Market 400 (!!): Sprint Veloce 750E 08765

Update September 7 2015:  This car is available again on eBay out of Brunswick Georgia, maybe the same seller as last time?  Still needs a lot of work.  I don’t remember what the last asking price was., but now it’s $35,000.

Update March 9 2012: I received some less than encouraging pictures of the underside of the car from someone who knew it -it’s got some structural rust that will be difficult to fix. Check it out.

This is thick, difficult to replace metal.  Will be fun for who ever gets to repair it -even more so for the check writer!

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Market 491: Giulietta Sprint Veloce 07987 on CL

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 07987.  I would be very interested in this car on my local Craigslist if I didn’t already have 5 car projects, a 2 year old son and a business that is about to launch.  Car is complete in most of the ways that count except the engine is not matching. Seller is looking to get something in the low to mid teens for it.  A good deal I think and probably a car I will regret passing on someday, but so it goes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.05.41 PM

You were just complaining about how you never see Veloce projects anymore right?  

Market 20: Waterloo Sprint Veloce 750E 08721

5/8/2013:  This feller has popped up for sale at Bonhams at their up coming Spa Auction.  Estimate is $53,000 – $66,000.  Probably a bit on the low side.

“‘The Alfa, in a few words then, is a small car with a rev-happy dohc engine that can carry two people from point A to point B over all types of roads quicker than most cars twice its size. It does this not with blinding speed but with a wonderful combination of roadholding, compact size and sheer willingness.’ – Car & Driver on the Giulietta Sprint.”

Five years later and no new pictures.  Thanks Jerry for pointing this sale out to me.

6/10/2008: Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750 AR1493E08721, Engine 1315*32399. Listed for sale on Classic Driverfor 31,200 GBP, or about $61,000. The ad text says it is a 1958 Confortevole but Fusi lists the chassis number range for 1958 ending with 07921 though there is a typo where the page breaks for the 1959 year information and beside the 1959 750 designation Sprint Veloce’s it says 1958. Conforevole’s end with car 06611 so its a stretch of the accepted definitions to call it one. In this condition and at this price I don’t think they added any premium for calling it a Confortevole and I doubt there is any dishonesty at work, likely just a lack of solid information combined with the usual regurgitation of hear-say.

“Perfect in all respects.” This is a car that the seller means for potential buyers to come see in person, and who in their right mind would buy a car at the absolute top of the market without viewing it in person and taking it for a spirited drive. I want to go see it just to get a better look at the sellers facilities.

This presentation is great. More museum than Classic car dealership with period pictures and statistics built into the display. You probably have to qualify to even step into the ring for a closer look.

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Market 273: Sprint Veloce from Market 72

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*06930, 1315*31248. This car, on eBay right now, first hit the giuliettas dot com radar in December of 2008 with Market 72 -a racer that had a little mishap in the parking lot ending up with it running into a trailer.  As it is presented now, the bodywork up front has been done and the car resprayed along with some light detailing.  Asking price has been upped from $28,000 to $32,500.

The car looks to have been lowered since the last time it appeared for sale.  Repairs to the front look pretty good as does the paint -though it’s very hard to tell the quality of a white paint job from pictures.

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Market 158: Interim 750E Sprint Veloce project

Update 11/11/09:  This car was relisted and sold for $11,500 with 1 bidder.  This is a little more like it for a Veloce.

Update 11/6/09: 21 bids, $7300, reserve not met.  I am a little surprised by this.  Veloce’s are usually at a premium.  Maybe the reality of trying to track down all the required stuff to restore it has dampened the usual fervor.  We’ll see it again I suppose.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*11014.  This car is on eBay right now out of -you guessed it- Newport Beach California.  I’m pretty sure this is a car that was on Craigslist recently and the seller, a guy I know from buying a 1750 for my SS before I found the 00121 1600, decided he would let a pro list it and get all the money for it.  The original engine would have been one of the last 1315*3xxxx Veloce engines, but I suspect it would have had 40DCOE 2’s at this point as they had been out for a while.  Anyone have a Sprint Veloce from this series 1493*11001 – 11101 or a Spider Veloce 750F between 1495*05620 – 07213 that has 40DCO3’s?

frontcloseNose is in good shape.  You can clearly see here how Bertone used lead to fill out the body shape .  Bumper, grills and headlight rings all look good.

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Market 147: Sprint Veloce racer 1493E09676

Giulietta Sprint 1493E09676, 1315*32720. This car is available right now out of Finland on RaceCarsforSale with an asking price of 32,000 Euro’s. It looks to be mainly a track car, but since it started life as a street car it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make it street worthy if that is your desire -I know it would be mine.

960_3Looks tight and racy. Body is in good shape on cursory inspection. Presence of trim, windshield wipers and lights makes me think it is probably driveable on the street as is. Rear wheels look widened.

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Market #72: Dejavu 58 Sprint Veloce

Update 1/6/00: Now on eBay with starting bid of $10,000.

Update 1/5/09: This car was on eBay starting 12/29/08 for about 5 minutes with a starting bid of $12,000 before ending early. 

The following was added to the description: ”

The Alfa featured here was a regular at the Lime Rock race track in Connecticut where its previous owner of 25 years raced it, including many VSCCA vintage events. The roll bar should still meet SCCA regulations. The engine has a 750cc Veloce bottom end and a 101-1300 head, intake, and dual Weber carbs. Gear changes are made by a lightened GTA close-ratio gearbox and the limited slip rear end has a 5:12 gear ratio. The no restriction exhaust makes the wonderful music you expect to hear from an Alfa race car. We bought this car with the intent of restoring it as a second vintage race car sister to our vintage racing Duetto but after a year of sitting we realize it is time to let it go. It runs great, the clutch, transmission and brakes are all good. As you can see from the photos, the nose has been pushed in a bit but nothing serious or structural. We do have the grills and other exterior trim to return this to a stock, street driven car but our wish was to return it to a streetable vintage race car. We had intended on painting the car black and retaining the stock red interior. This is such a fun car, if you have never experienced a vintage Alfa that has been built for racing it is very hard to put into words the absolute joy to be had. Though great mechanically, we would love to be a part of returning it to its former visual glory and will offer the new owner a very attractive price for a cosmetic restoration of this little gem. If you are viewing this listing you probably know as much (or more) about these cars as we do and if you don’t we recommend you do some web research to learn more about what makes these cars so special.” 

 Giulietta Sprint Veloce 750E 1493*06930. This car is available right now from Brighton Motor Sports for $28,000.  This car is humorously described as having a “900cc block with a 1250cc head”, pictures of the engine compartment look like a 1600 is installed.

I recently sold SV 06917 to Corey in Seattle and SV 06924 was sold last year by FJ, both those cars are the same Amber White but with with blue/gray interior.  This car probably shared the paint booth with those cars and they almost certainly went tip-to-tail through the assembly line together.  This car is not in as good shape as 6917, and certainly doesn’t have the monster 1750 that it has, but the asking money is the same.

880820032Ouch!  My red Sprint experienced this sort of thing when its brakes went out.  Was $1800 to fix it up back to presentable.  Stripes almost look like 3M masking tape.

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