your ownership in the same way. Your ancestors will appreciate it.