Market 551: Tidy early Spider 01594

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01594, 1315*41667.  This lovely example is available now on eBay out of Illinois.  These very early 750D’s are about as blue chip as a classic gets – they are mechanically simple, surprisingly fast, and can be quite reliable.  As the description points out, this is a largely original example, without the usual “upgrades” such as a split case 5 speed, or disk brakes.  As these cars continue to be discovered by collectors, originality to spec will hold more value.


If you showed me this picture and said it was 40 years old I’d believe you except maybe it would have a bit of a sepia tone to it.  Node looks really well balanced and straight – hard to achieve on a car that has seen any work.

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Market 550: SZ 00102 – another fine specimen

Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ) 10126*00102, 00120.  Paul Russell and Company (thanks for pointing them out Frank) have on offer the George Fogg III delivered SZ, one of only 6 delivered new to US based customers.  Provenance is extensive as one would expect, but that can probably be said of pretty much all SZ’s – even the fakes!  I say this not to diminish the history and individuality of a car like this, but SZ’s are like presidents – even those of lesser accomplishment have stories to tell.  Price is $495,000 (about $275 per pound), soberly reasonable compared to the other three I’ve had the honor of mentioning this month.  Four SZ’s is just under 2% of SZ production.  Have I mentioned all four are red?


I see a lot of Miata’s and the like with the yellow tow hook and arrow.  It’s cool because of cars like this.  Headlight rims are aluminum along with most of the rest of the car.  I bet Zagato weighed tires before settling on a set.  

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Market 548: SZ 00113 – exceptional

Giulietta Sprint Zagato (SZ) 10126*00113, 00120*00633 completed January 26, 1961.  $775,000 delivered to the fine folks at Fantasy Junction will buy you this fully restored, ready for the morning commute SZ.  It has more than the usual SZ provenance, coming from the collection of the late Martin Swig who used it as it was intended to be used, and took very good care of it, while originally shipping to Libero Liberati, one of Italy’s most famous drivers (and a national hero) in the late 1950’s – early 1960’s.


Nice seaside overcast shot of a lovely car.  Zagato rewrote a masterpiece almost entirely and yet managed to pay perfect homage to the original while producing a masterpiece of it’s own.  Imagine if they had made 200,000 of these instead of about 160.

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Market 546: Spider Veloce 06959 Dust and all

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06959, 1315*32673.  The fine folks over at Significant Cars have this fresh from neglect 1959 Spider Veloce listed on eBay.  It is described as all original and having about 65,000 miles.  The neglect took its toll in the form of rusty rockers and spoiled finishes, but with care I think a lot of the originality could be preserved, and I am sure some of you are thinking the same ting as you contemplate whether to transfer some money around and make a play for it.


How would you feel if it was you unearthing this thing?  Me too!  I would detail this thing for 40 straight hours before turning a screw.  Make it absolutely as good as possible with what’s here and then make a plan.  Really is a fine looking specimen. Continue reading

Market 545: Spider 750D 01109

Update November 1, 2016: Seller sent me these pictures of the engine and transmission.


Engine is pretty clean.  It is difficult to make the original castings look really great without bringing a lot of nasty chemicals to bear.  Note the cam cover does not have the cross piece at the back the later 750 engines have.  Lucas?


And with a tunnel case no less.  Wrenches not included.  I’ve got a big box of engine mounts somewhere…

October 28, 2016: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*01109, 1315*41017.  This well displayed project Spider is available now on eBay out of the Chicago area from a seller  whose ebay sale cars I have written about a few times.  All the major components are either pictured or described.  I didn’t see it, but there must be a gallon bucket of fasteners somewhere.  Take note of the presentation – if you are selling a project, this is a good way to do it.


Gives the impression of being drive-able when it’s assembled like this – might clean the windshield though.  Every piece will need work and refinishing – every one, especially the big bracket in the middle.

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Market 544: Sprint Zagato 10126 00207: other-worldly transport

Sprint Zagato 10126*00207, 00120*00634 (probably original), Body 634.  This amazing piece of functional art is available now from the good folks at Fantasy Junction for a mere $585,000.  With a generally accepted production run of 44 examples, the second series Giulietta Sprint Zagato, colloquially known as the Coda Tronca for practical reasons, is the third of what I imagine being four time-lapse frames. Frame one is the original run of Sprint Veloce Zagato one-offs that inspired frame two: the first series Sprint Zagato Coda Tonda.  Frame three is the series represented by this car, and frame four is the Straight out of science-fiction Tubolare Zagato or TZ if you’re the sort to worry about pronouncing foreign words correctly.  I suppose frame five would be the Tipo 33, but that fellow is its own can of beautiful worms with quite a few interesting permutations to explore.


Behold: the rarest production Giulietta by production number – and also my personal favorite.  I doubt I will ever own one, or even drive one for that matter, but aspirations being necessary for a healthy human brain and work ethic, I’ll  set my sights here.  A regular Giulietta Sprint looks BIG next to one of these.

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Market 543: Sprint Speciale 00681 – amazing condition

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00681, 00120*01310.  RM Sotheby’s is auctioning this car at the Duemila Ruote sale next month.  It’s not very often that I am faced with a car where I honestly can’t decide if it’s totally original, or was very well restored at some point in it’s life.  Maybe it’s the lack of wax and polish one usually expects a car about to be auctioned to have, maybe it’s the very even patina.  My gut tells me this is an original car that has maybe seen some restoration work over the years, but mostly wears an understated glow of careful care.


Major props to the restorer if this is a restored car.  I love the tiny little marker lights the cars around this VIN had.  Stance and door shut lines look great – and even the drivers side windshield wiper arm is in a totally reasonable position.

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