Market 379: Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Zagato ‘Coda Tronca’.  Elmar sent me a link to this car on Autoscout, for sale out of Italy for €270,000.  They made about 200 SZ’s, the last handful of which were ‘Coda Tronca’ (CT is how I abbreviate it other places) with the Kamm tail.  I have no authority to say anything about these cars, so will keep the commentary to a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’.  Anyone know the VIN of this car?

A handsome critter.  Note they figured out how to incorporate a wind deflector into the hood.  I wonder if it also provides pressure relief for the engine compartment like the louvers on an SS hood?  Helps keep the front end from getting light at speed.  That nose is like a big egg; white, bulbous and extremely fragile.  No parallel parking allowed in a car like this.

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Market 137: SVZCT 10126*00184 pretty please???

Update 10/29/11: Auction has been pulled.  Almost certainly a scam.

Update 10/29/11: This car is on eBay right now out of Morrison CO.  Picture are the same as those marketing the car at Fantasy Junction in 2009. 

Update 4/9/11: This charmer is going to be auctioned by RM at Villa d’Este on May 21st.  Still my favorite!  I just noticed I don’t have a register for Zagato variants and I don’t have many pictures.  Anyone want to share their collection?

Seems to have been treated well since the last visit to these pages.

Originally posted 8/1/09: Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato II ‘Coda Tronca’ 10126*00184. That’s one mouthful of a name. This desirable object is probably parked beside the subject of Market 136 in the Fantasy Junction showroom. For the $355,000 asking price of this jewel you could buy two of those Lightweight Sprints and throw in the Fulvia Zagato with the remainder and still pay most of the tax and reg.

29550Austere is a good word for these -at least the ‘markedly simple’ part of the definition. The beautiful form of a shape derived solely to fulfill a function. Light weight, low drag coefficient, low center of gravity and yet unmistakeably a Zagato creation. This particular model, of which so few were made, is possibly my favorite.

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SZ SVZ and other rarities Market review 2009

Below are the cars that sell in such small numbers that it doesn’t make sense have a separate review for each. Still in order of least to most expensive with in most cases just the asking price identified.  I’ll try to find enough Giulietta Sedans and SZ’s this year to have reviews for each next year.

Market 94 was this 10109 Giulietta TI for 750 pounds, about $1200. Rusty, complete and cheap. Continue reading

Market 141: Superb Silver SZ

Giulietta Sprint Zagato 10126*00067.  This car, available now at Fantasy Junction, went through Bonham’s earlier this month and failed to sell with an estimate between $240,000 and $270,000.  Current asking price is $268,500 which, after FJ takes their 6% cut and monthly boarding fees, puts the seller in the low end of the above estimate.  FJ is a natural venue for cars that fail to sell at the Monterey weekend auctions, being close to the action and a very highly regarded outfit.  I usually try to do a walk through a few saturdays after the big weekend to see what exotica has turned up.

31261A very subtle design, with function informing beauty at every intersection, and yet in all its spartan glory, it has headlight rings, grill trims and hubcaps ‘just in case’.  A car in which to win the Targa Florio in or pick up your significant other for a night on the town.

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Market #79: SZ #107

Giulietta Sprint Zagato 10126*00107, engine 00120*01108.  This car is available right now from Morris and Welford.  Price is POR and the car is restored so I assume it costs between $250,000 and $350,000.  I am no expert so I will keep commentary to a minimum.

bigaThis is a neat car.  The yellow reminds me of a Ferrari 275 GTB4 a friend used to have .  I would lose a few of the stickers but other than that keep it how it is.

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