Market 543: Sprint Speciale 00681 – amazing condition

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00681, 00120*01310.  RM Sotheby’s is auctioning this car at the Duemila Ruote sale next month.  It’s not very often that I am faced with a car where I honestly can’t decide if it’s totally original, or was very well restored at some point in it’s life.  Maybe it’s the lack of wax and polish one usually expects a car about to be auctioned to have, maybe it’s the very even patina.  My gut tells me this is an original car that has maybe seen some restoration work over the years, but mostly wears an understated glow of careful care.


Major props to the restorer if this is a restored car.  I love the tiny little marker lights the cars around this VIN had.  Stance and door shut lines look great – and even the drivers side windshield wiper arm is in a totally reasonable position.

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Market 427: Fresh off the boat SS 10120 177276

Update October 21, 2016: I feel like a bit of a secret agent when I go through posts on my site and find an old post about a car currently on the market.  This Sprint Speciale is doing time at Fantasy Junction my local emporium of rarified cars whose prices remind me I should have studied Finance rather than Engineering.  FJ has it priced at $139,500 – the going rate for SS’s on dealer showroom floors these days.  Interior and engine compartment have been extensively improved.  I’ll try and stop by in the next few days to experience the rare non-virtual impression.


Everyone loves a good horizon shot!  Look the reflection of the horizon along the body – a neat effect.  The left grill bar on this car looks a tiny bit droopy in every picture – not sure if it’s an illusion or what.  Looks great!

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Market 535: Giulietta SS 00246. Nice, but…

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00246.  This car is on eBay right now out of Saint Ann Missouri.  It presents very well, but has some details that have me and probably most people who know SS’s and would consider spending money on this car scratching their heads.  It’s kind of like someone who didn’t know there were two distinct versions of the SS restored it based on looking at a car that was the wrong series.  This is not to say this is a bad car in any way – and it’s not too difficult making a car this nice “correct”, but the buyer should just be aware of the liberties that were taken, or the parts book was not consulted when restoring it. Asking price is $139,900. I haven’t been paying too much attention to live auctions, so I can’t say where this falls in today’s price spectrum.

I like the little slice of gentlemans study they have it sitting in. It’s hard to tell in this picture but this car has Giulia SS badges rather than Giulietta. Like i said, not terrible to fix. Paint looks phenomenal in the pictures, but I would want to see it in person before I bought it. Panel fit, trim fit and everything else looks great.
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Market 525: SS 177202 at Artcurial

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177202, 00120*00850.  This SS failed to sell at Artcurial on November 1 2015.  Estimate was 105,000 – 120,000 Euro’s.  Not terrifically high or low, so likely there just wasn’t anyone inclined to buy one on that particular day.  You have to wonder how many SS buyers there are in the world for an SS at this price, especially considering how many nicely restored cars keep coming to market such as this one.

ss850 front left corner

Don’t need no stinking hub caps.  Hood shut line is almost invisible.  Attractive example!

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Market 523: SS 10120 177258 in UK – some (serious) assembly required

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177258, 00120*01569.  This SS is available now out of the UK.  Price as listed is a whopping $192,680… that’s “still new in the crate” pricing, but I suspect that’s the negotiable “when it’s done” price, which is not out of the question, but will require some really stellar work to make reasonable.  Metal work has been completed and the car is ready for paint.


I continue to be surprised by how many of these cars have survived.  This looks like it is well on its way to being one of the nicer restored ones.  I like the lights and bumper fitted look.  Makes you feel like you’re on the down hill side of the project.  Continue reading

Market 463: SS 10120 00379 -nice since new

Update September 30 2015: Symbolic has listed this car again.  Interesting that it has failed to find a permanent (on the human scale) home. Asking price is now $189,000.  I wonder if the seller from 2013 just decided to hang on to it.


Sex sells no?  I know, we’ll ad $60,000 to the price and take a picture with a dame.

Update April 20 2013: This car was listed on Anamera for $129,000 so I guess that must have been the sale price.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 8.53.32 PM

Expect it to sell then be auctioned this summer.

Update March 4 2013: I changed the text a bit as it’s not a Giulietta in the period photo.  Still a cool shot though.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10117/10120*00379, 00120*00769.  This very nice example was at some point listed by Symbolic Motors -it’s on a photo aggregation page and credited to them. If anyone has more info I’d love to hear more about this car.


This car circa 1961?  Can’t be… it’s a Giulia.

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Market 388: SS 00242 in New Jersey

Update September 15 2015:  Reserve not met at $65,200.

SS ebay

Apparently SS values have gone up $6000 since this car was last listed.  I think I would have been tempted to sell.

Update September 7 2015: This car has reappeared, this time on eBay being sold out of Florham Park New Jersey.

$_57 (45)

I was just last night talking to a friend and SS owner about the value prospects for the SS these days across the project to perfect spectrum.  He opined that they had actually gone down a bit in the last few years by his reckoning.  Not some huge slide or anything, just market forces balancing restoration quality of cars bought and improved to make a quick buck, that seem to come back on the market repeatedly, driving values down a bit as a result; versus genuine ‘restored for the love of the thing’ cars that not only look good but are complete, correct and actually a pleasure to drive.  Projects aren’t seeing the frenzy of 2 years ago, while the number of prospective owners out there is probably a bit stagnant and not as deep pocketed as the few high priced auction examples would have you think.  I’m sure there are lots of Alfisti would happily add an SS to their stable, the question is, at what price?  And then there is the almost absurdly high survivorship of SSs -probably above 20% tracked on this humble site alone.

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