Market 546: Spider Veloce 06959 Dust and all

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06959, 1315*32673.  The fine folks over at Significant Cars have this fresh from neglect 1959 Spider Veloce listed on eBay.  It is described as all original and having about 65,000 miles.  The neglect took its toll in the form of rusty rockers and spoiled finishes, but with care I think a lot of the originality could be preserved, and I am sure some of you are thinking the same ting as you contemplate whether to transfer some money around and make a play for it.


How would you feel if it was you unearthing this thing?  Me too!  I would detail this thing for 40 straight hours before turning a screw.  Make it absolutely as good as possible with what’s here and then make a plan.  Really is a fine looking specimen. Continue reading


Market 507: 1957 Spider Veloce 750F*01970 at Fantasy Junction

Update October 2 2015:  I took the day off work to do some really fun stuff like go to a Dr. appointment and get my daily VW oil changed and smogged, and I was rolling by FJ and thought – hey, why not, and stopped in.  I gotta say, this car is REALLY nice in person.  Spencer told me it looks like it’s probably sold, but like Indiana Jones, in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, you could probably swoop in and grab your hat before the door gets all the way down.  Commendable restoration for sure.


If you licked it, it might taste like cherry or watermelon jolly rancher candy.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*01970, 1315*32969.  This car is available from Fantasy Junction in Emeryville Ca for $145,000.  I get asked most often if I know of any 1957 Spider Veloce’s for sale – well, here is one!  Car looks very well restored, though I’m sure there is one or two of you right now seething at some incorrect minutiae.  The engine number is not in the correct range (1315*30267 – 30761) for this year car, but as I commented* on my “What year…” post (see below), Veloce engines blew up and were replaced.  This old post has a discussion of what it may mean.  The restorer did us a favor and stamped a new build plate with the number for the engine in the car – that won’t cause any confusion in 50 years.

spider front

Looking good – has that wet lollipop sheen that somehow triggers heightened desire.  I have worked on a lot of these cars, I can tell you it is an astonishing amount of work to get to this point from a bare shell in need of rust repair (not saying this needed rust repair – just that its a ton of work to get a car together from a shell to yum).

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Market 169: ’58 Spider Veloce survivor

Update 4/28/14: The owner of 04351 contacted me and reports that a restoration was completed about 18 months ago and It is currently being enjoyed in the South West.  He intended to keep the car as original as possible, but after digging in it became apparent there was more to do than anticipated and it slid down the usual slippery slope towards a full, though sympathetic towards its original state restoration.  

3 4th

Update 4/24/14:  I am currently going through close to 1000 Alfa Romeo sale records, verifying them for publication on The Fuelist, and I came across this charming specimen among the raw data.  I remember watching it reach $50,000 after some last minute aggressive bidding, and thinking – “Wow, these have hit the big time!”  Looking back from this moment, five years later, this car appears to have been very well bought.  Anyone here a proud owner?  Where is 04351 now??

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 3.16.32 PM

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Market 238: 58 Spider Veloce roller

Update 1/28/2014:  $99,000 premium live auction result.  This car has come a long way in almost 4 years.  “The course of true love never did run smooth…  So quick bright things come to confusion.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.32.49 PM

Update 7/31/10: Seller ended the auction early when an acceptable bid came in.  The new owner contacted me but a selling price was not revealed.  I’m going to guess somewhere between $15k – $20k.  New owner sounds enthusiastic about the car so hopefully the restoration will be seen through.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*03326, 1315*30818. This car is on eBay right now out of Michigan.  As far as mostly disassembled roller projects go it is a pretty good starting point having matching numbers, not too much rust (I know -but I’ve seen so much worse) and no real accident damage.  Step right up!

Nose looks great as a starting place -no ugly repairs to correct, no gaping rust holes and the Veloce intake divider seen here next to the drivers side marker light is in good shape.

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Market 476: Spider Veloce 750F 07012 project

Giulietta Spider 750F 1495*07012. This car is available now out of Bethel CT from a seller who seems to have a never ending supply of Alfa projects to offer up.  This car is a late SWB 750 Veloce, a desire-able thing these days, and it looks to have most of the hard to get stuff under the hood.  Asking price is $26,500.  Not bad if the rust isn’t too crippling.  Might be a good deal if you’ve been considering adding one of these to the fleet.  Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 12.16.42 AM

Flat black has the potential to hide a multitude of sins.  Looks straight at least.  I wonder if the trim is included.  Note the engine in the back ground.

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Market 439: Spider Veloce 750F 06380 w/ hardtop

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06380.  This car is available out of Connecticut on eBay.  Engine is not original and it needs a lot of help in all the usual areas, except it doesn’t appear to be too rusty.  Presence of original Pininfarina hardtop is unusual and will add a few thousand bucks to the result.

So far so goo.  Some bits are missing but they are included.  Headlights look like the original Carello units

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Market 438: Spider Veloce 750F 04699

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04699, 1315*31090.  This car is on eBay right now.  Has it weaknesses and strengths.  No surprise why it’s on eBay this particular week.  Here’s an idea: you provide the captions, I’ll add them.  Just say which picture your comment is for.  Hint: B- or C+…

Scott’s intro: “Looks like a few of the cars that have come up for sale in the last year. Fix a few details and it would sell for a fair bit more.”

Craig’s overall: “She could use a little rust cleanup in the engine bay,a set of the green Cavis ignition wires, white plastic on the horn ring, seat repair, proper exhaust system, gauge inserts and a Veloce tach. Nothing to bad here I give her a B.”

Mike I says: “First photo. As per Mr Hamilton: nice complete trim. Good shut lines correct borrani wheels. Good stance, with shiny paint……”

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