Market 542: Spider 750D 00861 – ready to roll

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00861, 1315*40850.  This numbers matching Spider 750D, available now on eBay is from the end of the second year of production.  In elegant white with red interior, it looks like a no nonsense well cared for example that is ready to be enjoyed.  Buy it Now price of $77,500 is probably a tad more than most Alfa enthusiasts will want to pay for it, and I’d really like to see the engine compartment in body color at this price. Make an offer a few thousand less and get the engine compartment painted if it concerns you.


Whoever at Alfa in the early 50’s was making the decisions about design and styling did an exceptional job.  All the Giulietta models walk a line between universal appeal and no compromises beauty in a way that no other model line from any maker I can think of has.

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Market 427: Fresh off the boat SS 10120 177276

Update October 21, 2016: I feel like a bit of a secret agent when I go through posts on my site and find an old post about a car currently on the market.  This Sprint Speciale is doing time at Fantasy Junction my local emporium of rarified cars whose prices remind me I should have studied Finance rather than Engineering.  FJ has it priced at $139,500 – the going rate for SS’s on dealer showroom floors these days.  Interior and engine compartment have been extensively improved.  I’ll try and stop by in the next few days to experience the rare non-virtual impression.


Everyone loves a good horizon shot!  Look the reflection of the horizon along the body – a neat effect.  The left grill bar on this car looks a tiny bit droopy in every picture – not sure if it’s an illusion or what.  Looks great!

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Market 541: Extremely nice 1960 Sprint 22219

Giulietta Sprint 10102 1493*22219, 1315*013171.  This European market Giulietta Sprint was reportedly purchased from Joe Mora in 2013 by an Alfa enthusiast in Chicagoland area. As purchased, the car had original but weathered paint and being somewhat of a perfectionist, the new owner decided to see what was under it. As shown by work in progress pictures on the B&L website, this looks to be a truly rust free example.

Story goes it was originally sold to a (one hopes) very stylish woman in Venice, where it stayed until 1982 when it was shipped to the USA.  The interior features new carpets and fresh vinyl. Headliner, dash, engine and rear end have never been apart.  This is a fine example and rarely does one find such an unmolested car at any price.

img_2465Great paint and exceptional chrome. Very good symmetry between all the pieces.  Interesting to see an original Italian front license plate frame.

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Market 537: Spider 750D 05489 – rough roller

Spider 750D 1495*05489,  AR00530*11182* (not original).  This car recently received 31 bids and made $16,000 on eBay – but of course it is now relisted and receiving bids again.  Visible rust indicates there will be a lot of repair needed, although the trunk floor is surprisingly good.  It’s missing the transmission, front bumpers and center grill – none of which is particularly hard to find or expensive.  This is a good project for someone who has done this sort of project before.


Has the look of a parts car that someone realized was probably valuable in it’s own right.  Nose looks decent.  I’m going to guess the hood is not original.

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Market 52: Omaha Giulietta Spider project 170178

Update October 13, 2016. Another success story.  Eight years ago almost to the day this car was a stalled project, looking like a few bucks and hoping for rain in the form of a value bump enough to be worth tidying up and putting back together for either enjoyment or resale.  That rain came.

I like the color combo and the restoration was done by a Giulietta specialist well known for quality work in Alfa circles.  I’m guessing that a discussion about a purchase price around the $44,000 asking could buy it.  I’m also guessing everyone involved would be happy since it’s very likely better in person as it looks in pictures.


It’s strange to think you can become immune enough to the charms of something like this that you lose the wonder and awe you felt the first time you saw one.  Gotta get my steel and aluminum 3D printer working.

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Market 180: Project Spider Veloce 10107*171715

Update October 12, 2016: Nice to see this charming project making a fresh appearance.  The times have seriously changed since late 2009 / early 2010!  This model has surged in value, parts availability has improved a bit, and getting quality work done has gotten much more expensive and necessary. On top of that, my taste for ragged drivers has diminished a bit (see my original comments below for a laugh).

The car has been soda-blasted and treated to some metal repairs that look to have been competently done. It comes with many of its original parts that 6 years ago were slated to be sold separately.  Good deal.


Looks like the same car from many moons ago.  What’s that blue thing sitting next to it?  I watched a friend repair a bunch of metal in a car like this, that started out looking about this good.  Was quite an ordeal, and not in any way cheap.


I’m going to guess the seller is several years into getting it to this point.  Hopefully pictures prior to application of primer are available.  It really is a lot of work, so documenting it is important if you want to get the value from the work.

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Market 535: Giulietta SS 00246. Nice, but…

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00246.  This car is on eBay right now out of Saint Ann Missouri.  It presents very well, but has some details that have me and probably most people who know SS’s and would consider spending money on this car scratching their heads.  It’s kind of like someone who didn’t know there were two distinct versions of the SS restored it based on looking at a car that was the wrong series.  This is not to say this is a bad car in any way – and it’s not too difficult making a car this nice “correct”, but the buyer should just be aware of the liberties that were taken, or the parts book was not consulted when restoring it. Asking price is $139,900. I haven’t been paying too much attention to live auctions, so I can’t say where this falls in today’s price spectrum.

I like the little slice of gentlemans study they have it sitting in. It’s hard to tell in this picture but this car has Giulia SS badges rather than Giulietta. Like i said, not terrible to fix. Paint looks phenomenal in the pictures, but I would want to see it in person before I bought it. Panel fit, trim fit and everything else looks great.
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