Market 552: 1980’s Time warp Spider Veloce 1600 390342

Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 10118*390342, 00121*02224.  This Southern California Spider (since 1989 anyway – who knows is chequered past from whence college prior?) is available from Chequered Flag on ebay with a $71,500 instant gratification price, and a $40,000 reserve not met starting point.  It presents very well in the manner of a car that saw use as stylish transport in ages past, without much regard to recent phenomena of collect-ability or value – it probably changed hands in 1989 for a few thousand dollars.  The seller is spot on when they say it is owed a serious restoration -at least paint and some corrections, but it remains to be seen if the selling price is such that that restoration makes financial sense.  Cheque it out!


Looks great.  Borrani wheels, Talbot style mirror, straight nose ridge – what’s not to like?  

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Market 428: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118 390417 -needs a little

Update7/12/13: This Spider is back on eBay after being cooped up for over a year.  Samee pictures, so probably the same owner/seller.  Have prices moved in 12 months?

July 5, 2012: Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390417, 00121*01950. On eBay right now out of Novi Michigan -a city I’ve never heard of except as the source of a lot of eBay auctions for Alfa stuff.  This car needs everything and is not for the faint of heart -but will yield an uncommon, very usable and valuable car when done.  Some guys like the last of a breed, with all upgrades like disk brakes and more CC’s -if you’re one of those guys, this is the Spider for you.  Me?  I like the early stuff with small tail lights and drum brakes.

Lot’s of metal has been replaced along the wheel arch and rocker -looks to me like it will need touching up.  Doesn’t look too scary here.  I think lowering the soft top would be an improvement on presentation.

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Market 479: Spider Veloce 10118 390616 -“very simple project”

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390616, 00536*07913 (not original).  This Spider Veloce is on eBay right now out of Princeton NJ.  The body looks to be in great shape and is described as having been finished to the point of being ready for paint.  Original color was Black with probably red interior -a stunning combo!  Biggest drawback I can see is the lack of the original engine.  The 00121 engines it shares with the Giulia Sprint Speciale’s do come up, but not often and not cheap.  I know where there is one right now…

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 6.57.21 AM

Always a pleasure to behold.  Stance is per original -not with the modern springs and all that lowers it quite a bit.  Wheels are Borranis.  Looks like a good place to start.

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Market 366: Spider Veloce 390015 in Italy

Update 9/3/12: This car has been listed for sale in France now.  No pictures of the intake set up so I assume they haven’t changed it to be more correct.  Price is now 60,000 Euro’s.

1/10/12: Giulia Spider Veloce 1600 10118*390015, 00121*01569.  From our pal’s Luzzago comes this 1600 Spider Veloce.  You have to call them and engage in human interaction if you want to know the asking price -I’m going to guess that price is in line with the asking price we’ve seen for similar cars as such places as Fantasy Junction.  All areas of the car are described in ALL CAPS as PERFECT.  Go look in person, bring a parts book and a magnet.

It’s red.  It’s a late spider.  It’s got a luster that triggers desire.  It looks damn good.

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Market 429: Spider Veloce 10118 390183 at FJ

Giulia Spider Veloce 10118*390183, 00536*20568 (not original). Fantasy Junction has this car listed on eBay right now. The car is in pretty good shape -with some details to sort out. The engine is simultaneously the best thing about the car -having been rebuilt by Conrad Stevenson, and the thing that will always keep this car from being a top of the market car.

Lovely in white as usual.  Hood fit is very good.  Trim all looks great -there’s a little bump in the drivers side leading edge of the bumper.

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Market 420: 1600 Spider Veloce red/black/red 10118*390692

Update 7/1/12: This car did pretty well, selling for very close to the initial BiN price.  Anyone here the new owner??

Alfa Giulia 1600 Spider Veloce 10118*390692, 00121*02141. This car is on eBay right now from a seller who has brought us a few really good Veloce projects over the last few months. Car has had one owner, and an ill-advised repaint in red, but other than that looks to have been a fairly well cared for and respected member of the family.  Seller is correct that a repaint in black would do wonders for this car.  Unless there are hidden rabbit holes, the $48,500 buy it now seems only a tad high.

Car looks great.  Those mirrors in that location are sort of like a bull-ring in the nose of an otherwise pretty girl, or an invitation for Godzilla to step on it.  Door shut lines are very good.  Note to self -take pictures of a red car on lush green grass.

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Sprint and Sprint Veloce 2011 market review

2011 saw more SS’s on the market than Sprint/Sprint Veloce’s -at least as far as my tracking went, and I didn’t really try to find SS’s more than Sprints.  Seems odd, since there were 10X more Sprint’s made.  If you look at the list below you will see very few first series 750B’s, no lightweights and only a couple non-lightweight Veloce’s changed hands -the bulk of the sales were 101 normale’s like mine.  Of those a few made really decent money.

 Market 287 was a Sprint in a sorry state out of Poland for $1000.

 Market 325 was a 101 Sprint selling as a pair with a stepnose GTV, sold together for $3748 -I’ll give the Sprint the benefit of the doubt and say it sold for $2000.

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