F.I.S.P.A. Air cleaner for most single carb Sprints and Spiders + mystery

I got this FISPA (TIPO: FATS 5032, DISEGNO: 9815) air filter canister from a reader as sort of partial payment for helping sell a car.  I thought it would be right for my Sprint but it turns out it’s got a slightly different shape than another one I had on hand for a Sprint.

Applications: I decided to check the parts book and found there are three versions of this part.  If anyone has an original older Sprint or Spider I’d be interested in hearing which box you have.

  • 1315.53.820: For Spider up to engine 1315.43709; after that see 1315.53.832.
  • 1315.53.832: for Sprint from engine 1315.05874 to 1315.09002 – for Spider from engine 1315.43710 to 1315.45854; after those numbers see
  • for Sprint and Spider after numbers above.

Failure mode: rusts out, stabilizing mount to valve cover Splits, it gets lost.

Current state of parts: Classic Alfa UK sells a new repro.  eBay usually has a one listed in need of restoration for about $400.

Notes: Early versions seem to have a bolt instead of the loop (part 11 below) for tightening to the top of the carb.  I have seen several sorts of FISPA labels, from a stamped metal plate to a screened on decal.  Bill Gillham has repro’s of some of these.

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Heater part 2: Heater valve 1493.54.709 and control cable 1488.31.723

Last installment we looked at the heat exchanger box itself, this time I’ll focus on the bits that hook it up and control the incoming hot water: the heater valve and the push/pull cable that controls the valve.  The first generation of Sprint’s had a heater valve (1483.54.711) that looked not far removed from a garden tap and you actually had to pop the hood and get out to turn on the flow of hot water to the heater core (if you didn’t realize you were going to want heat before you started out).  At some point this was deemed a little old fashioned so a cable operated valve was put to use -cousins of which can be found on Alfa’s for many years to follow.

Valve failure mode(s): hardening of rubber diverter seal, oxidation leading to through pits or breakage, loss.

Control cable failure mode(s): still/difficult operation, cable breakage/cut leading to too short, loss.

The current state of the parts supply has:

1493.54.709 with new diaphragm seal installed.  Like all rubber things, it just got hard and cracked after 50+ years.  The inner plateau seals against the port in the valve body, keeping the water out of the core when not wanted, the outer ring seals to the body to keep it from leaking when it’s open.

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Veloce engines starting with part number 1315.10.768

Update 6/23/12: Sold for $7100.

Original post 5/23/12: 12 hours later:  I just added a bunch of information at the end.  Read it again if you found the first draft interesting.

I see a lot of talk about Veloce engines on the AlfaBB and the 750/101 Yahoo group.  Some crusty pile that has a Veloce serial number is pulled out of a bog and the seller carpet bombs the lists looking for a Veloce engine as close to original number as possible.  Old time hoarders are rewarded for moth balling these gems, but what will the future look like?  I bring it up because there is a late 750 Veloce engine on eBay right now, number 1315*31525, that looks great and is receiving a lot of attention.  Look at the picture and add it up.  How much is enough to get it all at once?

Okay, so maybe it is a moth balled 40 years original low miles engine.  Could be a bitsa, but who really cares?  You’ve got a 58 Sprint/Spider Veloce that needs an engine: here it is.  Nice headers!

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Engauged at the moment

Sometimes it’s a box of chocolates you get that forces you to take little nibbles out of them to see what’s what, or a line-up of a dozen or more of the same model of something spanning a few years to see that what you thought was the same is subtly different.  I’m sure you remember the day you saw an early 750 ‘eyebrow’ Sprint beside a later 101 ‘eggcrate’ Sprint and the heavens opened in that a-ha moment -they are the same car but utterly different.  Well, I happen to have a nonet of Giulietta gauges on my dining table staring me down and just such a thing is happening.  What I regarded as vaguely homogenous has demonstrated itself to be quite heterogeneous -especially in their elderly state.

In all their glory and with a sprinkling of other fun stuff -the gauges!  Let’s see, I have two Veloce 140 MPH speedometers, 2 2000 – 8000 Veloce Tachometers, one English, one Italian, two tri-gauges, a normal speedometer, a normal tachometer and an empty tach case.  Why?  Because I can.

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1493.80.711 Sprint and Sprint Veloce Light, rear number plate (Carello)

This is the first post in a new series I’ve been working on, that will coincide with a car I’m working on and some other endeavors.  Project cars are called basket cases because many times you get baskets full of mystery parts.  The car I’m working on is no different except that occasionally an unmarked sandwich bag holds all the bits to a particular assembly, as was the case with this one, the famous ‘airplane’ rear plate light housing and trim flourish.  This assembly is pretty straight forward, a plated casting with some mounting studs (at least one of which is usually broken off), a light socket assembly with a mount, a lens and some screws.  This assembly is tricky, because all those parts are specific to it -except possibly the screws.

Not the best picture, but good enough -it’s hard to show those little screws and the big casting in the same picture.  That little Alfa emblem is and has been unavailable for years.  This one is pretty good, with only some light crazing.  Not sure if the triangular Carello lens is available.  Maybe Alfastop?

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Interesting parts: set of 5 early production Fergat wheels 1365.52.810

Giulietta part number 1365.52.810 -Disc wheel – Fergat 4 1/4 J x 15 CZ.  This full set of early ‘rolled lip’ Fergats is on eBay right now.  Asking price is $1500, steep seeming, but when rarity and condition are weighed, probably a pretty good deal -especially if you need a set for your 1956 Sprint!  The parts book makes no mention of an early/late style for these, so a cut off point for production is tough to pin down.  Anyone have a car with these and care to share a vin?  Parts book says each car uses a quantity 2 -humorous typo.

Imagine these on your car!  Fresh wheels do a lot for the impression a car makes on you.  BMW Polaris silver?

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Box with very cool contents arrives at Giuliettas.com HQ

Update 1/16/12: You can contact Rene at rkemmer @ knoware.nl if you are interested in a set.

1/13/12: I keep this site up for free for the most part.  Some days I spend 20 minutes, some 2 hours, but I just do what they day dictates, because I enjoy it and have this vision of what this site would be if I kept it up for 20 years.  Every once in a while I get a gift because of the site.  Laurence gave me a VERY nice steering wheel for my Sprint -transforming how the feel of the car was transmitted through my hands, Bob gave me some very nice used all red tail light lenses, Joe a set of headlight rings and an air box and there are others.  Today, all unexpected, Rene sent me this:

It’s actually kind of funny, I thought the orange post office ‘come get your package’ notice was for a box (or two) of Glas GT parts I was expecting from Germany, or my rebuilt Solex from George, or even possibly more baby stuff.  I was not expecting this.

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