Market 324: Rough SS project 177353

Update October 1 2015: Now in Germany.  Anamera doesn’t show when an ad was made active – this one just says “as of 9/12/2011.”

Update September 12 2011: Beverly Hills Car Club is the lucky dealer who gets to add the dealer tax/toll between the end buyer and first seller of this car.  I guess it’s sort of like interest on money loaned.  Anyway, they scrubbed it up, added $7000 to the price and have it listed.

Taking turd polish to new heights!  Original bosphoro blue is a great color -if it had its original engine it would be an even better car to restore.  Lot’s of work to do but someone will do it.  Judging by the tires this thing has been off the road a LONG time.  Lots more pictures here.

Update September 3 2011: Sold for the Buy it Now price to the man in the big yellow hat!

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10120*177353Been a while since we had a rough SS on the site, but this car on eBay right now makes up for the lack.  Needs a lot and when you get it apart it will need a lot more.  Price of $19,500 BIN is not too bad really.  Lets see, 177061 has failed to bring more than $85,000 on eBay despite being a really nice example, take $19,500 from that leaves $65,500.  $20,000 in bodywork, $10,000 in paint, $10,000 drive train rebuild (and still not correct)… you get the idea.  If you want one and are handy with tools though, who knows.

It’s an SS, it has some glass, it’s on 4 wheels, it doesn’t have any huge dents.  So far so good.

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Market 288: blue Berlina in the Netherlands

This Berlina was brought to my attention by Nick in San Francisco.  Great color.  From Google language tools: “Literally found in a barn in Italy. She was then sold them the house was sold. She has four doors. In good condition bright blue car with light gray sky cover. The mileage is 107,785. The car is technically underway. The car will still go to the body shop to go here and there to be updated.”  Asking price is supposedly around 13,000 Euros.

This blue (or a similar one) is more frequently seen on lightweight Sprint Veloce’s.  Pretty good on a sedan.  I like the lack of bumper -looks sportier than usual.

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Market 190: TI GD CKD in OC CA

Update 7/26/20: $7350, reserve not met was the result after 17 bids.  This seems cheap but then again there are not a bunch of guys queuing up to buy these cars and the that in combination with RHD makes me think a little more than the final result would have been a reasonable price.

Update 7/21/10: This car is now listed on eBay out of Southern California.  The new pictures are nice and show a very original car.

Posted 2/18/10: Giulietta TI 10109*109054, 00109*00595. This right hand drive or guida destra as the Italians say, is available right now through Vintage Customs in Washington.  Vintage Customs is Daron’s shop where a lot of Alfa’s (and other contemporaries) go to have rust repaired, get restored or be prepped for racing -check out some of the projects they have posted on their website while you’re there, neat stuff!

I like the color, I like the originality, I like the shine on the trim and well, there’s nothing I don’t like.  A very handsome car!

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Market 196: Nicely preserved TI in Italy

Giulietta TI 10129*220464.  This car is available right now on  Condition is superbly original and the color combination is spectacular.  At 11,500 Euros or about $15,500 it is at the top of the market for these cars, but I think you’ll agree it deserves it once you look carefully at the pictures.  Car is listed as being in Caltagirone -must be near Padua judging by the plates.

Great color!  Trim and hood fit is great.  Everything has a nice even patina.  Too bad it’s $2000 worth of transport away.

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Market 194: Object of desire: Giulietta TI Corsa

Giulietta TI 10129*237039This car has been around for sale for about a year and coincidentally (I didn’t start this as a market, but I guess it is) was just relisted on Anamera for 13,000 Euro or about $17,600 at time of writing.  Fit and finish is just right for a street/track car and it looks to be street registered.

The Giulietta TI was born when a Sprint normale engine was fitted to a Giulietta Berlina and some details changed -the addition of a tach for example.  At the 1957 Coup Des Alpes a team of 3 TI’s ran and did very well.  I like the bumper delete and single leather hood latch.

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Market 192: A South African RHD Giulietta TI in Germany

Giulietta TI GD CKD 10109. This right hand drive sedan, originally delivered to South Africa is available right now from Atlantic Auto GmbH for 8950 Euro’s or about $12,200 at time of writing.  German roadworthiness standards are some of the highest in the world so you can bet this is a good car.  Why so many RHD Giulietta sedans lately?  Wierd.

I like this washed out yellow.  A lot of the 50’s Fiats and such are this color when seen in street scenes in movies from the late 50’s early 60’s.  These are my least favorite grills for the Giulietta Sedans but from where I sit, I’d deal with any Giulietta sedan that came my way for a reasonable price -would be fun to use as a daily driver for a while.

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Market #94: RHD ’63 Giulietta TI project in Scotland

Update 1/13/10: This car is now on UK eBay.  Opening bid is 700 pounds, about $1150.  Some better pictures too!  Would make an interesting run as it is.  I know you can’t do it in most European countries, but you can here in the US.

Something blue beside it -maybe the Spider he mentions in his description.  Greasy engine in front of it.

Wow, that’s some odd rust.  I guess it’s not unlike how Giulia Supers rust.

Originally posted 3/10/09:  1963 Giulietta TI 101.09 RHD.  This car has been listed for sale (750 British Pounds) for a while on the  Giulietta Register website and I didn’t pay it any mind until a friend sent along an email with the below pictures.  Car has been stored in a leaky shed in Scotland and is considered ‘not too bad’ as far as rust goes for that cold, damp and salty part of the world.  Would be a great unrestored pairing with this car.

I am terrified of the rust seen below, but I’m soon to undertake some serious rust repair work of my own and who knows, if I find it as satisfying as my current engine rebuild toils, maybe my terror will turn into a sort of sick fascination and longing for the ‘ultimate rust transformation’.  

03110006The hood ornament is funny.  I like the fog lights and the color is tolerable.  Trim appears straight and complete.  Shame about the rust. 

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