Market 180: Project Spider Veloce 10107*171715

Update October 12, 2016: Nice to see this charming project making a fresh appearance.  The times have seriously changed since late 2009 / early 2010!  This model has surged in value, parts availability has improved a bit, and getting quality work done has gotten much more expensive and necessary. On top of that, my taste for ragged drivers has diminished a bit (see my original comments below for a laugh).

The car has been soda-blasted and treated to some metal repairs that look to have been competently done. It comes with many of its original parts that 6 years ago were slated to be sold separately.  Good deal.


Looks like the same car from many moons ago.  What’s that blue thing sitting next to it?  I watched a friend repair a bunch of metal in a car like this, that started out looking about this good.  Was quite an ordeal, and not in any way cheap.


I’m going to guess the seller is several years into getting it to this point.  Hopefully pictures prior to application of primer are available.  It really is a lot of work, so documenting it is important if you want to get the value from the work.

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Market 493: Spider Veloce 10107 167610 for sale… no expense spared, no excuses

This car has appeared at Fantasy Junction and they have put it on eBay.  I saw it in person today and it is a thing of beauty.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107 167610.  Tom Sahines in the San Francisco Bay Area has put this fine specimen of a Spider Veloce on the market.  Tom has been the ARA tech hotline for as long as I can remember, and has deep knowledge of Alfa’s cars from Giulietta to 164 and probably beyond.  I’ve seen some of his restorations in person and they are astonishingly nice.  Ever the engineer, astonishingly nice to look at is not Tom’s main goal; astonishingly nice to drive is.  An unusual goal in a world where cars for resale tend to get the minimum attention to functionality.

The asking price is $140,000.  This may seem high, but a 750D in similar condition sold at Scottsdale for $140K.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.46.37 PM

All the usual praise applies: great panel fit, impeccable bright-work and lust inspiring luster.  Yes please!

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Market 469: Spider Veloce 10125*10115 in PA

Update 4/23/2013: Seller contacted me to tell me the original block is included.  I guess this mitigates some of the ‘original engine’ perceptions.  Can perceptions be mitigated?  Hmmm.

Giulietta Spider 10125*10115.  This clean Spider is available through Hemmings right now. They seem to let their listings ride for months -probably to keep the overall site listing count from dipping below some minimum, so there’s no guarantee it’s still available, but a quick call to the seller should tell.  The car is very clean and shiny, with compelling, although way too dark to reveal much of the details images.  If you are in the market for an early LWB Spider Veloce and $99,500 doesn’t scare you off, you should book a trip to PA and go take it for a drive.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.08.39 AM

Nearly invisible door shut lines?  Check.  Borrani wheels?  Check.  20 footer?  Check.  Car looks really good, but these images are too dark and too low resolution to be more than marginally useful.  Enough to base a trip to PA on I guess.

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Market 390: untouched and reasonably preserved Spider Veloce 10125 11332

Update 3/2/13:  Seller pulled the auction making me think it either didn’t seem like it was going to recoup their investment if the no reserve auction was allowed to play out, or they sold it off eBay.  Not sure which is more likely…

Update 2/9/13: This car is available again on eBay out of Santa Barbara from someone who knows their Alfa’s if the garage it’s in is any indication.  I had this listed as 11337, but it’s 11332.  Looks pretty good all cleaned up!


Scrappy.  Just needs some work and a few rare parts like the firewall mounted air box.

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Market 426: 101 Spider Veloce 10107 167647

Update 12/12/12:  What are the chances this car is available now on Autotrader for $17,000?  Not much I would bet.  Thanks Mark for pointing this scam out!

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.46.27 AM

Update 7/12:  Car sold for a little over $60,000.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 10107*167647, 00106*01234. This car is on eBay right now out of Georgia by a reputable seller usually dealing in Maserati’s.  The car is tidy, complete and functional and would likely suit the buyer looking for something they can use without worry and improve when the fit takes them.

Lovely.  White suits the Spider very well.  All the trim, fit and finish is nice. Sellers got a nice driveway!

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Market 397: julieta sprint velocy

Giulietta Sprint Veloce (?). I guess the title says it all. This car is available through Kajiji out of British Columbia for offers in the neighborhood of $30,000. The title makes me wonder about the owners involvement with the car. Still, a Sprint Veloce with a decent recent repaint and some new chrome is pretty interesting if the drive train is original.

I guess this answers the question of what you do with the extra little bit of red paint in the gun are answered. The tail pipe?  Paint that shit red.  The wheels?  Them too!  Big question is… is this a garage sale or what?

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Sprint and Sprint Veloce 2011 market review

2011 saw more SS’s on the market than Sprint/Sprint Veloce’s -at least as far as my tracking went, and I didn’t really try to find SS’s more than Sprints.  Seems odd, since there were 10X more Sprint’s made.  If you look at the list below you will see very few first series 750B’s, no lightweights and only a couple non-lightweight Veloce’s changed hands -the bulk of the sales were 101 normale’s like mine.  Of those a few made really decent money.

 Market 287 was a Sprint in a sorry state out of Poland for $1000.

 Market 325 was a 101 Sprint selling as a pair with a stepnose GTV, sold together for $3748 -I’ll give the Sprint the benefit of the doubt and say it sold for $2000.

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