Market 428: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118 390417 -needs a little

Update7/12/13: This Spider is back on eBay after being cooped up for over a year.  Samee pictures, so probably the same owner/seller.  Have prices moved in 12 months?

July 5, 2012: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390417, 00121*01950. On eBay right now out of Novi Michigan -a city I’ve never heard of except as the source of a lot of eBay auctions for Alfa stuff.  This car needs everything and is not for the faint of heart -but will yield an uncommon, very usable and valuable car when done.  Some guys like the last of a breed, with all upgrades like disk brakes and more CC’s -if you’re one of those guys, this is the Spider for you.  Me?  I like the early stuff with small tail lights and drum brakes.

Lot’s of metal has been replaced along the wheel arch and rocker -looks to me like it will need touching up.  Doesn’t look too scary here.  I think lowering the soft top would be an improvement on presentation.

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Market 479: Spider Veloce 10118 390616 -“very simple project”

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390616, 00536*07913 (not original).  This Spider Veloce is on eBay right now out of Princeton NJ.  The body looks to be in great shape and is described as having been finished to the point of being ready for paint.  Original color was Black with probably red interior -a stunning combo!  Biggest drawback I can see is the lack of the original engine.  The 00121 engines it shares with the Giulia Sprint Speciale’s do come up, but not often and not cheap.  I know where there is one right now…

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 6.57.21 AM

Always a pleasure to behold.  Stance is per original -not with the modern springs and all that lowers it quite a bit.  Wheels are Borranis.  Looks like a good place to start.

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Market 476: Spider Veloce 750F 07012 project

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*07012. This car is available now out of Bethel CT from a seller who seems to have a never ending supply of Alfa projects to offer up.  This car is a late SWB 750 Veloce, a desire-able thing these days, and it looks to have most of the hard to get stuff under the hood.  Asking price is $26,500.  Not bad if the rust isn’t too crippling.  Might be a good deal if you’ve been considering adding one of these to the fleet.  Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.16.42 AM

Flat black has the potential to hide a multitude of sins.  Looks straight at least.  I wonder if the trim is included.  Note the engine in the back ground.

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Market 469: Spider Veloce 10125*10115 in PA

Update 4/23/2013: Seller contacted me to tell me the original block is included.  I guess this mitigates some of the ‘original engine’ perceptions.  Can perceptions be mitigated?  Hmmm.

Giulietta Spider 10125*10115.  This clean Spider is available through Hemmings right now. They seem to let their listings ride for months -probably to keep the overall site listing count from dipping below some minimum, so there’s no guarantee it’s still available, but a quick call to the seller should tell.  The car is very clean and shiny, with compelling, although way too dark to reveal much of the details images.  If you are in the market for an early LWB Spider Veloce and $99,500 doesn’t scare you off, you should book a trip to PA and go take it for a drive.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.08.39 AM

Nearly invisible door shut lines?  Check.  Borrani wheels?  Check.  20 footer?  Check.  Car looks really good, but these images are too dark and too low resolution to be more than marginally useful.  Enough to base a trip to PA on I guess.

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Market 390: untouched and reasonably preserved Spider Veloce 10125 11332

Update 3/2/13:  Seller pulled the auction making me think it either didn’t seem like it was going to recoup their investment if the no reserve auction was allowed to play out, or they sold it off eBay.  Not sure which is more likely…

Update 2/9/13: This car is available again on eBay out of Santa Barbara from someone who knows their Alfa’s if the garage it’s in is any indication.  I had this listed as 11337, but it’s 11332.  Looks pretty good all cleaned up!


Scrappy.  Just needs some work and a few rare parts like the firewall mounted air box.

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2012 Spider and Spider Veloce market review

The Spider market in 2012 is slightly up from 2011, with a lot of cars changing hands.  There were, as always, a lot of cheap scary projects with decent cars coming in the list around $20,000 and thinning out as they approach the top car this year, with an ask of $125,000 -a very nice Veloce.Screen shot 2012-02-24 at 5.23.52 AM

Market 391 was very early Spider 750D 00345 in very bad condition selling for $1000.

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 8.28.02 PM

Market 451 was 10103*170856, a rough shell and some parts selling for $2850.

Alf Recovery 013

Market 395 was a Spider roller for a few grand.

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Market 426: 101 Spider Veloce 10107 167647

Update 12/12/12:  What are the chances this car is available now on Autotrader for $17,000?  Not much I would bet.  Thanks Mark for pointing this scam out!

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.46.27 AM

Update 7/12:  Car sold for a little over $60,000.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*167647, 00106*01234. This car is on eBay right now out of Georgia by a reputable seller usually dealing in Maserati’s.  The car is tidy, complete and functional and would likely suit the buyer looking for something they can use without worry and improve when the fit takes them.

Lovely.  White suits the Spider very well.  All the trim, fit and finish is nice. Sellers got a nice driveway!

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