Market 148: Cobra-ized early 750 Spider

Update 8/18/2015:  As yet finding it difficult to find a human whose tastes align with its character, this Giulietta Spider continues to float from mark-up to mark-up (I would have thought mark-down to mark-down -but who am I to speculate).  Buy it now on eBay for $37,900 and be eschewed by Alfa owners, Cobra owners and those who aren’t comfortable in the presence of this much yellow.  I mentioned in the last update that the clock was ticking toward a time when it would be an attractive value proposition to take this car back towards stock.  That clock is still ticking.


How hard could it be to lose the black?  

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The sincerest form of flattery

I wasn’t expecting this when Alex in Virginia sent me a link.  I look at kit cars occasionally on eBay to check out the latest in Porsche Laser 917’s and the like, but not often enough to catch all the weirdness that passes through -including this: an Alfa Giulietta Spider treatment kit on a Miata!  I’ve seen lots of Porsche 356 kits, Austin Healey 3000 kits and others, but never Giulietta kit -not that this looks a whole lot like a Giulietta, but you get my meaning.

The quality of the finish isn’t too bad for this sort of thing, and being a Miata, it probably performs admirably.  Knock-offs look like something from the SpyHunter video game.  Center grill looks like a genuine Alfa part.

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Market 358: Early Spider 00647, slightly modified

Update 1/4/12:  Wow, $6,412!!

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00647This odd-ball home-brew special is on eBay right now out of Sacramento.  I am going to assume this is all reversible, and only the front end changes will present any challenge not part of routine rust repair.  Title of the auction says ‘Veloce’ but 00647 is not listed as such in d’Amico & Tabucchi.  If the engine is matching numbers to the body -and I believe it is based on the fuel line configuration- this is actually  a pretty good first step toward early Spider ownership in project form.  Me?  I’d vacuum out the leaves and roll as-is to Pebble Beach -you’d turn more heads in this than an 8C 2900.  If you had this car and the Market 216 car, you’d corner a dubious market.

Roof gutter definitely recalls the VW bug.  Too bad they didn’t have access to a Sprint roof to work with -might have been more successful.  Firewall is early Spider 750D leading me to believe more strongly that the vin is correct.  Headlight openings are likely 70’s Alfa Spider sections.  Engine looks remarkably complete and original.

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Modified Sprint Speciale’s 3: another Zat car??

Elmar sent me this picture yesterday, describing it as ‘pimped’.  It reminded me that I’ve been owing the ‘Modified SS’s’ post series an update for a while.  This one is dedicated to the modern era super sports type  mod’s that probably started with the Zat SS (381238 was the basis) that eventually sold through RM in 2008 for just under $50K.  I can’t verify the auction description below -but it states that 4 Zat SS’s were made and two survive.

This car has been to the ‘Shelby Cobra 427′ school of design: very wide wheels, chunky bulbous corners and a big ol’ hood scoop.  Would be funny if it was stock Alfa powered.  I suspect it is an SS body on a tube frame. Continue reading

Market 293: ’61 Spider Veloce Ex-Carrera Panamerica

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*170380. This car is on eBay right now and has been featured on Bringatrailer.  Eduardo (seller) sent me a bunch of pictures you can see if you follow the vin link.  Engine is a later 2 liter and a lot of modifications have been done that make it ineligible for most vintage race series, but with a few creature comforts added this would make a great event car.  Email me of you can’t extract the sellers info from the above links.

Looks like it should for a rally/race car.  Hood is a later Giulia 1600 item, no doubt used to help clear the 2 liter.  The silver lines seen through the grills are the edges of a big radiator.

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Market 271: early SS racer in Italy

Giulietta SS 10120*00215. This car is listed on Luzzago at the moment out of Italy.  It has been modified quite a bit for racing but looks as though the removal of some decals and moving toward a more stock interior might yield a fun street racer.

Headlight covers aren’t my thing and the grill is from who knows what, but under here is an SS.

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Market 230: “Juliet Spider Velosh”!

Update 9/7/10: Well, this sad case has been reduced to an ending -no reserve met- total of $1136 after 3 bids.  On the bright side, the phrase ‘Tennessee Velosh!” has entered the Alfa Giulietta lexicon.

Update 8/23/10: This feller is back on eBay -some lucky motoring enthusiast can buy it now for $2700 and figure out what to do with it later.  Woot!

Update 7/10/10: Someone liked this enough to buy it now for $2500.  In one of the Q&A responses the seller says emphatically that this car can’t be returned to stock.  With these cars likely to be $100K by the end of the decade I’m sure some intrepid soul is hoping to prove the seller wrong.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04640 (or 750F 03305), 1315*31655 (Not included). Tennessee is the home of this Spider that’s on eBay right now.  Vin on the title with the car is 03305, vin on the build plate is 04640 and the vin on the body is unknown -if I had to bet on which is accurate I’d put my money on the title.  It’s ironic/sad/frustrating that someone took a roller 58 Spider Veloce probably worth $10 – 15K of todays money, spent 6 years ruining it by altering it to fit a V8 and Toyota suspension and now are hoping to get $2500 out of it.  This is what you call a lose-lose situation -I bet they threw out the sheet metal they cut out of it too.

What do you do with something like this?  It’s probably unusable in its current form with all that weight over the front axle, way too much power for the rear end to grip and poor visibility with that scoop.

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