Market 207: Sprint Veloce Lightweight project in LA

Update 4/16/10: More pictures have surfaced (link is to a large Flickr set).  This car needs a lot to bring it back and the fact that it hasn’t been snapped up by anyone who has gone and seen it in person tells me it’s very needy.  Make a reasonable offer and wait?

 The fire damage to the aluminum skin of the passenger door.  Ouch.  Rocker needs a little too…

Lots to do to correct the steel door frame and then refit the skin.

A view that doesn’t look too bad.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce. In the for sale section at the website for the UK based Giulietta Register is a rare thing indeed -a project Sprint Veloce Lightweight!  Car was apparently in some sort of fire and will require some more difficult than usual fabrication.  If you’ve been looking for one as a project this may be it.

Yes it looks scary, but I bet all the easy ones have been fixed already.  Doors, hood, trunk, window frames, headlight rings, and lots of other little bits are aluminum.   Continue reading


Market 60: Another Sprint Veloce Allegerita, this one with Targa Florio history

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Allegerita’ 750E1493*04347, engine 1315*30526, Bertone 77468. This car is available right now for 68,000 Euro’s ($85,000 on November 19, 2008) from various sources in Europe but I found it at Steuel. The advertisement text is available below and includes pieces of the cars history the new owner will no doubt have fun verifying and elaborating on. I contacted the owner directly about the car and he provided me with the numbers and an offer of further information should I require it. I have no doubt any information required to help a potential buyer will be provided without hesitation.

In contrast to yesterdays SVA this car has been thoroughly refinished and prepared inside and out for racing without for cutting any corners and with no piece untouched. As can be seen below, the engine compartment underside and suspension are all in top condition. The Conrero connection and Targa Florio history should add quite a bit to the price of this car, but other than maybe a picture I doubt much evidence of those days still exists in the car.


This car looks like a new car and I suppose one could say to all intents that it is a new car.  Wheels appear to be current reproductions.  Without being specific I’ll just say this car looks right- everything fits together well and has a unified level of detailing.

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Market 59: Ex-Swedish royal family Sprint Light-weight 750E 04067

Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Alleggerita’ 750E 1493*04067, Engine 1315*30393. Available right now from our friends and neighbors at Fantasy Junction is this neat Sprint. Made in 1957 for the Prince of Sweden, this light-weight Sprint Veloce (SVA) has seen 32,219 KM’s since new if it hasn’t gone around once, in which case, even 132,219 is only about 82,000 miles. In the world of Sprint Veloce’s it really doesn’t get much better than this unless unashamed period race damage and accompanying provenance or utter originality is your thing. This car has changed hands a few times over the last year, not sure why, but if the declines in my 401K are any indication I can make a guess.

While I will whole-heartedly endorse this car I have to air a major gripe: this car was is VERY GOOD original paint recently, I mean, probably the BEST original paint one could find on any Sprint, much less an SVA. Now I’m all about the rights of ownership and all but I can only imagine what the twins on antiques roadshow would say if this was a seriously expensive piece of furniture that lost 90% of its value because it was refinished. One doesn’t OWN a car like this, one is CONSERVATOR of a car like this. There should be someone who grants permission for you to paint this car.

sprint veloce lightweight noseIs a lightweight still a lightweight if it’s not lightweight? Lightweight or not it’s a beautiful car! Small headlights with aluminum trim rings are sort of wasted on a car with a heavy grill and chromed bumper. I bet those fog lights are a few pounds each.

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