Market 496: Giulia Spider 1600 374563, with a 1300

Giulia Spider 1600 10123 AR374563, 1315*012684 (non-matching).  This car is available now on eBay out of St Johns, Florida.  Seller purchased the car from Fantasy Junction in 2003 and used it sparingly.  This car would have originally had an 00112 series 1600 engine, but is currently fitted with a 750-to-101 transition 1300 unit from probably mid-1960.  If one were looking for an attractive and fundamentally sound driver 101 Spider that will likely end at a reasonable price, this could be a good option.  Originality purists will find lots to complain about/nitpick here, but one needs to keep in mind the qualities that make these cars the generally well regarded, desirable objects that they are: smile inducing drivability and beautiful lines, both of which this example possesses.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.53.21 AM

When you have spent a lot of time with something, you can forget the things that originally attracted you to it.  Imagine this is your first time seeing a Giulietta Spider.

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Market 489: Spider project 10123 372516 “”Barn Find””

Update hours later: At $13,500 it suddenly seems a deal!  Anyone here buy this?
Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.54.33 PM
I admit, I missed a good write up.
Giulia Spider 10123*372516.  This car is on eBay out of Carlsbad -near San Diego- from Cavallo, seller of used exotics and mixed bag Craigslist find type cars.  Seller describes it as a “Barn Find”.  I’m not sure what the fascination is with putting phrases in quotes is… I would have thought putting barn find in quotes would make someone think it’s sort of like a barn find but not really a barn find.  That’s why the double quotes… I’m quoting their unnecessary quotes.  If they were to write a rebuttal, would they use something like is “””Barn Find””” when quoting me?  Sorry – it’s early, the sun has yet to even slightly light my vertical stripe of the planet.
$_4 (1)
Hello sporty!  Trim is all present and straight looking if a little bit dull.  They state car was originally red, but the engine compartment is sending me white signals – I suppose it could be red under that white – but that’s a lot of work! Continue reading

Market 486: Vandalized Spider in Florida

2/3/14: Any surprise??

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 7.29.04 AM

1/25/2014: I hear the car has been sold.

Giulietta Spider.  This 1960 Spider – presumably a 10103, is on Craigslist out of Florida. I get the sense from the description -naming the two individuals who did the damage – that there is an interesting, but sad (from the cars perspective) story to tell.


Looking for a home.  Blows from a large hammer are not ideal for Pininfarina body work.

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Market 487: 750 Spider 03714 in Beverly Hills

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03714.  Our friends at Beverly Hills Car Club have this 750 Spider based Abnormale on eBay right now.  It looks nice enough but has some originality issues that 5 years ago would probably not have been as big a deal, but with these cars getting expensive, buyers will be doing research, and be quickly confused.
Almost looks black.  Trim and panel fit is great.  Borrani’s all around.
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Giulietta 750 Spider parts wanted

I’ve got the Spider at a shop getting the brakes done with some rebuild kits that Classic Alfa managed to get to me in two days from England, then it’s getting the wrinkly-under-bondo nose straightened out, the little bit of rust repaired and some other little stuff done.  Andrew is putting a 1600 from a Super together for me to run until the 750 gets rebuilt.  Anyway, I have some parts I need to source.  I have some stuff to trade if there’s anything you need.  Fair market gladly paid!

  • Outer exhaust manifold piece (1 and 4) for 4 bolt 750 (see picture)
  • Lucas tail light trim ring
  • 750 water pump aluminum fan or complete rebuildable unit
  • front center grill with some ‘character’, but not too much
  • spare tire hold down hook and fancy screw (new will look too weird)
  • tunnel case gear shift lever that’s not all scaled over with rust
  • Little front Lucas clear turn signal lens and trim ring
  • Alfetta oil pan and pump
  • set of 165 SR 15 tires for my Healey (these get pulled of Giuliettas no?)
  • I’ll start pulling the 750 engine apart soon and will have more.


photo (1)

For you originality guys who have been wondering about the exact correct way to plumb a head mounted fuel pump.  Do you get these lines dull cad plated?

photo (2)

The part of the header that goes to 1 and 4 is broken, so I need one – this is fairly urgent because I need it to put the 1600 in the car.



Drum roll please: Giulietta Spider 750D 04151

You know the scene in a spy movie when the guy has a stethoscope on the safe door next to the number dial and the final number clicks into place?  The safe opens, everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief, the required thing was inside, and the plot moves on.  Something like that happened to me this weekend.  Andrew had this Spider on eBay and I went for a casual look – not expecting anything dramatic to happen – like me actually buying, but here I am today getting a Spider towed to the shop of a buddy who does body repair (rust and collision damage) on old cars – especially Giulietta Spiders.  The plot has moved on – the cast of characters has increased – I have proven myself acquisitionally undisciplined.  Woot – I have a SWB 750 Spider!


How you find them sometimes – totally as parked.  No one has monkeyed with it.  Needs everything, but doesn’t need it all at once.  I can deal with that.  Needs a nose job, but it’s going in for that today.  

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Market 482: Veloce-ized Spider 10123 379454 survivor

Giulia Spider 10123*379454This car ended recently on eBay out of Washington state and almost perfectly represents the value of a car a friend of mine was asking me to give a valuation of.  A well maintained, scruffy but attractive -well, except those seats- car that functions as intended and needs nothing for use, but needs a lot to be a nice car.  I guessed $20,000 – $30,000, probably a little higher than $25,000 if sold on eBay.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 7.06.05 AM


The proof for all you who visit after the link to eBay dies.

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