Market 450: exclusive Sprint 20205 (was M49)

Update 1/16/13: Car has been sold via eBay for $12,500 almost immediately upon listing.

12/13/12: Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*20205, 1315*010311.  This car is available right now out of Florida from a long time Alfa owner/restorer.  It is more solid than the usual Sprint project and complete but needs a full restoration to be nice or at least a mechanical freshening to be driven.  If you’re looking for a matching numbers complete Sprint as a starting point for a project this may be the car for you!  Asking price is “offers in the lower mid-teens”.

This car was Market 49 where it failed to sell for about $5500 back when you could get pretty good runner for about $20,000.  Pretty good runners have moved on to start at about $35,000 and projects have gotten more expensive as a result, so I think $12 – 15K would not be a bad deal for this car.  Car was originally delivered to a dealer in Italy – finding it’s way to the US in the 60’s.

Email me and I’ll put you in contact with the seller.  sprints @


One could drive this car looking like this.  Might cause some grumbling among the purists – but who cares.  Marker lights are consistent with a European delivery car.  Trim all looks pretty good. 

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Market 445: Sprint 20753, nice but not original

Update 12/12/12:  Listing ended -no bids.  So it goes.

Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*20753.  This car is on eBay right now out of Illinois from a 0 feedback seller who has 5 cars on offer -the other four being modern Italian exotica.  This Sprint looks very nice, and will certainly satisfy someone looking for a sporty 1950’s Italian coupe, but the purists out there will give it some rough treatment – especially at nearly $40,000 asking.  


Body and trim looks great.  Grills appear to have had the ‘chip-cutter’ portions removed and these home-made horizontal bars added.  Nice mirror.

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Market 22: Mexico City Giulietta Sprint survivor

Update 7/1/12: 1 bid, reserve not met.  No sale.

Update 6/25/12: This car has turned up on eBay after 4 years with the same pictures and from the same seller. Sprint values have come a long way in the last 4 years. I expect it will find a buyer this time.

Original post 6/20/08: Reserve not met! $12,099 was the ending price, $1 less than the black plate car out of Cottonwood. Seller added some new pictures of the car outdoors in daylight that show it is a pretty nice car. I think either of these cars was a pretty good deal and would be a great basis for putting together very nice original driver. I think both suffered from somewhat poor presentation and the fact that they both went through eBay at the same time. There can’t be that many guys (or gals) out there looking for Sprints, so any more than 2 or 3 a month in a given area is market saturation, and we’ve been seeing 5 or 6 a month since I started this blog. Last, I suspect both these sellers, encouraged by the strong sale prices mentioned earlier for project cars, put these on the market just to kind of see what they would do, without a real necessity to sell them.

Added pictures include this nose shot, always a pleasant sight. I wonder if a yellow curb has the same meaning in Mexico.

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Market 419: 1750 powered 101 Sprint 23176 at Coys

Update 5/19/12: Some of you may have noticed this car didn’t go through the auction.  The seller contacted me to let me know he pulled it due to what he described as a lack of enthusiasm for the car and a desire to not give it away.  It is available for 43,000 Euro’s (about $55,000) out of Munich Germany.  Check out the pictures linked to by the vin number below.  It’s a great looking car.  If you’d like to contact the owner drop me a line at sprints @

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*23176This car is being auctioned by Coys on May 12th in Monaco.  Car looks amazing and, though not entirely original, is tastefully done.  I like the body color, it looks pretty close to what I think of when I say Bluette, and the interior color also, though not an original option, suits the body color.  I’m not a fan of the body color on the wheels -adds a cartoonish aspect to it, but repainting wheels is among the easiest tasks.  I like that they tout the condition of the trunk yet fail to provide a picture.  Maybe they need a continuity editor…

Shut lines are great, trim looks wonderful and the car has a capable poise -no doubt matched by the 1750!  I’m trying to like those wheels -honest!  Is that rear view mirror positioned correctly?  I always thought the wide part went to the outside.

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Market 406: Sprint 10105 20729 -how you used to find them

Update 4/6/12: I subscribe to the idea that the price is the price -especially in the pure market forces exercise that an auction is, but I can’t help thinking that this car is under-appreciated and worth more than the sum of it’s parts.  Car is listed in the current Giuliettaletta for an asking price of $20K.  A little high in my opinion, but not massively.

Update 3/27/12: Car went unsold with a high bid of $12,100 -not meeting reserve, but has been relisted.  I wouldn’t have sold it for $12,100.

3/17/12:  Giulietta Sprint 10105 1493*20729This car is on eBay right now out of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania from a long time Alfa club guy.  Seller says it was owned by the Dupont family and under went several color changes from the original Celeste (or whatever shade of light blue).  Car is currently powered by a 1600 engine out of a 101 Spider that has a blown head gasket, but comes with the original 1300.  The usual caveats apply -it’s complete, together, and not far from the road, but needs a lot of help to be a nice car.  That said, it is one of the better Sprint projects I’ve written about.

Looking very much like my car -patina and all.  Biggest plus for this car is its potential to be a rolling restoration.  Check the brakes out, do the head gasket or whatever, tie up the loosest ends in the interior, suspension etc and drive it.  While you use it you can source parts, come up with a plan, and begin the restoration.

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Market 274: Nice Interim Sprint

Update 4/6/12: If this car is worth $25,900 then the Giulietta market has fallen off a cliff.  Admittedly the interior has some issues and the car probably photographs better than it actually is, but as far as Sprints likely to come on the market goes, this will always be in the 90th percentile.  I just don’t think the privacy of an eBay auction ending at home when you are alone in your PJ’s sipping your favorite Rye waiting for your Sprint object of bidding to close has quite the same thrill as sitting in the RM audience with the lights, noise, booze and tits all swirling around you, taking larger and larger chunks out of your bank account as you try and out do the Donald Trump hair-do next to you.

Update 3/3/12:  This car is now on eBay after a short ownership by someone in North Carolina.  It looks as good as ever.  The saga continues.

Update 3/15/11: This car sold through Fantasy Junction recently.  Went for much more than the highest eBay bid.  Is eBay on its way out?

Update 1/11/11: Back on eBay and looking for a new owner.  This looks like a good one.  Go for it!

Update 12/27/10: $20,101 after 28 bids with reserve not met.  Disappointing really -I guess mine is worth a few thousand less than I thought -not that I want to sell it but, well , this car should have seen at least $28,000.

Giulietta Sprint 10105*20386, 1315*010370. This pretty good specimen of an interim Sprint is on eBay right now out of Southern California.  Of note to me is that it is 7 cars later in production than my Sprint (20379) with the next engine number after mine (1315*010369) and also a USA market car by its 10105 prefix.

Looking good.  I need a set of the front lenses in white -mine are amber Euro spec.

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Market 389: Sprint 10105 21145 -apart and rust free exclusive

Update 2/24/12:  This car has been sold.  Buyer is on the west coast and it seems like a good fit -the right car/the right buyer -and I get to help!

Giulietta Sprint 10105*21145.  This car is available now out of Northern California from a local Alfa enthusiast who was preparing it for CSRG racing.  It is a California black plate car, tracing history and ownership through the years between Southern and Northern California.  The condition of the body speaks for itself in the pictures below -no rust (well, there is a little light surface rust -but nothing needing new metal IMHO) and very straight panels with a coat of black paint applied as long as 10 years ago.  Someone with space and some skills of assembly could get this car together into driver form in their spare time in a year or less, with a little persistence.  Why is he selling?  He bought a nearly finished GT Junior race car.

Contact me at and I’ll put you in touch with the seller.

The body looks really good -especially if you like a black Giulietta.  Black is very popular on Spiders, but you don’t see too many black Sprints.  Would look great with a red/gray interior.  Hood and door fit looks right on this side.  I believe some suspension work has been done on the front end of the car.

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