Spider and Spider Veloce 2011 market review

As usual there were more Spider/Spider Veloce’s on the market than any other Giulietta. If you go down the list you will see a lot of red -but the two verified high dollar cars were non-red, black and celeste rather.  $70,100 for the very nice celeste 750D is serious money considering the years high sale was the black Veloce at $90,000.  Next year I expect to see one or two nice cars over $100,000 -probably a restored, non-red 750F if it happens.  On the project front, the flow of freshly unearthed cars hasn’t slowed, and I don’t expect it to, since these cars, even in serious disrepair, are obviously special.

Market 358 was Spider 750D 000647, a modified project that is on eBay at $2550 as I write.

Market 350 was a Giulia Spider 1600 on Craigslist for $3000.  Might have been a good deal!

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Sprint and Sprint Veloce 2011 market review

2011 saw more SS’s on the market than Sprint/Sprint Veloce’s -at least as far as my tracking went, and I didn’t really try to find SS’s more than Sprints.  Seems odd, since there were 10X more Sprint’s made.  If you look at the list below you will see very few first series 750B’s, no lightweights and only a couple non-lightweight Veloce’s changed hands -the bulk of the sales were 101 normale’s like mine.  Of those a few made really decent money.

 Market 287 was a Sprint in a sorry state out of Poland for $1000.

 Market 325 was a 101 Sprint selling as a pair with a stepnose GTV, sold together for $3748 -I’ll give the Sprint the benefit of the doubt and say it sold for $2000.

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Sprint Speciale 2011 market review

2011 was a good year for SS’s, I tracked 24 sales, with the average price seeming to have climbed a bit since last year, and even scary projects starting above $15,000.  Lownose 00061 at over $200K is a highlight, but I think Market 294 might have been the highlight of the year, despite the 105/115 Spider nose grafted on.

Market 332 was this Giulia SS in Italy.  I think the asking price was 20,000 euro’s.  Probabaly worth about $15,000 as a parts car.

 Market 297 was SS 00358, available in Europe for $18,800.

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